NBC News: Hillary Clinton ‘Covered Up’ Pedophile Ring At State Department

An NBC news report claims that Hillary Clinton, while secretary of state, shut down an investigation into an elite pedophile ring in State Department ranks in order to avoid scandal.

An NBC news report claims that Hillary Clinton, while secretary of state, shut down an investigation into an elite pedophile ring in State Department ranks in order to avoid scandal and protect the careers of high ranking officials and an ambassador. 

The NBC investigation was broadcast at a time when they were a real news organization rather than a branch of the Democratic Party’s PR department, and provided internal State Department memos to back up claims of a massive Hillary Clinton elite pedophile ring cover-up.

Serious allegations concerning the State Department,” the NBC anchor announced, before launching into the disturbing details that mainstream media would be unable to report on in 2017.

According to internal State Department memos the agency might have called off or intervened into investigations into possibly illegal, inappropriate behavior within it’s ranks allegedly to protect jobs and avoid scandals.

“This concerns a time when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.”

There is an old saying in Washington that the cover-up is worse than the crime. But in this case both parts of it are disturbing,” Chuck Todd continued.

Allegations of prostitution and pedophilia, and allegations that those crimes were somehow covered up or not looked into. So the State Department this morning is having to respond to those claims, and those investigations involve misconduct by State Department officials, including an Ambassador and security agents attached to then secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.

“The allegations are that these investigations were whitewashed, quashed altogether, and that those orders came from high up.”

NBC has obtained documents relating to ongoing investigations into some disturbing allegations involving State Department personnel and at least one ambassador. A State Department memo says, quote, “the Ambassador routinely ditched his protective security detail in order to solicit sexual favors from both prostitutes and minor children. 

“The memo also says a top State Department official directed State Department investigators to “cease the investigation” into the ambassador’s conduct.” It’s just one of what another document describes as “several examples of undue influence” from top State Department officials.”

Elite pedophile ring

In contrast to Clinton’s cover-up, President Trump has announced a federal investigation into the elite pedophile scandal involving human trafficking earlier this month and promised to help put an end to the “horrific, really horrific crimes taking place.”

The president held a short, dramatic press conference after meeting with human trafficking experts to announce that he will direct “the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies” to devote more resources and personnel to the investigation.

Appearing at the press conference for less than two minutes, President Trump said that the issue has been on the radar of federal government “for some time” but since taking office in January the investigation has become “much more focused.”

It has been much more focused over the last four weeks, I can tell you that.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. I am waiting to see, if the Trump team was only using this for political advantage, because the are many pedophiles on both side of the isles. This case of sweeping the baby rapers under the Washington DC rug is not the first. Big Pedophile scandal in the Regan white house, and the FEDS swept that under the rug.

    • while this may well be true (see the documentary on youtube called the conspiracy of silence), don’t cheapen this event by pointing the shotgun finger. Hillary squashed the investigation. The Regan scandal was not hidden, but it was also not directly tied to the president himself, nor did the president order the investigation to be stopped.

    • Trump started rounding them up and arresting them in January. MSM is silent about that, of course. They keep slinging BS like Russia out there to detract from it.

      • Good grief, Trump himself has been implicated in all of this. What is it about ppl ignoring the sins of their new found political false god?

        • You talk about President Trump Being a false God,. You people think oblamer was the greatest President we ever had! That guy was a thug and a tyrant! Have you forgotten about his “pen and Phone”? He is the biggest hypocrite. A terrorist! Both Obama, Clinton and Bush 1&2 have worked together with there “Quiet Fraternities” to undermine our country, our way of life and our Constitution. We the working class people are under attack from both sides of the political system. There are no more moderates in Washington DC. Only extremists hell-bent on keeping us distracted and divided so they can implement there “New World Order” (Bush’s words not mine)! We need to stop funding these domestic terrorists that would have us believe that they have our best interests in mind…. Preferably before it’s to late.

