Boris Nemtsov Murder – Two Men Detained

Boris Nemtsov Murder - Two Men Detained

Russian authorities have detained two men over the shooting of Russian Politician Boris Nemtsov.

Mr Alexander Bortnikov, head of Russia’s federal security service announced the news on Rossiya-24 T.V.

The Independent reports:

Russia Today reported that the men are believed to come from Russia’s southern region of the North Caucasus, a political uneasy region that includes constituent republics such as Chechnya.

Mr Bortnikov said they “were suspected of carrying out this crime,” but did not offer further details on the men and it remains unclear if either of the suspects was believed to have fired the four shots that killed Mr Nemtsov.
It is alleged that the car used by the suspects has been found and was used to identify the two men, a source familiar with the investigation told Russia’s Interfax news agency, the BBC reported.

The 55-year-old vocal critic of Russian president Vladimir Putin was walking over Moskvoretsky Bridge with his Ukrainian girlfriend Anna Duritskaya when he was shot dead just before midnight on 27 February.


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