CIA Director Admits There Is “No Proof” Assad Gassed His Own People

CIA admits there is no proof that Assad gassed his own people

CIA director Mike Pompeo has admitted that the agency have no intention of releasing evidence that President al-Assad gassed Syrian civilians. 

According to the new CIA director, Putin’s claim that the chemical attack in Idlib was a false flag cannot be disproven by the agency. reports:

He declined to provide proof that could put this debate to rest, saying ‘there are things that were used to form the base of our conclusions that we can’t reveal.’

Then he went on to discredit Putin, by pointing to previous instances when the Russian leader was less than forthcoming — such as eastern Ukraine and the Malaysian airliner incident.

Pompeo also discussed Julian Assange’s Wikileaks, saying:

‘This absurd definition would have all serious media organizations (with the exception of state owned media) transformed into ‘non-state intelligence services’- with the explicitly stated goal of stripping constitutional protections for publishers.’

Assange replied with a mic drop tweet.


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