White House Infiltrated With ISIS Militants, Says Military Insider

Have ISIS infiltrated the White House?

Powerful military commanders and White House insiders have accused President Barack Obama of allowing ISIS agents to infiltrate the White House and influence American foreign policy in the Middle East. 

An investigation by Homeland Security and the CIA has revealed that five White House staffers hired by Obama speak directly to ISIS militants and inform them of key military Middle East strategies. According to insiders, Obama is part of a foreign cabal who’s goal is to harm America.

This is the worst security breach in the history of the United States,” a White House insider said. “Bloodthirsty ISIS knows Obama’s every move.”

Nationalenquirer.com reports:

Meanwhile, another Washington insider charged members of the president’s Cabinet also have ties to Islamic terrorists!

Incredibly, the insider said Obama KNOWS about it — but “has done nothing to stop it and keeps these traitors on the payroll.”

In early November, following an exhaustive six-month probe, government counter-intelligence experts met alone with Obama in the Oval Office “for just over an hour and laid out their evidence to him,” a stunned insider revealed.

“Their damning proof included copies of emails, computer and phone records, photographs and, in at least one case, video obtained during covert surveillance.

“They had three staffers nailed beyond any shadow of a doubt and they wanted these individuals terminated from the White House staff and prosecuted immediately.

“There were two others, where evidence points to them as ISIS followers, but without rock-solid proof. They recommended these two be terminated, as well.

“Obama asked three mundane questions during the session and sat expressionless. As the meeting finished, he shook each agent’s hand and just said: ‘Thank you for your time.’”

Just 48 hours later, the mole hunters were stunned to learn their “probe into these individuals was ordered to halt,” said the insider.

The decision to squash the investigation into suspected White House spies wouldn’t be a surprise to Admiral Lyons. He insisted Obama is sending signals to our allies that he sympathizes with ISIS and other Islamic terrorists.

One clear sign was Obama’s failure to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other world leaders in Paris following the terrorist attack that killed 12 people at the French magazine “Charlie Hebdo” in January. And he did nothing after the Paris bloodbath in November.

“It was a signal to the Islamic jihadists,” said Lyons. “It’s one of many signals he’s sent over the years while he’s in office.

  • Cory Collins

    Shows two main things: 1) The true extent of the White House umbrella of protection over those within its walls, and 2) the utter impotence of both our federal law enforcement system and of the US Congress & courts. As for the infiltration, itself, no big surprise to anyone who has been paying attention for the past 7 years.

  • Linda


  • Cyn

    Maybe this is why he kidded the door open in such a furry, after the last short press conference !!??

  • Cyn

    Maybe this is why he kicked the door open, in such a furry after the last short press conference !!?? He’s been caught WITH evidence and he’s pissed !!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/100001014849544 Mike Alan

    How is it both Obama and Hillary have HIGH level assistants that are Iranian. Yeah, just a coincidence I am sure.