Woman In Jewel Encrusted Hat Tells Britain To “Live Within Its Means”


A woman sitting on an expensive gold chair and wearing a £1,000,000 hat has encouraged Britain to “live within its means”  during times of austerity while addressing a room full of millionaires.

The Huffington Post explains:

She also voiced support for a government imposing longer working hours with less pay on junior doctors while wearing a hat encrusted with five rubies, 11 emeralds, 17 sapphires, 273 pearls and 2,868 diamonds.

“One also hopes one’s government will put superfast broadband at the top of its agenda,” she added. “Because the Wi-Fi at Balmoral is totally pants.”

She then left Parliament and returned to her £1 billion house. Her crown left shortly afterwards in its own horse-drawn carriage.

  • Djago

    Welkom to the world of reptiles

  • knifemare69

    Royals are the ultimate welfare parasites; they produce nothing, create nothing, and only consume the production and effort of those who actually produce things to earn a living. They are beyond worthless; so too are their worshippers…

    • UnderTheBedMonster

      The only thing they are good for is oggling at during parades in their golden coaches and stupid newspaper articles about how hard it is to open a building, walk around a lawn, go to the races, watch athletic contests or walk their dogs. And they are a GREAT tourist attraction errrr I mean tourist trap.

    • Alabama Mothman

      Agree 10000000000000% I bet if they held a fire sale, it would be enough to pay for their health care.

    • Karole Conaway

      Politicians in America and around the world think they are royals.

    • peanut9244

      sorta like Obama?????????????????????????????

    • Fliz Kayce

      Royals produce stability.

      That crown represents the financial stability of the royal family. That’s literally the point.

      Royals guarantee money and armies. That’s their contribution.

      Private property wouldn’t exist if royals didn’t guarantee it.

      • Fliz Kayce

        That being said, Parliamentary interference in the succession of the Crown is illegal, so any qualms you have with the current royals is Parliament’s fault.

        • knifemare69

          What *century* do you think you’re living in slave boy, the 13th? Sounds like you’re still sore at the Magna Carta for making the king share his power with the nobles who do all his dirty work…

          • Fliz Kayce

            I was referencing the Rebellion of 1688, not the Magna Carta. So, 17th century would be more accurate.

            Regardless, What’s with “slave boy”?

            You’re not exactly winning any points with these demonstrations of your superior civility.

      • Lasergirl4

        Oh bullshit.

      • Bobby_V

        You… you really believe that? You’re just pulling everybody’s legs, right? *crossing fingers*

        • Fliz Kayce

          By what process do YOU think the capacity to “own” land is legitimized?

          I’m all ears.

      • Bryan

        Um, no. The workers guarantee money and armies and the poor fight in those armies. That crown represents the elite, the stuffy, old white privilege that lives off of the sweat of the people.

        Royals wouldn’t exist if the people didn’t guarantee it, for reference I give you the French Revolution, and many since.

        • Fliz Kayce

          You have no respect for your betters.

  • tayloscott

    queen hag of the old guard…. ive got her on my dead pool to die in 2017.

    • peanut9244

      you are on sick son of a b*t*h

  • Rick Miller

    May she resonate out of existence, soon.

  • Firebird7478

    Biggest welfare family in the world…yet Americans LOVE them.

    • Pop_Korn

      …….some Americans…….not me.

    • DerekJR321

      Not really.

    • ed

      yo yo yo, not all of us, fuck the queen Sir., Doctor Who we love. peace

    • Bobby_V

      No, we think they’re quaint. I mean, who doesn’t like to play Dungeons and Dragons? But it’s no good for a system of government…

  • Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg

    Those jewels are worthless in terms of daily cash flow or survival. She can’t eat them, nor can any of us eat them. But what they could be used for–if this Queen had a rational mind–is TO FORM the equity value of a British Currency that is not based on fiat-debt. But this would never occur to her.

  • SanityClaus

    Lying mass murderer decendant of long line of mass murdering psychopathes tells her slaves to live within their means.

    • peanut9244

      Hmm, sorta like Obama with his “we all have to pull in our belts”. Kind of hypocritical I’d say

  • http://rp7o333.blogspot.com/ Peter Greene

    She doesn’t really get to keep the hat. I’d be far more concerned about how many private troops she has. For that matter, how many attack helicopters do you think WalMart might own? Imagine them, blue with a smiley face, blasting away at rival poor-people arcologies. Wait, that’s what happens now, but under colour of the military. Wish it wasn’t that way. Long live the Queen.

  • Alabama Mothman

    The gall of the elite. This is why I dont understand why the british still have this ball and chain. Making their living by taxes.

  • NobodysaysBOO

    90 YEARS OLD!
    She is DEMENTED pay no attention! WHY chi’s she force them to do better?
    If the entire country loves this person.


  • Marc Pleau

    Hey, all that shite was bought and paid for 700 yrs ago.

  • Marc Pleau

    Think of all the People that are employed on those grounds and palaces….Mega workforce, of regular low educated folks. Think of all the scuzzy reporters and paparazzi making Millions raping photos from princesses. A LOT of people are living very well, doing such things as these vile ‘articles’. If the Royals of the world were not there, thousands of people wouldve been unemployed, over centuries, likely Millions…Stonemasons, Painters, Carvers, Artists, Embroiders, Horse maintenance, gardeners, Cooks, its a Massive workforce of regular people. a dishwasher at BuckHouse makes enough money a year to live a decent life. What do you propose to replace it all with?

  • Marc Pleau

    Russia held a Bargain Basement Bolshevik Sale of the finest jewels and artwork ever known in Europe 100 yrs ago, it netted them a couple billion, but where are they now? still a backward poor country that does Nothing with 80% of its landmass, YET, forces people out of their own homelands, simply to continue expanding its borders….there are real problems and thieves in the world, living off the taxpayer….yet, a crude article like this, is designed to keep us rabble bickering each other over futility, instead of looking at ‘them” I dare say, it was ‘them’ who put this article out in the 1st place.

  • steven bent1

    repatriate all the stolen goods from all the places your nation has pillaged and then live on the remainder oops all stolen goods from genocides …

  • andrea

    This is no worse than the situation we have in the states: it seems all over the world, useless parasites are telling us we are too difficult and expensive to deal with.

  • Paul Coleman

    This is slanted and basically untruthful reporting encourages me not too trust anything from your newswire. The queens speech does not reflect her personal views.
    ‘The Queen’s Speech is read by the Queen from the Throne in the House of Lords at the State Opening of Parliament. It is drawn up by the government, and contains an outline of the government’s policies and proposed legislative programme for the new parliamentary session.

  • peanut9244

    And the morons that wrote this failed to remember…..that million pound crown was well over a hundred years and the one billion pound home has been in the family since before Mary Queen of Scots. and all the BLING she wares is older than she and Prince Phillip combined.
    Maybe these idiots should check up on their history…..after all Al Gore invented the internet for a reason.

  • John Jones

    and its not her ‘government’ its been elected by the people!

  • Sue Chard

    They are not HER jewels… the Royals are just figureheads now. The jewels belong to the country, part of England’s base wealth, like the US Gold collection in Fort Knox. Don’t pick on this woman, she’s been better than most.

  • Bryan

    Wow, so this is a fake news site, their contact page gives the address of a run-down mail center in L.A.