Google Wants To Save Your Life With Drone Ambulances

Google wants to create a fleet of ambulance drones that could be used to reach humans stranded in remote locations during medical emergencies.

drone ambulances

Google was recently granted a patent to create a fleet of drone ambulances that would help to save people in remote locations during emergencies.

According to Robotics Trends [1]:

The drones could deliver medical supplies such as first aid kits, defibrillators or EpiPens, for example, according to the patent [2].

The drones could also deliver water to exhausted/stranded hikers.

According to the patent, each drone within the fleet would be different to accommodate a number of medical emergencies “such as choking, cardiac arrest, shock, asthma, drowning, etc.”

drone ambulances

Below are some sketches from Google’s patent that show what the medical drones could potentially look like.

Google has already begun to dabble with drones. For a few years now, the company’s Google X lab has been working on Project Wing, which involves using drones to deliver products to consumers in rural areas.





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