Australian government exploits Paris attacks

Australian government exploits Paris attacks

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott immediately seized upon the attack on the Charlie Hebdo editorial offices in Paris to foreshadow further boosting the vast powers of Australia’s police-intelligence apparatus and expanding the country’s frontline participation in the US-led war in Iraq and Syria.

While claiming to speak in defence of free speech and other supposed “precious values” of “Western civilisation,” Abbott sought to justify a barrage of measures that abrogate free speech and other fundamental democratic rights, along with stepped-up involvement in the renewed drive by American imperialism to establish hegemony over the Middle East.

Even before the basic facts surrounding the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris were known, Abbott lumped it together with recent incidents in Australia, despite the obvious differences between them. Abbott not only echoed, but amplified, the responses from the US, British and French governments, declaring that a global “war” had been launched against the “freedom” of the Western world.

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