          • Yes, we are all heading the same direction–a little slower than what Hillary would have taken us. Our way of life is being sold by our leaders. Middle class workers pay for those who will not work, but are content to receive their government checks. I have worked hard all my life to get by. I have held as many as three jobs in a day. Now I draw SS and what I draw is not as much as a lady I met the other day who gets a government check that covers all of her groceries–baby food, milk, diapers–her housing, utilities. She draws more than I do and yet does not work–neither does she plan to work. So after middle class workers get old enough to retire we have a younger generation who receives more benefit than we do though we have worked for 50 years and they have never worked. That is correct–Many have never worked. And then they raise a generation prepared to live off of the government—well not really—but off of the taxes the government takes from us to give to them. Our politicians charge us for their laziness–their lack of management–lack of responsibility. I received Obama Care for a short time. They made a mistake costing me my coverage–sent a letter of apology–but did not reinstate me. So I paid for it for a short time and received no benefit–then in addition paid a penalty for not having health coverage. And there are those ladies among us who say that when they irresponsibly get pregnant my tax money should be used to pay for their abortion. Again the government take the money of responsible people to pay for those who have the hand out to big government–not really–they have their hand out to those who live more responsibly.

          • LOL LOL NO! I actually think Obama was a skunk…just like all the rest of them. And Trump, IMHO, has the same ..stink.. I also find it amusing you quoted Bush about being “divided and distracted” when you chose to remain “divided and distracted” yourself. But by all means, keep praying at the alter of Trump and ignoring his “Hope And Change” platform…anointed with new and improved wording to appeal to the RW masses….”Make ‘America’ Great Again.” I’m very sorry you can’t see the similarities….or the lies. Don’t feel bad tho, Democrats couldn’t see through Obama’s slogans and lies either. So, you’re in good company.

          • I’m talking about ALL OF THEM being False Gods!! “You ppl?” You seriously can’t be talking to me bc they are ALL OWNED by the Banksters, Wall Street, and the Corporations. IF you’re smart enough just check out who each one of these POTUS surround themselves with in their placement of their Cabinets and appointed positions….THEY ARE ALL ZIONIST JEWS. Point in fact here’s a little quickie for you to review. The name game starts around the middle of the video. (10 minuet mark) Be sure and watch it until the very end to get the full effect. AND IF you were to check out the Obama, Bush, or Clinton Administrations you will find ALL are filled with the worst of the worst NeoCon Zionist Jews….It’s been this way …forever.

      • Oh really? You mean his first days in office, with all the Obama team still sitting still in their same positions awaiting for their new Trump replacements all this took place?? Hmmm???

    • John, it goes back way further than that. The pedo garbage has been a plague on Britain and Europe for hundreds of years, and even in the 1800 West in the US, and in cowboy western towns, the cathouses had access to underage kids. This evil has to be shut down, because it is a society killer, and makes cultures collapse like the Romans.

      • I know it goes way back. Can’t do anything about the perversions of the past. But when the SOB’s try to force the evil mainstream, when people who are supposed to be “leaders” , are spending their time raping little children, instead of trying to fix whats wrong with the country, thats too much, and it has to be cleaned up. There is no rehabilitating a child raping degenerate. Have to hang them, or lock them up for life, and i mean not until they stop breathing, until the worms are eating them.

        • John, it is good toknow the past, because most people do not understand how old and entrenched these vile psychopaths have been in corrupting the Judicial system, police, Federal Government and Congress at the State and National level. Organization of these creatures is multigenerational, and the war to shut them down will require massive effort.

  2. This shitpost gave me cancer. Only has one link to some Trump quote and then an out of context 1:38 min long clip. No wonder why people who post this get their intellect or lack thereof mocked

    • I enjoy reading this site and feel like it reports accurately most of the time, but every article by Baxter Dmitry has to be checked and rechecked because he continually posts old stories with a spin on how it dovetails into current affairs, or worse, with the reptilian shape shifting articles literally reposts verbatim the same story with the exact same words. Go check them for yourself to see what I mean. I say this as someone who accepts the ET presence on our planet and thinks that tabloid writing and sensationalist click bait only serves to undermine these very important subjects. This isn’t an attack on Mr. Dmitry but rather a call to take this more seriously.

  3. I believe that they will throw lower echelon pedophiles under the bus to look good. They won’t rat.The heavier ones will be protected at all costs. This scandal has the power to knock out 1/3 of our government & put the blackmailers in temporary check. So be it. The blackmailers would then have to catch new appointees in a “honey” trap in order to retain control. They are already in situation control mode with all all the denial that is current fake news. I don’t think that special interests have unlimited money for corrupt politicians. They watch their purse strings too. Hence the honey trap. Keep bombarding the President with tweets on this. We must not let up. He can’t ignore it forever.

