Whistleblower Reveals CERN Suffered Major Disaster On Friday 13th

CERN have covered up a major disaster at their facility on Friday 13th November, a whistleblower has revealed

According to a CERN whistleblower, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) had a major nuclear disaster on Friday 13th November, but scientists managed to contain it and stop reports leaking to the media amid the frenzy of the Paris attacks. 

According to the videos below a significant accident occurred throughout the Collider systems that resulted in a very large and brightly lit UFO hovering above the CERN facilities.

Some believe the UFO appeared to assess the extent of the damage caused by the accident, which has been likened to the type of devastation you would see after a nuclear explosion.

Longer full-length video discussing the accident is linked below:

  • http://lisaleaks.com/ lisaleaks

    This is old news that’s just being recycled. Summary of the analysis of the 19 September 2008 incident at the LHC.

  • A-Evolution

    private video

  • Benjamin Davies

    Wasn’t sure til I saw UFO, now certain this is total BS.

  • ich bin es nicht

    according to the video there is also a new volcan now in swizerland.