Video: MARS Has Water, Atmosphere – NASA Lied


A video claims to show the difference between NASA’s images of Mars and amateur astronomers.

The video shows various photo comparisons between NASA’s version of Mars compared to hundreds of other photographs of the planet.

The photos seem to show an almost Earth-like planet.

What do you think, hoax, or something real?

  • Kirk W. Fraser

    NASA like all government does lie as do amateurs. I’d like to see amateur X-Prize satellite and robot images of Mars before believing either side.

    Either way exporting humans would bring human problems to Mars. We should fix humanity on earth by 100% turning to love and obey Jesus Christ first to achieve world wide pursuit of His absolute perfection. Then maybe colonizing other planets might be worthy. Here’s the true church everyone must stand on to ascend in Rev. 12:5.

    Here’s one way to help convert families to the same language, religion, and culture to end hunger, poverty, illiteracy, crime, terrorism, and war.

    • Ahmed Zaher

      I really don’t want to be that kind of atheist, but forcing everyone into any sort of absolute system will bring about corruption and create a massive hole in which people are forced to listen to an authoritarian system that can be exploited by corruptible people, which has never ended well. The reality is maximizing individual liberties to the point where we stop only activities that cause direct physical harm to others, is likely the best environment where you can freely practice your version of Christianity as freely as you would like.

      As for the link to the website with the robot, the idea is sound, however the design is flawed. The legs that you have designed are not a good system for movement, it would be better to use efficient environments that can allow for a system to be optimized around it, like this:

      Also as it is we create more then enough food to make everyone on earth morbidly obese, we just waste so much of it for the sake of profit. The problem is that due to mass production scarcity of any product is almost impossible which is necessary for companies to make profit form their products. Why do you think diamonds, which are really just compressed dirt are so expensive despite their abundance, because of artificial scarcity. It’s the same with food for third world nations.

    • DAn Jones

      “NASA like all government does lie as do amateurs.”

      As do churches and religions?

      • jonwieszchowski

        As does your Mom to you Dad about you being his….lol.
        ????? What….Oh ya I went there. Hey it’s just as relevant as the crap you just posted….lol. As in, NOT AT ALL>

  • likeyoudontalreadyknow

    Amateur astronomers all view Mars from Earth, through hundreds of miles of ATMOSPHERE. NASA probes view it from space. There’s your difference

  • Ahmed Zaher

    Mars is called “the red planet” because of its high iron content. It may appear blue if visible in the night sky because of our atmosphere filtering out some wavelengths of the sun’s light (which reflects off of Mars’s surface, and into your eyes). So the reality is unless you deny the existence of an atmosphere effecting the light you see (why the sky is blue btw) mars is not blue.

    • Valdemar III

      > Mars appears red in the sky, Egyptians saw it.
      > Mars appears blue in the sky because atmosphere.

      Except there are photos of Mars from space that shows it too, ones showing areas to be blue due to the atmosphere.
      Isn’t it funny there were all these claims of a dry and geologically dead Mars back in the 70s then in recent years, NASA starts to claim some areas could have liquid water, now that private means of observation have advanced since then? No wait, the governements would never lie

  • James K. Nelson

    Painfully stupid. All this video shows is that NASA gets better pictures than average amateurs. The best amateur photos look quite a bit like NASA’s photos – check out Damian Peach’s images, for an example.

  • urosh

    mars is completely terraformed by Elites and their masters from outside, which possess the necessary technology to generate atmosphere and evoke flora and fauna. Watch this: and go to Mars dedicated page