  4. What is it with powerful people and child sex? That swamp has always existed because “some people are more equal than others.” Also, we need to be careful about removing scruples which has been done very effectively in the last 8 years. what’s to stop pedophilia from being normalized as well. Once it was used to attack in an attempt to destroy the Catholic Church, then, as an issue it was discarded.

    • You do realize that people of great power have only one goal left to obtain……immortality. And if you dig deep enough as to why children are so important to these people, you will uncover a horrible, depraved, ghoulish activity that has gone on since the time of Babylon. These people are sick and need to be eliminated from this planet.

    • Want to know why the liberals are now trying to make pedophilia legal by lowering the age of “consent”? It is the influence of Islam! These are the ones rotting the brains of the liberals to make them believe it is okay, just like they want to believe everything else is okay… no limits to anything! Hell, if they don’t care to kill them (abortion), why would they care about pedophilia? Vile, evil perverts.

      • You might want to watch the video offered, “Conspiracy of Silence” because you’ll see it’s Republicans/Conservatives that are the perpetrators.

        • Please stop. This isn’t a RW or LW issue. BOTH sides of the isle are implicated and complicit,… including Trump. But Hillary does have a huge footprint here of long standing. And ppl need to remember this is a very long time standing problem that is World Wide. It includes the UK, Australia, the Philippines, etc. It’s not just the USA, and it gets swept under the rug everywhere, not just here.

        • Sorry, Jules, but you are a partisan hack. Pedo stuff is basically the product of the Establishment rich and powerful, of all beliefs in politics, but Islam is the loved religion of the left right now, and the Left are trying to legalize it.

          • I’m a Lefty and I’m a Christian appalled at radical Islam and Sharia law! As raysusan put it, this is NOT a RW or LW issue, as much as you want it to be. It’s a moral one, and I stand with God. He will judge in the end.

          • Pedo stuff is the fun of rich psychopath elites, but apologizing for Islam and its 7th century values is a cause celeb for both the left and some neocons like the Bushes. God will come down hard on any culture that tolerates child brides, manboy stuff, or any cannibalism, and the occult elite are into all that.

          • The very fact you choose to remain blind to the corruption and pedophilia within the ‘Christian’ Church since before the Council of Nicaea, as well as is written in the Jewish Babylonian Talmud, only speaks of your indoctrinated ignorance on this matter.

          • I hate to really spill the beans here but…the Jewish Babylonian Talmud, the Jew’s holiest of books, condones these very practices. And the Hebrew religion is much older that Islam. So, can we stop now?

          • It’s not about “loving” their religion. It’s about humanity & decency & lifting the hands of the downtrodden.

      • Amazing! What in the world makes ppl like you thing this is only a “Liberal” problem? I guess dullards like you have chosen to over look “The Franklin Scandal” that directly implicated Reagan/Poppy Bush, Josh Duggar, Dennis Hastert the longest sitting Republican Speaker Of The House, even Trump himself has had charges brought up against him for the rape of a 13 y/o girl on Jeffery Epstein’s island. The list is enormous on the Right side of the isle also. And the lack of thinking skills that lead to your conclusions that only “Liberals” seek the services of abortion clinics, only shows your brain has already rotted out with hatred for anyone not of your like mindedness. But let me guess, even with all that hatred bubbling over in that comment above, you’ll claim to be a “family values, Christian” I’m so glad I’m an Independent! The Democrats have their distinct problems that I personally can’t agree with, but you Republicans really take the award for a special brand of seething hate. I’m surprised you didn’t call for “shooting Liberals” like I now see on so many comment threads.

          • Sorry, s/he is correct, Trump WAS charged with rape of a 13 yo (not certain it allegedly happened on Epstein’s island, though), it was all over the news for a time during the campaign, but for some reason (bribery? case settled out of court? charges dismissed?) it all went away.
            But you are correct as well, Bubba went on Epstein’s plane to Orgy Island 22 times; a few of those times, Hillary went as well (according to the Wikileaks dump on that subject, I trust Wikileaks, not one thing they’ve ever exposed has been found to be untrue). The Eastern political and financial elite are a hotbed of debauchery.

