Clinton Hawk Calls For US Escalation In Syria (Video)


Hillary Clinton’s top pick for the Pentagon, Michele Flouornoy, wants to escalate the war in Syria.

A Russia Insider report:

Has anyone else noticed that the female neocons are scarier and nastier than their male counterparts?

Peter B. Collins presents journalist Gareth Porter.

Clinton’s top pick for Pentagon, Michele Flouornoy, calls for US escalation in Syria.

Gareth Porter comments on the report from Flournoy’s Center for New American Security, calling for US escalation in Syria, and convention speeches by Leon Panetta and Hillary Clinton.

Another appalling, scary, war-mongering harpy in the tradition of Samantha Power, Madeleine Albright, Susan Rice, Condoleeza, etc. Where in the world do they find them?

Porter also comments on Israel’s demand for an increase in US military funding from the current $3.1 billion per year, because of the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Newsbud Report with Peter B Collins- Hillary’s Hawks Want Escalation in Syria


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