4.1 Earthquake Strikes Fremont, California


A magnitude 4.1 earthquake rattled the San Francisco Bay Area in California early on Tuesday morning.

The quake which was centered one mile north of Fremont, hit about 2:41 a.m., the U.S. Geological Survey reported and was was later downgraded to a 4.0, according to a USGS incident report.

The quake, with a depth of about 11.3km, was centered about 3km north-northeast of Fremont, which is about 56.3km southeast of San Francisco.

The earthquake happened along the Hayward fault, which has been dormant since its last quake in 1868, according to the USGS.

Reports say there have been 12 aftershocks in the Bay area since the mornings initial quake.

There were no reports of injuries or property damage

According to KRON 4:

The list of aftershocks include:

23km NE of Fremont, California2015-07-21 10:19:27 UTC9.7 km
33km NE of Fremont, California2015-07-21 10:16:23 UTC8.9 km
63km NNE of Fremont, California2015-07-21 10:07:40 UTC6.9 km
13km NNE of Fremont, California2015-07-21 10:00:47 UTC7.7 km
93km NNE of Fremont, California2015-07-21 09:59:29 UTC6.6 km
73km NNE of Fremont, California2015-07-21 09:56:05 UTC7.4 km
03km NE of Fremont, California2015-07-21 09:53:49 UTC9.0 km
93km NE of Fremont, California2015-07-21 09:48:49 UTC7.1 km


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