WikiLeaks: CIA Listens To Your iPhone Conversations

Wikileaks release claims that the CIA listens to private conversations through phones and smart TVs

Thousands of CIA documents published by WikiLeaks on Tuesday reveal that the Central Intelligence Agency had tools enabling them to listen to private conversation on any iPhone device.  

The Vault 7 documents reveal that the CIA developed malware enabling them to turn iPhones, Android devices and Samsung smart TVs into covert listening devices.

Under the codename “Weeping Angel,” developed in co-operation with MI5, the spy agency was able to listen into private conversations held in front of a smart TV – even whilst the television set was apparently switched off. reports:

WikiLeaks also claims U.S. spies can bypass the encryption of apps including WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram, and that the U.S. consulate in Frankfurt, Germany is a “covert CIA hacker base” for personnel covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Cryptic hints

WikiLeaks, which had been dropping cryptic hints about the release for a month, said in a lengthy statement that the CIA had “recently” lost control of a massive arsenal of CIA hacking tools as well as associated documentation. The radical transparency organization said that “the archive appears to have been circulated among former U.S. government hackers and contractors in an unauthorized manner” and that one of them “provided WikiLeaks with portions of the archive.”

Jonathan Liu, a spokesman for the CIA, said: “We do not comment on the authenticity or content of purported intelligence documents.”

Williams, who has experience dealing with government hackers, said that the voluminous files’ extensive references to operation security meant they were almost certainly government-backed.

“I can’t fathom anyone fabricated that amount of operational security concern,” he said. “It rings true to me.”

“The only people who are having that conversation are people who are engaging in nation-state-level hacking,” he said.

  • Kieron

    Is it surprising that the developed technology would be used by security services.
    Of course not.

    What’s even less surprising is that we have allowed them to do it.
    They are allegedly there to protect.. they protect the the guys that pay the dollar,or hold the power.. if you paid the bills wouldn’t you expect the guys that worked for you to report to you? Let’s not be nieve here…

    You know what the problem is? Because all the information and evidence is there in front of you, most, in fact, the vast majority of people can’t be arsed to even read it, never mind act on it. As long as there is a majority that do that, then you are going to be controlled,manipulated and milked.

    Kennedy knew this, that’s why he was dispatched. His predecessor,warned the world about it in his final address. I guess they know things none of us will be ever privy to. Unless, you wake up to the fact that you are being controlled you will never address the issue. If you don’t care, then may you God help you.