Video: Revealed – The Men Behind The Illuminati Who Own & Run The U.S. Gov.


A video is going viral which claims to show who the men are in the “Illuminati” who not only run, but own the United States.

From Anonymous Mags:

These men are totally evil, ruthless, greedy and vicious individuals who will stop at nothing to gain control of the world and the enslavement of us all.

They are now taking steps to control and shut down the internet because it is the last means for people to come together, and voice their opinions freely.

  • Hiram

    …..and by illuminati you mean freemasons.

  • Dimitrije Jovanovic

    I know that world is screwed up, but would someone actually DO something to stop them instead posting dipshit about them? It’s pretty annoying!

    • Meeeghanp7

      The “someone” who needs to do something is informed people who aren’t gonna stand for this anymore. Meaning you and me. The person creating these “dipshit videos” probably doesn’t have access to the federal reserve guys running shit. What needs to happen is a revolution, which would require millions of civilians to DO something to stop them. When enough people realize that it is in fact our own responsibility at this point, that’s when we can stop them. Fuck the system, spread the word and don’t fall for their shit! We are the only hope.

  • David Howard

    Google “Papa kills babies”

  • Ronald Duane Cochran

    The True Illuminati has no “Beliefs”, except The Belief in The Sovereignty of The Human Species.

    The True Illuminati is not a Church, or a Religion, or a Political Group, or a Charity Organization, but it is an Elite Collective of Global Influencers who work to further the interests of the human species, as a whole group.

    Our decisions are independent of all human groups and/or any human divisions, including any religious differences and/or any political differences.

    We operate solely for the benefit of the human species, which we have been entrusted to protect, and therefore We make no demands upon our citizens regarding their personal worship, or their personal morality, or their personal beliefs.

    • Artur

      You are just AN I-D-I-O-T, M-O-R-O-N. You are just making people wast their time reading this kind of shit and YOU don’t know nothing about what you are talking about, you are just telling some stupid ideas you read somewher, and THAT IS NOT WHAT IS THE REAL AGENDA OF THE NWO….ILLUMINATI, ZIONISM, ANNUNAKI, REPTILIANS, and ETC, ETC, ETC. Your race has its days already numberd, ….

  • Ronald Duane Cochran

    The preservation of the human species supersedes all else in this life.

    The Citizens who are loyal to the ideals of The True Illuminati and who seek membership within our organization are often referred to as The Followers of Illuminatiam.

    They are free to choose any life path or journey they desire and they are free to follow any morals they wish live, providing that their beliefs and morals are always in the interests of the human species, as a whole group….

    The Followers of Illuminatiam forgo all religious, and all geographical, and all generational differences among themselves, in order to work as One Unit with many distinct parts, but each part or “member” must be unique to function properly.

    • Hal Johnfree

      Ronald Duane Cochran is making stuff up (what he is saying here is absolutely laughable)… If you the reader want the Truth about the Illuminati, Read Fritz Springmeier’s “The Bloodlines of the Illuminati”….learn about Demonic mind control and that Satan is real and is planning on a Marxist One World Government and is planning the death of Billions of people.
      The NWO is all about a world government and the preparation of the world for the BIBLICAL ANTIcHrist and his false Prophet. Satan is and will be the Author of the coming “Tribulation” and this is all a battle between God and Satan.

  • Nicola

    who are the 3 men then, cannot be arsed watching a 50 min video.

  • Seymour Brighton

    Haha illuminati. Nice one.

    It’s like people had to personify a system so they called it illuminati.

    Like calling the source of goodness “God” and the source of badness “Satan”.

    Democracy and capitalism are systems, with winners and losers, and there will always be the people and businesses that act in psychopathic ways who will rise to the top.

    But taking it a step further, mythologizing it into this thing called the Illuminati – like there’s this big plan, instead of independent actors moving about in a complex system – is not only unhelpful, it’s exactly the kind of distraction from reality that fat cats like the Koch brothers want you to be occupied with.

    While everyone’s worried about the illuminati and the “truth” about 9/11 no-one is concentrating on the very real scams that are being pulled on us every day by our bank, employer, cable company, insurance dealer, etc.

    Forget the bogeymen and concentrate on the tiny sphere of influence you have: your own finances.

    Most of the people concerned about the illuminati don’t have 2 cents to rub together. I’ve never met a lawyer or a doctor or a business owner with strong views about the Illuminati.

    The Illuninati is real, but it exists as a pseudo religion for the powerless and the impotently angry.

    Angry, unsuccessful white men complain about the Illuminati. They also shoot up malls and cinemas and churches. Angry, disenfranchised white men are the bane of western society.

    There is no Santa Claus, there is no Illuminati, there is no Krishna or Yahweh, or Flying Spaghetti Monster.
    The Illuminati is a fairytale for pissed off grown-ups whose lives failed to live up to their hopes and dreams. It keeps them warm at night, being reassured that it’s not them that fucked up their lives, but hat they had no chance against the Illuminati. Not that their own skills and wherewithal failed them, but that a vast global conspiracy thwarted their efforts.

    Like the Christian bible, the Illuminati gives a nice, easily digestible narrative for simpletons to absorb that helps to explain complex system with anthropomorphism.

    Instead of evolution and physics, Christians get miracles and creationism.

    Instead of market forces and complex game theory, Illuminati believers can imagine a secret society of schemers and corruption.

    It helps to put a face to the things we wish were different.

    And then believers go off and look for evidence – after-the-fact – to support their beliefs.

    Thus, we get videos like the one Royce just posted. Thanks for the laugh, Royce

  • Laura M Colon

    Good luck fighting God thats all I have to say!

  • VegasDiva702

    Fuck these pigs…..

  • Artur

    Where is the VIDEO? It is not here anymore? 23/01/2016

  • Shamael Ben Shabbatai

    IG Farben was a Cooperation between Bayer, BASF, Agfa, Hoechst, Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, and Rothschild Financing. It are the same people who founded the EU with the same men that Hitler had to make a united Europe. It are the same people who ow and run the multinational Oil-, Pharma- and Chemical Industry and that want to enslave the whole world by owing all of it with Patents on plants and food. No need to search in old dusty stories like Illuminati, even if Rothschild was the Moneysack of that ancient Organisation. Today, it’s much whorse than that. If we do not stop that people, humanity runs to it’s end soon since we will find out in a short while that no one can eat money.

  • Victoria

    Jp morgan built 10million $ titanic to eliminate 3 more wealthy than Rothschild morgan Rockefeller who were opposed to federal reserve system. The captain of titanic given orders by his god in vatican to sink titanic.

  • Victoria…….
    Illuminati freemasons knights of malta history(knights of columbus & KKK ARE under today)
    We’re arrested for denial of Christ IDOL WORSHIP & magic.

  • Victoria

    Court case was suppressed by jp morgan. The judge said you can’t forclose because your money was made out of thin air.