          • That was not only dismissed by the judge stating the case had no merit, but it was dismissed the second time as well. It was just a DNC ruse to paint President Trump’s reputation black. I researched that thoroughly at the time.

          • It wasn’t dismissed a second time. The plaintiff was inundated with death threats, so when Trump’s team offered her $15 million to go away, she took it. This was not the only rape allegation against him, either.
            It didn’t happen on the island. It happened at a party in Manhatton. But Trump HAS been on The Lolita Express at least once, according to sworn testimony by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother during the trial that got Jeffrey convicted as a sex offender.

          • Durga, sorry, but you need to get your facts straight. There was no settlement the second time either, but a law suit for her perjury. Yes, he had other claims, but Hillary has the false rape claim in her bag of tricks. Epstein tried to get Trump involved with a girl on his plane, but Trump refused, and never went again. Trump is savvy to set ups, and that is why he did not get filmed doing anything in Russia either. Any scum can claim rape, and many do, if the man is rich and an easy mark. If you have not been around conmen and women, you would not understand. Psychopaths come in both sexes.

          • Honey, I grew up in Hollywood around men just like Trump. I can smell them a mile away. I’m not defending the Clintons. Not by a long shot. Here’s what YOU don’t understand – it’s about The Elite. This is not a partisan issue. As someone I know who works on Capitol Hill says “they all do the same blow and sleep with the same hookers”. And MANY of them are pedophiles. On both sides of the aisle. As for the numerous allegations against Trump, strong-arm tactics+pay offs are an effective combination in making them go away. There was no perjury charge against “Jane Doe”. She withdrew her charge after numerous death threats. As for evidence of her pay off, I can’t find it. But Jill Harth, yet another victim of Trump’s. settled out of court. She stands by her allegations. http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/295335/donald-trump-child-rape-lawsuit-jeffrey-epstein-jane-doe/

          • It’s easily verifiable elsewhere (like actual court documents). Unless all you listen to is Infowars. LOL.

          • LOL LOL Sooo, you know the goings on within that private plane of Epstein’s?? And a legitimate claim of rape from a victim will now render that victim labeled as “scum” if the perp happens to be “rich”? Your personal thought process’ are a bit ragged around the edges, and your information about that plane ride is absurd. Trump savvy?? “Grab ’em by the pussy.” And IF Trump was so “savvy” what was he doing on Epstein’s plane in the first place?

          • YOU are so Full of BS!!
            Everything YOU wrote was a Flat Out LIE!!
            Do YOU Always Make Up BS and Spread IT!??
            Pffftt! SMDH!!

          • I can see your ‘belief’ in Trump has overwhelmed your senses, but just for your edification; IF these articles, and TV reports were false, as you claim, the most litigious person to ever hold office of POTUS would have a ready made slam dunk mega million dollar law suit against each and every one of them for slander and/or liable. Heard of any of THESE law suites by Trump lately?? Neither have I.

          • Witchy, the 13 year old withdrew her case when faced with perjury, as all the other accusers did, since it was a “witchhunt” Hillary and Bill are masters of the smear, when they are the master pervs. Accusations are remembered forever, but withdrawals, whatever….Bill went to Epstein’s Island 26 times, and Hill 6 times, and they have them on the flight logs.

            Epstein is in trouble again, because they raided his islant, and found many child sex slaves there so he is toast, this time. Human Trafficking tougher to beat with Big Obama at the helm.

          • You are correct about Clinton, BUT your man Trump has made trips to Jeffery Epstein’s little Pleasure Palace’s also. Stop being so biased and naïve.

        • Where have you been when masked anarchists attacked any and all Trump supporters. You don’t see them attacking any alt left Democrat/Socialist Party members, do you? Doesn’t that concern you?

          • And this has…what to do with pedophilia? Nice distraction and off topic of this thread. So, were you concerned with the illegal election of 2000? See, I can do the same diversion tactics all day long…from either political position. Too many ppl cling to their RW or LW political positions within any and all conversations to make much headway in either arena. Neither side is willing to accept that “their side” has any part in the corruption, illegal acts, or debauchery, that has been going on for decades. It’s like listen/talking to petulant children on a playground. It sure makes the perfect climate for all this ‘bad’ it to remain at status quo.

