White House Insider: U.S. Orchestrated MH17 Crash To Blame Russia

Former White House official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, has claimed that the U.S. government orchestrated the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 last year in order to implicate Russia. 

According to the official narrative, the plane was hit by a Russian SA-series missile, but Dr. Roberts claims this is false, saying that Washington orchestrated the entire event.

Presstv.com reports:

This week, Russia used its veto at the United Nations to block a draft resolution to establish an international tribunal into the MH17 disaster, fearing that as the facts don’t support the US propaganda that Russia is responsible for the crash, Washington is pushing a UN tribunal on the incident to get the desired results.

“I believe Washington is responsible. I don’t know whether it was a formal government decision or just a decision of some rogue part of it, because it served to put pressure on Russia,” Dr. Roberts said.

“It served to help Washington convince the Europeans to go along with sanctions. And it proved to be very effective propaganda against Russia,” he added.

“I noticed that neither Washington nor the government in Kiev have released the information that they had. Kiev refuses to release the communication of Ukrainian air control with the airliner, we don’t know whether the airliner was diverted or pulled towards the combat zone,” he stated.

“And Washington which had a satellite over the airliner when it was destroyed refuses to release its information. Only Russia has released any information,” he noted.

Dr. Roberts went on to say that “now we have the fact that the report of the investigation conducted by the Dutch apparently cannot be released. It seems Washington has blocked the release.”

“And instead of release, we get Washington planning leaks in the media about what the report says… and leaks of the report – as always – found that Russia is responsible,” he pointed out.

The analyst said the Dutch investigators deny that Russia is responsible, “but their denial doesn’t get the attention that the accusation does.”

“So it seems clear that it’s a mechanism used against Russia. And therefore it serves only Washington, and Washington’s puppet regime in Kiev. So I am certain that Washington and Kiev are clearly responsible,” Dr. Roberts concluded.

  • Mitch Mitchell

    It’s time the US was torn down.

  • George McCarthy

    As I have stated on other posts, if the US had the evidence against Russia, it would be posted in the Washington Post, CNN and the NY Journal for the world to see, not clandestinely given to a ‘Mickey Mouse’ outfit and hidden behind Dutch FOI. [they don’t have any?]
    All Black Boxes are the same, is there any truth in the ‘rumour’ that those the British have, are from the SU-25 and not the Boeing 777?
    http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/07/17/was-there-an-2nd-israeli-plane-new-footage-shows-mh17-crash-site-minutes-after-boeing-downing/ As this Australian release shows, the Ukrainians shot it down with a Israeli Python missile, fired from an SU-25, which was subsequently shot down by rebels! There are some interesting links in the ‘comments section’, particularly the interview with the Pilots wife sister. She says they were informed, when they collected his body, “he is in tact, no bits missing” – yet one report states that the cockpit was strafed, as though purposely aiming for the Pilot, whose seat was destroyed! No wonder they told her ‘not to open the coffin’?

    • Martin Visser

      Too match difficults in here .Russian secret service take the pilot from the SU.25 Who shot down the MH.17 ..He or she is in a Russian prisson .