Charlottesville Killer Was Hillary Supporter, Funded By Soros

The Charlottesville killer, James Fields, was in fact a Hillary Clinton supporter and member of Antifa, funded by billionaire George Soros.

The man accused of being a neo-Nazi and murdering a woman by deliberately driving into her during protests in Charlottesville is in reality a supporter of Hillary Clinton and member of Antifa in receipt of funding by George Soros, according to reports.

James Fields, 20, of Maumee, Ohio, allegedly killed Heather Heyer, aged 32, and injured 19 others when he rammed his car into a group of protesters on Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Mainstream media is claiming Fields is a neo-Nazi and has conveniently produced photographs showing Fields standing with Vanguard America and carrying a shield bearing the group’s insignia.

But the mainstream media is actively suppressing information that proves Fields is actually a left-wing operative at the heart of a false flag designed to spark civil war, introduce martial law, and take away the rights of conservative groups to assemble peacefully.

Police were ordered to stand down just before the incident, as confirmed by ACLU. “This invited the violence the city used to shut down a court-permitted protest,” said Robert Barnes, a high-profile constitutional lawyer.

Immediately after the car was driven into the crowd and James Field was identified as the driver and arrested, his social media accounts were put on lockdown and scrubbed of political content. His affiliation to Clinton and the dangerous far-left is being actively suppressed.

There is only one winner in Charlottesville. His name is George Soros and he funds Antifa.

The UniteTheRight rally was planned months in advance, proper permits were sought and granted, and the peaceful protest was going to plan. Then, due to political pressure from the left, the city of Charlottesville rescinded the permit a few days before the rally.

This was a clear violation of the 1st Amendment.

So UniteTheRight went to federal court and won. A federal judge ordered that the rally must go on and the rally-goers Constitutional rights be protected.

But the left wasn’t finished. The Democrat mayor and police department ordered the rally an “unlawful assembly,” and threatened to arrest everybody – once again, violating 1st and 9th amendment rights.

Then things got bloody. George Soros’s Antifa stepped up to the plate, unleashing chaos and hate as per their job description.

The mainstream media is spreading lies and deceit to further the false flag, and attempting to deflect from their transparent agenda by railing angrily against President Trump for failing to say exactly what they want him to say (despite the fact Obama did not disavow Black Lives Matter after they destroyed Ferguson and Baltimore).

Real footage captured by citizen journalists on the ground in Charlottesville proves that the mainstream media are peddling lies about the incident from the comfort of their air-conditioned ivory towers. The car crash is a sloppy false flag, designed to mislead, deceive and take away our rights.

The following video, around 2 minutes in, shows the crash in real time, and shows Fields’ car being rammed from behind.

The Charlottesville violence is far-left agitation at it’s worst. It is the culmination of violent rhetoric spewing from the mouths of Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch. In cahoots with George Soros, the failed presidential candidate and her cronies are attempting to stage a false flag to take away the rights of conservatives to lawfully organize rallies and assemble peacefully.

Chaos and hate the order of the day, as the lawless ones march us towards a police state and a New World Order. While the real terrorists are allowed to roam free, we will be the ones imprisoned.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry