Waco: Police Officers Fired Thousands Of Rounds On Innocent Bikers

The waco shooting which killed 9 bike club members involved bikers who were all mostly innocent and had no police records it has been revealed. 

Theconservativetreehouse.com reports:

The death toll from the “Twin Peaks” shootout was greater than the total number of homicides Waco police investigated in all of 2014 – And all of the “Twin Peaks” dead were shot by police.

Previously Waco Police Spokesman W. Patrick Swanton stated 22 members of law enforcement were present prior to the outbreak of the shooting. Including 10 members of the Waco SWAT unit, 2 sergeants, 1 rookie, the Asst. Police Chief and 4 state troopers.

Newly released information today includes the Waco Police stating 14 Waco PD officers were involved in firing shots which killed 9 bike club members and wounded 18 more.

The 14 officers involved in the gun battle are all now on administrative leave, which is standard protocol in officer-involved shootings, Swanton said.

In addition Sgt Swanton previously stated that all of the 170 arrested bikers were known “criminal gang members”. However, a review by the Associated Press of court records finds at least 115 of the 170 had no police records:


Waco police have said that all those arrested after the shooting belonged to criminal motorcycle gangs. Most of them were being held on $1 million bonds Thursday, charged with engaging in criminal enterprise. Nine people were killed in Sunday’s shootout.

Records searched by The Associated Press show more than 115 of the 170 people arrested in the aftermath of a motorcycle gang shootout outside a Central Texas restaurant have not been convicted of a crime in Texas.

After previously saying he had not watched the CCTV video from the restaurant/bar yesterday (Wed) -which was reviewed by Associated Press reporters- Swanton now says he has watch the CCTV video.

He said he has viewed surveillance videos of the violence, and said they tell a different story from the some of the accounts being spun online.

“We can’t wait to show you what truly happened,” he said.

Which is a disingenuous statement at best because all they need to do is authorize the restaurant to release the video, and the public can decide for ourselves.

One of the bikers the police killed, Jesus Delgado Rodriquez (65), was a purple heart recipient.

Family members of a man killed in a biker shootout at a Texas restaurant say he was not part of an outlaw motorcycle gang. That contradicts police claims that all nine bikers who died were members of criminal gangs.

The son of 65-year-old Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, of New Braunfels, told the San Antonio Express-News that his father did not lead a life of violence. An Associated Press review of court records and a database maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety found no criminal history in Texas for Rodriguez.

Family members said Rodriguez had belonged to two now defunct motorcycle clubs but was not part of any club when he was shot and killed at Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco.

Waco police spokesman Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton told the AP on Wednesday that all those killed were members of the Bandidos or the Cossacks. Swanton did not immediately return a message Thursday.

In addition from a lawsuit filed against Twin Peaks by the neighboring restaurant Don Carlos it is claimed the police fired “thousands of rounds” toward the bikers; striking not only bike club members but also Don Carlos customer vehicles.

Summary and personal thoughts: It is entirely possible that some of the bikers were criminals; and it is also entirely possible that twitchy police responded excessively and overreacted to a perceived threat. These two possibilities are not mutually exclusive.

Who shot at whom first; who did or did not pull the trigger; and what might have spurred the 14 police officers to fire “thousands of rounds” at a group of 3 to 5 potentially armed bikers when the downrange backdrop was a patio filled with hundreds of unarmed bikers is not yet known.

Look closely at this picture:


You can see bullet holes in the customer vehicles in the Don Carlos parking lot.

♦ NOTE: Direction of fire from Don Carlos toward Twin Peaks.
♦ NOTE: The downrange backdrop of that fire (for the bullets that miss their target) is the patio of Twin Peaks.

However, apparently pointing out a strong possibility for an overreaction by twitchy police is now considered “Conspiracy Theory”, or something. A radio broadcast today calls our previous outline (which quoting MSM information) as conspiracy theory. [Listen at 8:15]

I find it interesting how intelligent people cannot bring themselves to believe the police may have influenced, initiated, created and/or worsened the events with their militarized (SWAT) presence at a bike club meeting.

Ruby Ridge?… How about M.O.V.E (Philadelphia)? … Or maybe Waco 1.0? … or perhaps more recently “Baby Bou-Bou” ringing any bells? Cops make mistakes too !!

Doesn’t anyone else find it curious that an Asst. Police Chief was on scene at Twin Peaks along with the SWAT unit, presumably as scene commander prior to the shootings, and yet no-one has heard from him/her?

Doesn’t anyone else find it curious that initial police statements claimed they had “an active intelligence operation” on the “Bike Gang” which customarily would include monitoring (camera’s, video, etc) and yet the police release NO VIDEO to support their “we were under fire” claims?

A previous comment by J.D. sums up the strange sniff of it all nicely:

I’m former law enforcement for over 20 years. I have ridden with 2 different LEMC clubs. I worked undercover back in late 80’s and have dealt with 1% clubs many times. I have friends in 1% clubs.

I’m pro law enforcement but have a funny feeling that there is lots of horseshit in the story that Waco PD is telling.

I have family living and Working in that area. They have had interaction with the clubs and never felt scared or intimidated. Always felt safe.

Now are we going get the truth or more bullshit? I’m tending on believing the bikers sides on this deal more with every day that passes. Too many people arrested and charged with RICO that were just spending time at TP.

I think LE has overstepped it’s authority on filing these type charges on most these people. $1,000,000 bonds??? BS…

Even if you find reasonable excuses for all the LEO contradictions (fight in bathroom, shots inside, all killed were inside/dragged out etc.); even if you ignore all the misleading statements by law enforcement spokesman Patrick Swanton (100 weapons, 50 weapons, 1000 weapons etc); even if you ignore the lack of willingness to produce factual data to support their claims, ….you are still left with a ridiculous assertion that 170 non-criminal people deserve a million dollar bond because they rode a motorcycle last Sunday to a meeting, and possibly witnessed what happened.

The total number of bikers on scene, according to Swanton, was 200. 170 are arrested, 18 were wounded, 9 were killed, that totals 197. So only 3 people were non-conspirators?

This nonsense about weapons found in vehicles etc. is just that, nonsense.

If you go to a Waco Texas Wal-Mart on Sunday, rope off the parking lot, arrest the first 200 people you see and search their pick-up trucks, suv’s and various vehicles you’ll probably come up with a similar set of statistics.

50 out of 200 people captured at Wal-Mart with prior arrest records; some with pocket knives, chains, handguns, and even rifles in their vehicles etc.

So what? None of that is illegal or unlawful. Ridiculous. Go to a Bass Pro shop on Saturday and you’ll probably find even better stats if that’s the goal.

Another factor which makes it all the more curious is these are the ACTUAL talking points Sgt. Patrick Swanton is relying on to justify the shooting. This innocuous nonsense is what they are focused on. That itself indicates -to a reasonably discerning person- there’s something uncomfortable about the narrative the LEO responders are trying to avoid.

That’s not conspiracy, that’s just common sense.

It is not conspiracy theory the incident occurred at 12:24pm Central Time (1:24 pm Eastern) and in around 90 minutes, 2:04pm CST (3:04pm EST) this press conference was held, giving the specifics of 9 dead and 18 wounded and a restaurant owner who needs to be shut down for non-compliance.


  • Texas Gunner

    There are just too many things that don’t make sense:
    200 criminal Bikers with over 300 weapons against 22 Police officers. Result:
    – 9 Bikers dead; 18 Bikers wounded. 0 Police dead; 0 Police wounded….and zero civilian injuries.
    Either the Bikers were very, very poor shots (many were former military & police) or they weren’t shooting. Doesn’t make sense.
    170 alleged outlaw bikers arrested and held on $1 million bond, but the 18 injured not charged? We already know that one of the dead was’t affiliated with any club. Doesn’t make sense.
    Several days have passed since the incident and no autopsy reports. Could it be that all 9 dead were killed by police? Doesn’t make sense.
    It sounds to me like the Bikers (most legal CHL holders) were the ones exercising extraordinary restraint in the face of fire…. Not the police.
    Time for an outside, independent investigation.

    • HarleyKaren

      per the article “Newly released information today includes the Waco Police stating 14 Waco PD officers were involved in firing shots which killed 9 bike club members and wounded 18 more.

    • Gary Bruce

      “Doesn’t make sense.” You got that part right. 200 bikers and only nine kill shots? The cops need some shooting lessons. What I want to see is a flier, poster or something that advertised this meeting as a political gathering. You want true facts from the police and you should get them. I want some true facts from the bikers. Show me the advertising.

      • Archer Pothoff

        http://txcocinews.org/calendar.html Go to April in the calender. It shows a national meeting the week prior in Denver. It was to discuss the legislative details from that National meeting.

  • Mitch Mitchell

    Smells really wrong.

  • Scott Wooldridge

    Welcome to Texas.

  • Jen Fomby

    I know of a few folks arrested in the incident that were regular folks with respectable jobs and were told their wallet chains were deadly weapons…complete bullshit to ruin these folks lives…

    • kay

      same here I know many that are just regular folk and veterans and they chain their wallets so they don’t lose them…when i go to Vegas i feel like I should have a wallet chain to keep mine safe…but I settle for a fanny pack…hope the people you know come out of this ok…

  • kay

    totally stinks..side note here. I live in SO CA and . I feel completely safe when I pull into a restaurant and see a bunch of bikers bikes parked out front. most of the bikers I know are law abiding and also US Veterans ..need an independent review…

  • BozzLady101

    My friends father Jesse Rodriguez was one of the innocent bikers gunned down. He did not belong to any gang or club and didn’t carry a gun. He was anti gun and anti violence. He was an amazing family man who helped so many. God rest his soul. #JusticeForJesse #RIPMOHAWK #GoneButNeverForgotten

  • Linda

    This sure changes the story doesn’t it? Sorry if I said anything bad about the bikers. Thank the media for lying to us again before we get their lying facts. Can’t believe anything they say. Libtards. Sorry for the death of these men. We got a different view now haven’t we. We have little respect for what the lying police and the media has done, again!

  • thinkbeforeyouspeak

    Didn’t a few people shoot at the cops first?

    • Chris Rickard

      So they want you to believe.

    • HarleyKaren

      1 biker fired 1 shot on the patio but don’t believe he hit anything…that’s it

    • edslides

      apparently, and from a credible witness, one of the cossacks shot a bandido that was still on his bike, hitting him in the shoulder. that was the sign for the snipers to fire at will.

  • HarleyKaren

    The bikers still incarcerated need to lawyer up and sue Waco, the City of Waco, the Waco Police Dept and the State of Texas since 4 troopers were also involved. Those involved in the shootings need to be fired.

  • MoeDaRat

    Bullsh*t lying POS crap

  • chilly

    My god! What if you were just eating because it is a restaurant… Maybe two guys who got nothing to do with any mc get in a heated argument over squat! Next thing ya know bullets are flying everywhere and all you wanted was breakfast.

  • worldswolf

    If this is real its becoming quite restarted for both side’s if a cop pulls a gun on me Im going to react the same way after hearing this.

  • Peter Wiggin

    Where are the ballistic reports on the weapons used in the killings…

  • Paul Ahkolik

    Once again there random media outlet, you spelled it wrong. It’s spelled C-L-U-B-S not g-a-n-g-s

  • WhiteEagle

    What are the updates to this. The whole group of these folks should get together and file charges of harassment and discrimination, or other civil rights violations against these officers. Shades of WACO 1 indeed. I have heard it happened because the Cossacks had Russian connections and were conservitie and anti Obama? That the snipers were actually Homeland Defense personell not all local police. In Ferganson (sp) there were HD snipers on a rooftop targeting with their guns the Oathkeeper shop guards. Not cool.
    And of course… “You might be a terrorist if…. you are a motorcycle rider…. or a patriot… or a constitutionalist….
    Whole thing smells of a Psy-Ops.