Did Trudeau’s Eyebrow Fall Off At The G7 Summit?

Was Justin Trudeau browbeaten by Donald Trump?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seemed to be losing an eyebrow when speaking with reporters at the G7 Summit on Thursday.

Twitter went into meltdown trying to figure out whether Trudeau was wearing fake eyebrows during a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron.

“Eyebrow gate” started just after US President Donald Trump criticized Mr Trudeau for being “meek, mild and dishonest”.

Luckily Trudeau’s eyebrows have their own twitter account, so they were able to ‘explain’  what happened.

RT reports:  The incident has led to accusations that Trudeau is buffing up his eyebrows with a couple of stick-on substitutes. While it’s unclear whether the eyebrow is actually falling or if it’s a trick of the light, the internet has responded with expected amounts of mirth and memes to mercilessly mock the Canadian politician.


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