Professional Audio Analysis: Varying Sound Of Gunfire In Las Vegas ‘Was Not Echo’

The “echo theory” explaining why there were different sounds of gunfire during the Las Vegas shooting has been debunked by an audio analysis.

The “echo theory” that supposedly explained why there were different levels of sound of gunfire during the Las Vegas shooting has been debunked by a professional audio analysis that proves there were multiple active shooters in Las Vegas during the attack.

Footage recorded by real people on the ground in Las Vegas during the attack features loud and close sounding gunfire as well as quieter, more distant sounding gunfire. Many people, including survivors of the Las Vegas attack, believe there were multiple shooters at work.

However mainstream media has been trying to pass off the different levels of sound of fire as either an “echo effect” or because the shooter ran from one room to the adjoining room and shot from different angles.

Many people have been taken in by these facile explanations, taking the mainstream media explanation at face value without bothering to look into the evidence for themselves.

That doesn’t apply to Vincent James however, who created a video demonstrating why those two explanations pushed by mainstream media are impossible.

Using Adobe Premiere Pro to analyze well-known footage shot by a Las Vegas cab driver during the attack – and featured on mainstream news – Vincent James set about proving that the recording contains shooting from “two different vantage points, and that’s why we have two different levels of sounds of fire.”

Explaining each step clearly, Vincent James first uses the software to measure the amount of time between the first, loud round of gunfire and the second, quieter round that people are claiming is merely an echo of the first.

After pointing out that there is five seconds separating the first, loud round of gunfire with the second, quieter round – which is far too long for it to be explained away as echo – he then uses the software to slow down the gunfire in order to prove that the second round absolutely cannot be an echo of the first round.

“I’ve slowed this down to about 20% so we can count the shots,” Vincent James says.

Instructing viewers to watch the sound level bar for themselves, he then counts the shots from the second, quieter round of fire that people are dismissing as merely “echo”.

“One, two, three, four, five, six. So right there you can hear six shots.”

He then plays it again to confirm. The second round of gunfire definitely consists of six shots.

He then cues up the first round of gunfire.

“Here’s the other closer, louder range shots.”

For the echo theory to prove correct, this round of gunfire should also consist of six shots.

But it doesn’t. After rolling the footage at 20% speed, you can clearly hear the gunman fire eight shots.

“That’s eight shots. Eight shots. Eight shots,” he says.

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But he’s not finished with dismantling the echo theory just yet.

“There are other parts where I am going to show you there is a certain level of sound of fire and then minutes until there is another certain level of fire, which also debunks the echo theory.”

“OK so here is a point in the video where there is literally minutes between shots and you hear only what sounds like shots from a far distance away. So right there that already takes away the possibility of anything being an echo. Because there was no origination of anything that sounds like closer level shots before you hear this.”

He then plays a sequence of quieter sounding shots. Even the cab driver who recorded the footage pointed out that “Now it sounds like it’s coming from farther away.”

“And then there is nothing after that,” he says after playing the sound of rounds of distant gunfire.

“No echo, no sounds that sound like its closer, some additional shots, nothing.”

“The echo explanation is debunked.”

This professional video analysis is an example of the type of video YouTube has filtered out of it’s search results, pushing it to the bottom of the pile behind mainstream media videos full of misinformation and spin.

These blacklisted videos are shot by people who are actually in Las Vegas; ordinary people who were at the scene of the crime, armed with cell phones. They are videos that are asking questions of the authorities, of the hotels, of the official narrative. They are investigating the crime. They are finding and interviewing concert attendees who were shot, analyzing the capabilities of weapons allegedly used, comparing the number of casualties with the recorded time of firing.

In other words, they are doing the job that in former times would have been done by the press, but no more. The mainstream media is now a PR arm of the establishment, pushing their agenda, and attacking anybody who dares to criticize the powers that be.

But Vincent James isn’t finished proving mainstream media wrong and dismantling the official narrative just yet.

There is also a competing claim, also popular among people desperately clinging to the mainstream media narrative, that there are different levels of gunfire sound because the gunman fired from two different windows in his hotel suite.

Using footage uploaded to the internet by a man who previously stayed in the exact same room as Stephen Paddock, he puts a map of the hotel suite on the screen and measures exactly how far the shooter would have had to run from one broken window to the other broken window.

“The explanation of him running from one side of the room, to the other side of the room, into a completely different adjoining room, which is 50, 60 feet away, has been debunked. Because he can’t travel that fast at 64-years-old. In fact, nobody can travel that fast. There’s sounds of shots, and then only five seconds between other sounds of shots. No way that this man ran from one adjoining room to another adjoining room and started firing rounds from a different vantage point.”

“No way a 64-year-old man can run from one window all the way into the adjoining room he rented within five seconds and fire.”

Vincent James’ analysis tears apart the official narrative. Anybody who watches this video will be forced to re-think their assumptions. Until mainstream media begin addressing these concerns and acknowledging the inconsistencies in the official narrative, we will have no choice but to continue relying on independent investigators to provide us with real news and analysis.

Baxter Dmitry

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