        • not shooting , extermination . evil is evil on both sides of the “so called isle”. seething hate , looked in the mirror lately you can feel it in your post . independent ? , of what ? , you harbor the same ” hatred” that you rail against . humanity needs to be exterminated , what the hell was “GOD” thinking when “HE” created us

          • lol lol It would seem you, like many, are suffering from a severe case of “Projection.” However, I am fully out of patience with the simple minded of either side of the isle that refuses to grasp that these ppl, for the most part, on both sides of the isle, are nothing but evil bastards. And I’m pretty sure “GOD” as referenced in my Bible, is without sexual identification, but humans being human, and mostly, where the Bible was written and expounded upon, were men. So, it’s not surprising ppl like you, would miss such an obvious fact, and attach a “HE” in that little romp into literary…..nonsense.

      • You’re funny, lol. Blame Islam, blame liberals! “The influence of Islam” has fuck all to do with elite pedophilia rings; pull your head out of your ass!

        • ok, it’s wickedness that is to blame, plain and simple – EVIL

          shun evil in every realm…. be it in Isam, the Dem platform, and corrpution in every institution & organization.

          • There ‘ya go. Let’s be sure and type out “Dem platform” so we all can see that…lean into. While casually mentioning, “every institution & organization.” Yep, I see what you did there. And if you were to check those 4 “like” up votes, you would find your like minded partners, saw it too. lol lol Geeezzz….

        • You are actually wrong on this. Islam and the countries where it is in control, have historically had pedo stuff since Mohammed. The British government and military got exposed, back in the times of the British Empire, to this vile practice while they served in the Middle east, Pakistan and Muslim areas of India. This perversion infested the connected and powerful in brit Society from that time to today.

          • Ohhh good grief! Guess you skipped school…entirely when Ancient History was taught. Geeezzz…

          • “Pamela Geller”?? Seriously?? You do know I could deliver a very lengthy rant on the extent of these exact same practices within the Christian Church don’t you?? And we could be here ALL night referencing the Jewish Babylonian Talmud’s okie-dokie-ing all these practices also. This would be where your Bible would tell you, “to remove the log from your own eye before finding fault with another.” On this issue alone, Pamela Geller, and you, will receive the…FAKE Cristian Award….. Puulleezz, give me a break.

        • As REM put it so well in song, “Blame, blame, blame, blame, blame/blam blam blam!”
          Blame the Dems. Blame the GOP. Blame Islam. Blame Catholicism. Blame blame blame. We’re going to hell in a hand basket unless we stop pointing fingers all over the place. It’s so pointless. As Mr Lennon put it in song, “Just gimme some truth!”

          • This is not about blame, but about history. Every western society that hung out in the Middle east and Muslim areas of India, tended to have westerners infected by the pansexual perversity of islamic sects. This crazy was what made the British and European elites get so very nutty in the days of empire, and the Brits and other europeans brught this shorteyes issue to the US, just as the perverse hidingin the Catholic priesthood messed up the Catholic dioseses in Canada, North, Centeral and South America. Pedo is a culture connected with secret societys, cults, Satanism, and occult. Hitler and his crowd were hard into islam and perversions.

          • One day soon, I hope the discovery will be made of bones or of cave paintings, of cave men and women, clearly showing the exact “perversions” you finger pointing ppl, keep laying the blame for, on the “Muslims”. Common sense alone should tell you these, “perversions” would go waaay back in history. And goodness, I’m not even asking for you to use any critical thinking.

        • Your rude reply is predicated on what information? The amount of time you have spent with Muslims? How well read are you in their religion. Give me a quote from the Quran?
          Muslims may abuse their children at their choosing and are convicted that there should be no law for them to answer to. A Muslim woman if accused of a crime may offer no defense if her accuser is a male. How familiar are you with Sharia Law? How many Muslim countries have you spent a fair amount of time in? How much business have you conducted with Muslim people and from what country? After you answer will you take a polygraph–I will!

    • Dick, the connection is between psychopaths and sex with kids. Psychopaths often work their way up into positions of power, because they know low level criminals tend to go to jail. Government jobs give the cover for these monsters to do what they do.

    • Once upon a time they were a good legitimate news media that both Dems AND Reps watched! Those were the last of the good old days when even the news people believed in telling the truth unbiased and without their nasty opinions killing the actual news or filtering it.

