FBI: Antifa Las Vegas Shooting ‘Act Of War’ On America

Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, was an Antifa member who was also linked with ISIS, according to an FBI agent involved in his death.

Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, was an Antifa member who was also linked with ISIS, according to an FBI agent involved in storming the 64-year-old domestic terrorist’s hotel room.

Contrary to mainstream media reports, the Las Vegas shooter did not commit suicide after firing bullets into the crowd, but was actually killed by FBI agents, who also found Antifa literature after they stormed his room, according to FBI sources.

Stephen Paddock, named as the Las Vegas shooter, opened fire on the FBI agents after they gained entry to his hotel suite by detonating an explosive outside his door. They returned fire and killed him, according to the source.

Speaking to Infowars, the FBI source stated that along with Antifa literature, Stephen Paddock was in possession of photographs taken in the Middle-East, featuring a woman linked to the suspect, and that they fear the “domestic terror event” is the first act of war undertaken by “domestic terrorists Antifa” against the United States.

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ISIS have claimed responsibility for the Las Vegas shooting, claiming that Stephen Paddock converted to Islam earlier in the year, and carried out the attack on their orders, raising the prospect that there is some crossover between Antifa and the Islamic State.

While mainstream media is attempting to dismiss the ISIS link as “fantasy”, as it does not fit their current narrative,  they have previously acknowledged that ISIS have never claimed responsibility for a terror attacks unless they were at least loosely associated with it:

Infowars reports: Even further, a deep-level intelligence insider who spoke to Infowars said the attack was “very, very strange.”

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According to the intel source:

This was an average 64-year-old white male with no criminal record. He was an apartment owner with a pilot’s license and owned two airplanes.

His brother described him as an average person who was not into firearms and never owned that many guns. He claimed he just, “snapped.”

His hotel room was filled with guns, including several long guns. Where did those guns come from?

But, this was clearly a pre-planned attack and the group [the target] was specifically chosen.

The target was a concert of the group that represents traditional America.

These were patriotic, God-fearing Americans. This group is pro-Second amendment, pro-Constitution and anti-NWO.

This is the group Obama accused of “Clinging to their guns and religion.”

We are still awaiting all the facts, but the concern is we have seen the government engage in false flags events in the past, and an example of this is CIA Operation Gladio in Italy.

As I examined the 9/11 attacks, I was forced to reach the conclusion that it was more than just a terrorist attack. It has finger prints of a possible false flag event itself.

So, sadly we now have to consider that as a possibility here.

That is a dramatic conclusion and one that most Americans cannot get their mind around. It is just too shocking.

We can be sure this will increase the Shadow Government’s surveillance state, specifically inside the United States.

Interestingly, as previously reported, the mainstream media was already in Las Vegas to cover the OJ Simpson release right before the shooting occurred.

Baxter Dmitry

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