American Jew Stands up for Palestine. What Happens Next Is Awful

In this video a brave young American Jew visits a Jewish festival in Israel to stand up and speak for Palestine and the Palestinian people.

The video was filmed in Israel among crowds of Israeli’s and police. The young American starts off the video by stating, “Israel is occupying Palestine in my name… as an American Jew I’m here to say that is unjustified and ethically reprehensible.

I say to the people of Israel that they must join the world consensus. The entire world has decided that this occupation cannot go on“, he pleads.

Half way into the video, the authorities decide to intervene on this man’s peaceful speech. Just after he calls out Israel for being a “rogue state” – he is treated brutally.

If this is allowed to happen to an American Jew visiting Israel, imagine what they’re doing to Palestinians?


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