VIDEO: Really, WHAT Is This UN Commercial Trying To Teach?


UM… so, UNICEF, as many of you may already know, is an international United Nations program that was established in order to  “[provide] long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.”

That’s great – but a new commercial released by the UN’s UNICEF branch in Chile is leaving many people puzzled – considering it features a humanoid alien.


Their chapter in Chile recently put out a video on their Facebook page, which they cryptically titled “To meet someone different is a great opportunity to live valuable experiences. Let’s say yes to integration!” While the message of the video is important (universal acceptance and love for ALL), we can’t help but wonder what they may really be trying to tell us?

Each post on their Facebook page linking to the video contains similar captions such as:

“Soon, a true story in UNICEF. CL”

“Do not miss the opportunity to accept someone else let us say yes to integration!”

“We do not lose the opportunity of enrichment with the culture of others. Let us say yes to inclusion!”

“Meet someone different is a great opportunity to live experiences valuable. Let us say yes to integration!”

Is the video a ploy for a viral conversation on what acceptance truly means on a larger scale, or is there something deeper yet to be revealed? What is fascinating about the video is that this release comes only a few weeks after an emergency press conference was held with NASA and SETI to discuss the discovery of another Earth-like world called Kepler 452B. Whatever the case may be, the conversation is certainly interesting.

As our consciousness as a human species begins to expand, and we find more acceptance for one another – perhaps the conversation should expand beyond us into the “other” – for we may also be the other, and the other may be one of us.

If love is love, then love is love for all.

  • SoulSeekerUSA

    Quote, “If love is love, then love is love for all”, what about when they want to eat your face off because they love the taste of human?

  • Laura M Colon

    Looks like Monsanto got into the kids system!

    • Joy

      Aliens know not to eat gmo foods.

  • katsback


  • Nieuws & Feiten

    That we have to live with aliens later on, when this gone to happen is not yet sure but soon.


    william cooper talked about aliens having problem with there planet and genetic. having to abandon home and come here for survival.

    • Robert Watts

      Do you mind telling me where in his writings and about when in his life? Thank-you.

  • xdrfox
  • Hank Wilson

    They want whites not to worry…until it’s to late. A planet that’s heating up will require corporeal beings to ôhave more melinan or else it’s all over.

  • hiphop

    The UN has allowed 170M people to die through genocide or mass murders of one sort of another. UNICEF is bogus and the UN has no right to tell any country what they should and should not do. They send their peacekeepers into a country and they rape and pillage and sell young girls into sex slavery.