Why Is India Infatuated By Hitler ?


In India there is an infatuation with things to do with Adolph Hitler, the infamous Nazi ruler of 80 years ago.

The name of the dictator and architect of mass persecution and genocide against the Jews and ‘The Undesirable’ population of Europe during the second world war, appears as a Brand.
‘Hitler’ is found etched into brand logos of products, while his name is used to put the fear of retribution into people.
His face is found adorning children’s comic books and ice creams, while his manifesto in ‘Mein Kamp’ appears on the best-selling book lists.
Movies are made depicting his temperament and turned into love stories, while the swastika is loved by most Indians as a charm.
According to The Express, an Indian ice cream merchant defended his branded Hitler merchandise by pleading ignorance to Hitler’s deeds during WWII by saying: “I don’t think we even scored some marketing points by using Hitler’s photos. I don’t think people who buy the cones, in villages, know anything about Hitler.”

Maybe the Indians will transform the historical Hitler into an unexpected brand and eventually into null. After all it was the Indians who created Zero (a unique number with a null value), which then set the mathematics and science world on an infinite upward trend many centuries ago.

The Express reports:

Neeraj Kumar of northern India-based MVF Products said: “I want to tell them repeatedly that the name was not given considering Hitler’s bad political steps and what they call as the Holocaust. I was not aware of any such bad thing.


Hitler Cafe

“I don’t think we even scored some marketing points by using Hitler’s photos. I don’t think people who buy the cones, in villages, know anything about Hitler.”

Instead, he insists it was in memory of his uncle who was bizarrely nicknamed Hitler because of his temper.

He said: “One of my uncles is a short-tempered and strict man, so we nicknamed him Hitler.

“While naming this particular batch of cones, I thought why can’t we have a little fun at the expense of my uncle and name the cones after him. That was how the name originated.”


Hitler fried chicken

But it’s the latest in a long line of Hitler-themed faux pas which have got the West fuming.

The Hitler Cross cafe opened in Mumbai in 2006 and there was a pool hall named Hitler’s Den in Nagpur.

In Ahmedebad there is a clothing store titled Hitler, which includes a swastika untastefully dotting the i.


Hero Hitler in Love, a Punjabi comedy about a man with an explosive temper.

The evil dictator also has a children’s comic in his name, while his Mein Kampf manifesto is a yearly best-seller according to Indian book shops.

In a recent poll he also ranked higher than Nelson Mandela in the list of ideal historical leaders.Hitler

Much of the obsession with the Nazis is because the swastika in Hindu is a good luck charm representing energy, as well as wealth and liberation.

But some of it also relates back to Hitler’s position as an enemy of Britain, which appealed to those who were against the Commonwealth.

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