      • That was before the FCC removed the “Fairness’ Doctrine” and 27 other ethic standards under the Reagan Administration. And NO I’m not bashing on Reagan, just stating a fact. With the Fairness Doctrine was removed it allowed the divisive Talk Radio to explode on the scene with their one sided slanted views on most any issue, but mostly political topics. It soon found it’s way to TV. It’s been said this is the direct reason for the polarization we are experiencing nowadays. I had turned off my TV long before that and other than watching movies it stays…tuned off.

        • Not really Reagan, it was Bill Clinton that signed the first law in cyberspace allowing the MSM to be bought and owned by a few. We now have under ten corps that owns all the MSM outlets.

          • Yes, it was during the Reagan Adm. the “Fairness Doctrine” was repealed Google it!… But you are correct that Clinton made it possible for the mega corporations we have today. Ppl are blinded by their Political leanings. I only was speaking about the Fairness repeal, not as a discount to Reagan, but just as a note in time. After all he may have signed the repeal ..BUT it was passed by a BI-PARTISAN Congress.

            Just for giggles…and further knowledge, Google, the letter that William Powell wrote to the Chamber of Commerce in 1971. It was a call to arms (so to speak) for the Corporations to assert themselves, and gain more power within government. It would be the call for Think Tanks to promote their agenda and would wind up having far reaching importance in many areas, such as, education, and lobby power, etc. You are seeing some of the direct results of this ‘Corporate takeover’ today. Many think it was the catalyst for the “Fairness Doctrine’s” repeal, and later Clinton’s actions in removing anti-trust type measures for media that you spoke of…..

          • Maybe should look up the speech JFK did on the freedom of the press and how it should stay that way to keep the people’s representatives in check and the President too, and that they should be held accountable for their actions. He also said that he would do everything in his power to keep it that way. Think the whole wountry should hear it again.

          • THANK YOU FOR THE information will put it in my book that I started so not to forget certain information, as get older forget many little details.

          • You are so correct Rockefellers, Kock brothers, people in the Federal Reserve that we have no idea, The Bilderberg Group, and Yes Secret Societies, that are so secret that GWBush, John Kerry, couldn’t or wouldn’t tell us about along with a bunch of other Elitists


          • HW Bush did a lot of subtle things like turning our stars upside down on the republican emblem! He was always crying about how he wanted open borders, etc. I hope they catch him in this pedophile sting! He is pure evil!

          • Hahaha! Right. That’s always been a variation on the logo. I’ve seen a Nixon pin from 1972 with downward pointing stars, and I’ve seen GOP banners recently that show them right side up. Bush Sr. had nothing to do with it.

          • I don’t believe anything will EVER happen to HW Bush. He is so old and not really well. I personally don’t think he had anything to do with a sex ring, Barbara wouldn’t have allowed it. One of his favorite words, when somebody wanted to do something he didn’t want was, “It would not be prudent”. I don’t thing approving of a sex ring would be prudent in his eyes.

          • No they weren’t. They were CIA, FBI and Lyndon Johnson retribution. The mob was the scape goat used to distract people who don’t do critical research. Hence the general population is led by the information fed to them via the FAKE news.

          • I heard that it was mainly because JFK and his brother had talked of getting rid of the Federal Reserve Bank which is owned by a private company and they were serious about it.

          • That is one of the things I remember my Mom saying also, we have no idea of the secrecy that has been going on and the snakes who are holding hostage money

          • No Dan, the US government, CIA, etc had partnered with the Mafia on many occasions, but it wasn’t just the mob involved with killing JFK. CIA, MOSSAD, FBI, Mafia, LBJ, and possibly a few others, all had their select parts.

          • The mob and CIA were involved but it was the globalist elites that initiated the whole thing.

          • Barry, it was vise president Johnson that ordered the assassination, because he thought that he should be president, and the CIA did the job for him.

          • Cynthia Blythe I’m of the same theory also he wanted to, think do away with the CIA. Shall we say he an his brother weren’t very happy with it and the way they handled things.

          • Kennedy was killed by the same group attacking Trump. He was warned by Eisenhower who referred to it as the “deep, industrial, military complex.
            Today media calls it the “deep state”, not really grasping it’s meaning or origin.

