Video: US News Crew Films UFO Sighting

In a rare instance of mainstream media covering UFO sighting, a news crew from San Diego, California caught an incredible sight on the evening of April 29th,

While out filming for a separate segment, the crew caught on camera a group of mysterious lights.  According to the local news station, viewers also witnessed the lights and sent in reports and videos.

NBC News 7 San Diego reports:

A viewer sent us several photos he took, capturing a string of multicolored lights in the sky above San Diego. The viewer, Larry Fox, said the lights that appeared to be red, blue and green kept flashing and changing colors from his vantage point in Del Cerro.


“It looked like a strobe light,” he said.
Fox said he was out in his backyard when he saw the strange lights southwest of the Coronado Bridge. He didn’t think it was a plane or even a drone because it was stationary.

“It was a series of flashing lights,” he said. “If it was a plane, it would have moved.”
A NBC 7 reporter and photographer also spotted the strange lights from San Ysidro as they were covering an unrelated story on Tuesday night.

A number of folks also called us here at NBC 7, reporting the same thing.

So did you see it? 


  • ant just a thought. this may be new to us but im sure if we are just doing this now, theyve been doing it longer and something like this kinda looks like something that could be accomplished with this “new”technology, just on a bigger scale

    • ant

      when i say they’vei mean the cabal/usa inc

  • Angelique Zammetti

    That looks like one craft.

  • Richard Ostroman

    Three colours of lights, red, white and blue. It looks like a UFO stand off, perhaps negotiations of two factions, red with an aggressive formation and white with a less treating but equal in numbers or strength with blue lights being third party mediation. The blinking blue and red lights are perhaps indicators of all is well with negations and there is no problems or no reason to start a conflict. I am thinking the blue light brought the white side less aggressive over to the red side to talk and is on the red side until they return. Kind of like down here with us and Russia only at a highly advanced level. Where is American coast, because that would indicate who is over the us as our alien allies/slave masters from outer space(lol) what do you think?

  • Reincarnation

    The density of the clouds blocked the mountain in the distance. The lights came from a radio station on top of the mountain as pointed out in Friday’s “”