Coffee giant apologises after store owner pours water over homeless man and his dog

Coffee giant apologises after store owner pours water over homeless man and his dog

Canadian coffee chain, Tim Hortons has been forced to apologise after one of their store managers poured a bucket of water over a homeless man and his dog outside one of its branches in Vancouver.  In a statement they added that they would also be making a meaningful donation to Belkin House, a local Vancouver shelter.

The Independent report: The central office for café giant Tim Hortons has issued a statement confirming the incident and giving a “sincere apology”, after workers from a nearby shop called on social media users to stop using the chain.

Arianne Summach wrote on Facebook and Twitter that she was “calling a boycott”, saying: “The manager of Tim Hortons on Robson and Richards literally just dumped a very large bucket of water all over a homeless man (and all his worldly belongings, cardboard bed included), for sitting out front of the shop.

“He was sleeping when it happened. I can’t believe how disgusting some people are! Please share.”

Peggy Morrison, who also works across the street from the shop, told CBC News she saw the store manager pour water over the man “who was sleeping with his dog on cardboard”… “deliberately to ensure a good soaking”.


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