          • Eisenhower the MURDERER of millions of German POWs whom he reclassified as Enemy Combatants in order to sidestep the Geneva Rules may have had a moment of guilt when he spoke those words ,make no mistake ,he was one of the more adamant Zionists of his time, I only wish there is a Hell, there’s a special place for him in Hell , if it exists.

          • If there had been press freedom back in JFK’s time we would have heard more about his infidelities and his brother’s, too. Marilyn Monroe probably was a victim in keeping all their bad deeds under wraps, so to speak. Why is it most of the really foul personal actions of heads of state fall on Democrats. Most of them were adulterers and abusers starting with FDR. Carter was the only one in recent times that wasn’t morally bankrupt.

          • Because atheism does that. They have no moral code of conduct. No moral guide. And, they don’t believe they will ever have to answer to anyone for their conduct. It’s whatever they can get away with, is considered legal, and therefore, right.

          • President Trump is trying to get us back to a free, unbiased press. Right now they are all bought and paid for by the DNC. Glad you support him on this.

          • Seriously?? Trump is a morally bankrupt Grifter. Period! Other than using the Clinton’s (who are just as morally bankrupt)t as a diversion he has along with his entire family including all his children been best friends with them. And the very idea that the Blue Team or the Red Team is somehow better or more *religious* than the other is nonsense. Both “Teams” are just about as corrupt as the other. The only thing keeping anyone from seeing the obvious criminality of either Party is their own biased acceptance of that Parties brain-washing aka their propaganda. The ONLY press Trump considerers not “fake news” is anyone NOT calling him out for some of his ridiculous behavior. Anything else is in his mind, “fake news.” IF indeed Trump was at all concerned about REAL FAKE NEWS, the actual propaganda that is now with the repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act and embedded into the NDAA he should re-instate that Anti-Propaganda Act. Without the Smith-Mundt Act your US Government/CIA/NSA/etc, is now free to disseminate all forms of propaganda to the American public and is doing so as we speak. And you can make a sure bet that your favorite Fox/NBC/CBS/ABC/etc have been lying through their teeth for a very long time now. And as a parting note, if you weren’t aware, the 6 major media outlets are owned, operated, and controlled by zionist Jews as is Reuters.

          • And the majority of those corps are owned/controlled by America’s 2% jewish population.

            (CBS, Viacom, Disney, Comcast, Facebook, IAC, Advance Publications, Google/Youtube, most of Hollywood, etc.)

          • Many people with Ashkenazi Jewish DNA have ancestors/relatives from Mexico. They came over with Señor Cortez.

          • Indeed it was Bill Clinton, Anita. What so many ppl on this thread are totally missing, is that this has been a slow walk, baby steps, as it were, into all of this mess. With BOTH sides of the isle doing their part. Either with full knowledge or just holding up their respective sides of an issue, be it Blue, or Red, without having any knowledge of ….The Bigger Picture, or The End Game. Call it what you will. BTW, there are now only 6 Media Giants. You can read a very good article on “Zero Hedge” by Tyler Durden, titled, “^* Giant Corporations Control The Media, And American Consume 10 Hours of *Programming* A Day.” (It’s called “Programming” for a reason,)
            Also, I would like to personally thank you for your reasonable and spot on comment. You added content without the divisiveness so many engage in on these threads. And, it did began with Regan, but if you follow the dots along the slow walk, and actually look and read the Bills (or H.R.) you will see the pattern and progression. Believe me, I’m not demonizing Reagan, any more than you are demonizing Clinton. I am however, laying a road map of what has transpired over the years that brought us to where we are today. Rather like,…. follow the money. Again thank you.

          • There’s actually only six that own all the mainstream media outlets now (even worse.)

          • Actually I believe 4 families own all but a very few “news” outlets and they are way liberal

          • Wrong. It’s so easy to find out. The thirty people who voted this up don’t have the ability to even research this for 20 seconds? wow.

