Antifa Beat Elderly Woman To Bloody Pulp For Supporting Tommy Robinson

Antifa thugs beat elderly woman to bloody pulp

Antifa activists have been filmed beating a frightened elderly woman after discovering she is a Tommy Robinson supporter.

Members of the far-left domestic terrorist orgnaization were caught stealing the woman’s hat and glasses before physically assaulting her at a “#FreeTommyRobinson” prayer vigil in San Francisco.

From Infowars:

The video, taken Saturday, July 7, shows around fifteen masked individuals approach the group of protesters and start a verbal confrontation.

One of the Antifa members steals a MAGA hat off an older woman’s head and takes her glasses off, causing the woman to defend herself with pepper spray which sparks an all-out brawl between the groups.

Information Liberation reports: This was Normandy-tier bravery on display here, folks!

We must never forget how our forebears stormed the beaches of Normandy to beat up old German grandmothers to protect Muslim rape gangs’ sacred right to operate unimpeded!

Sure, antifa may have had a bit of trouble recently in Portland (and even here in San Francisco) fighting other grown men, but they’ve shown now they’re not afraid to take on ANY elderly woman who gets in their way!

Well done, comrades!


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