Why Don’t The Amish Get Cancer?

Why don't Amish people get cancer?

A recent study published in the journal Cancer Causes and Control has revealed that Amish people have virtually no cancer within their population, and are considered the most healthy people in America. 

Researchers from Ohio State University originally launched a study on the Amish population to see whether rates of cancer would be higher due to their lack of conventional medical care. What they found, however, shocked them.

The Amish were found to have much lower rates of cancer than the rest of the population, so researchers decided to look more closely at their lifestyle choices and diets to find out why.

Naturalnews.com reports:

Most Amish people do not smoke or drink and they are typically not sexually promiscuous, leading researchers to believe that these lifestyle factors play an important role in the limited number of cancer cases.

Other factors examined include the high amount of physical labor undertaken by the Amish. Most Amish people work in farming, construction, and other production jobs that require intense physical activity that keeps them healthy and in shape. While the rest of America sits in fluorescent-lit cubicles all day, the Amish work hard to produce crops, build furniture and structures, and produce useful goods, which researchers recognize contributes to their excellent health.

Another important factor not specifically examined in the study is the fact that the Amish grow and raise all their own food. They employ time-tested, organic methods that provide them with healthy fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, and other untainted foods that most Americans never get. Rich in living enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients Amish food is grown and raised the way it should be, resulting in improved health.

While some may ridicule their secluded lifestyle, the Amish commitment to simple, productive lives and clean, local food is benefiting their health in ways that the rest of America can only dream about. When compared to a life of sitting in office buildings all day, eating processed and genetically-modified junk food, and popping prescription medications, it becomes clear which lifestyle is truly deserving of contempt.

  • Richard

    Having been to the local hospital for my wife’s cancer surgery and treatment, there were also Amish there with cancer. Talking to local Amish, they also said this is growing in their community. Most cancers have no known cause! and Amish also get it. We should be looking at the real evidence from nuclear incidents as Chernobil and Fukushima, as well as the increased cancer rates near nuclear power plants… This article is misleading in my opinion.

    • PithHelmut

      They still get to be sprayed with chemtrails from the skies, their soils and water tainted with aluminum, barium and strontium.

      • Jeroen van Baardwijk

        Don’t forget to wear your tin foil hat when you leave the house.

        • PithHelmut

          Well that adds a lot to your argument. How about challenging the issue rather than my milliner?

          • Jeroen van Baardwijk

            What, you don’t want your silly conspiracy nutter beliefs challenged? Here’s a hint: chemtrails don’t exist. Do your research.
            As for the Amish not getting cancer, as the title implies: that’s already been proven false, I see no need to repeat that.

          • TChapman

            Ever go outside and look up? The 10 trails of chemicals sprayed across the entire sky are not produced by organic jets. If you do not see these you are either blind or employing the discrediting tactic more commonly known as gaslighting. Those are not necessary flight patterns… we’ve tested the aftermath and aluminum is a major component.

          • Jeroen van Baardwijk

            Indeed, jet planes and jet engines are not organic. They’re machines, built by people in factories, they don’t grow on trees. Other than that: you conspiracy nutters have been going on about these alleged ‘chemtrails’ for decades, you can’t even agree among yourselves about what they allegedly contain, who’s allegedly spraying them and for what alleged purpose, and everything you’ve produced as ‘evidence’ so far has been thoroughly debunked over and over again. If you still don’t see that this whole ‘chemtrails’ stuff is paranoid, delusional bullshit, you’re either blind, or a paid shill for people like Alex Jones.

          • TChapman

            Question: what is the purpose of the jets ? Not commercial. They are not connected to local airport activity… my neighbor works for our local airport and is kept in the dark regarding their affiliation. I’m not a conspiracy nutter. I’m just using observation and discernment. Feel free to correct me because I want truth. Insulting me without facts of your own research only validates my concerns. I do not find character insults, when we do not personally know each other, as necessary.

          • Jeroen van Baardwijk

            If ‘jets’ refers to jet aircraft: those are used to carry people and goods through the air. If ‘jets’ refers to jet engines on aircraft: those are used to let aircraft carry people and goods through the air. Because, you know, using steam engines isn’t particularly practical for that purpose.
            In both cases, the purpose is very much commercial: there’s a demand for the use of transport through the air, and airline companies make money by catering to that demand.

  • mrhoagie

    I agree with Richard, this story is misleading.

    I have see thousands of Amish in my Chiropractic practice.in Wayne County Ohio. There have been a wide rage of cancer victims among the Amish, but I do not know statistically if they are less or more than the general population as a whole. Of overall cancer cases I would venture to say the numbers of the Amish and general population in comparison are relatively the same in my observations.

    The Amish where I live do not raise ALL of their own foods and yes some do use chemicals on said foods. The ones I know are hard working, no doubt and never fully “retire” to a life of leisure in a sedentary life, but many do have office jobs and work under artificial lights

    • PithHelmut

      The article states “cancer rate among the Amish is only 60 percent of the Ohio population at large”

  • Quest

    I see thousands of Amish lawsuits

  • http://TheIndiePlaylists.com/ JJA

    “Another important factor not specifically examined in the study” should be left out of this piece as it is the author’s opinion not part of the study referenced. That is called an agenda not truth. Do better.

  • Uncle B

    Spiritual contentment . . .

  • Timoo van Esch

    1 obvious elephant in the room (or which was forgotten to be mentioned): they don’t drive cars.
    Which means: no particulate matter in the air.

    • erhyrs

      Really? Have you ever been to an area where the Amish live? They are surrounded by cars. Visit Ohio or Pennsylvania!

      • Timoo van Esch

        Then I guess that in that specific environment the cancer rate is growing. That would be a fair bet, no?

  • Bill

    It’s the food. No chemicals or preservatives or other poisons that keep food on the shelves longer so big business can make more money. The FDA does not care about people getting cancer, only making kickback money!

  • deannaM

    no electrosmog …well..until the gov forces smartgrid near their “neighborhood”

  • Open mind

    Stating that they are not sexually promiscuous is the largest lie I have ever read! They are a fine mazed sectarian private group in which men are superior and can marry their own female family members at very young age. This is why they are so private. Being vulgar and narrow minded it is of course better to hide then to mingle in society. If they get sick they have their own doctors and soa’s are common so saying that they live more healthy because they grow their own food and exercise a lot is the most narrow minded vision you could put out there.

  • Karen Miller

    This is very inaccurate reporting. The Amish is Holmes County Ohio have a very very large ocurrence of cancer, second only to heart disease! !

  • erhyrs

    Amish=organic? LOL Is this the Onion? Most Amish farms are not organic. And as far as them “grow(ing) and rais(ing) all their own food?” Really? Then, why do they shop in the local grocery stores buying food there? I’ve seen them do it! This author clearly doesn’t know much about real Amish. I doubt he’s ever actually seen any Amish in person either.