        • The fairness doctrine would not have stopped “divisive Talk Radio” per se; there were actually plenty of right-wing talk shows and a few left wing ones in the 1970s, but it did provide some mechanism for demanding equal time, sort of. Whatever the merits of the fairness doctrine, I seriously doubt that it would have changed the bias we see today, which is driven by the government and the cabal that controls it. The real problem is the creeping influence of the intelligence and diplomatic communities along with the the military-industrial complex and the domination of all three by the quiet alliance between Israel and the Wahabist Gulf states (which should be natural enemies of Israel, but are bonded to them by a shared fear of Iran and Russia). This monster has been flooding our political system, academic community (every major Islamic studies department is generously funded by Saudi Arabia) and press (most traditional news operations are money losers and grateful for generous “investors”; a good example is Jeff Bezos, who carries the losses of the Washington Post while the Hillary-worshiping CIA gives his other business, Amazon, generous contracts). These people will do anything to protect their own and if the fairness doctrine were still in place, I have no doubt they’d be using it to silence their enemies, us.

          • All I know is that talk radio was boring in the days of the Fairness Doctrine, like stations were afraid of offending people so all we got was people selling stuff on talk radio.

          • Vance, you’re entitled to your opinion. Don’t allow these fools to run you away. Just because we don’t agree is no excuse for me to be ugly and call you names. Shame on you folks.

          • Ohhh WOW! Some intelligent conversation, that just so happens to be spot on!! We all (should) know where Hillary’s power and backing comes from, Banksters/Wall Street/Media/Hollywood, that are mostly owned and operated by Zionist. (mostly Jewish Zionist) As is most all of our telecommunication corporate giants. Just remember tho, before anyone tries to pull an anti-Semitic, or racist card out, Joe Biden made it crystal clear that, “You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist.” What a lot of ppl might still be unaware of, is that before Obama took office he was given a list by none other than Citibank, of the ppl he was to fill his Cabinet with and/or appoint positions to within the White House, Pentagon, etc. We ended up with, among other things, “Too Big To Fail.” It’s been said that Thomas Jefferson was quoted as saying, “I am more afraid of Banks and the Corporations that grow up around them then I am of standing Armies….” (loosely paraphrased) There are 2 videos I will link here, and hopefully you will watch each one in it’s entirety. You will fully understand at the end of each. Both are on YouTube, and if I can’t get the links to work properly, you can of course type the name into the YouTube Search Bar to pull them up. The first one sounds a bit complicated but the narrator does an excellent job of breaking it down as you will see at the end. #1) “All The Plenary’s Men” This is prolly one of the best investigative documentaries I have ever seen…btw. #2) “Trump Is The Swamp” Again please watch it until the very end, you will mos def get it.


        • The problem is Media was so biased, The Fairness Doctrine had nothing to do with Rush Limbaugh show being on the air since it was on the air before the Fairness Doctrine. Lets be honest and Factual, Ted Koppel and Dan Rather are liberal, and biased, all we had was left wing biased liberal reporting, and nothing else. Thank God we have Talk Radio to counter balance the left wing liberal media, thank god we have Newsmax and Fox News. For sure we need to Defund liberal and biased NPR, let the cheap liberals have fundraisers to have NPR if they want it, and stop expecting the Taxpayers to fund all this liberal slop.

          • NO! I used rush Limbaugh as an example only! BEFORE the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine repeal ppl like Rush Limbaugh …AND OTHERS..had to offer equal, uninterrupted time to opposing views within the same program format. So, obviously ,.. he was on the air before the repeal. DUH! You partisan hack are all alike, be it RW OR LW. And of course they are all biased. Did you really think you were shinning some light of illumination by your statement, “Let’s be honest?” The REAL joke here is that you actually *think* Fox, etc is’nt biased. That’s really funny. Enjoy watching your TV, bc some of us turned our Tela-Lie-Vision off long ago, and now, seeing some of the results it has produced today, are damn glad of that choice.

          • Sounds like you been smoking too much Pot. No doubt you think ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, NPR, USA Today, Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone are unbiased, and including Lying Brian Williams, Katie Couric, Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, Late Night Talk Show Hosts Bill Maher, John Stewart of The Daily Show, The Tonight Show, The Late Show, on and on and on Diane Sawyer. Oh yeah really unbiased news, Ted Koppel really unbiased, give me a friggen brake lady, 97% of the Media is Liberal, you got a hell of a nerve talking about the Fairness Doctrine when pretty much the entire media is Left Wing Liberal, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, Hello, Liberal, Anderson Cooper, another left wing liberal, these Journalists are all liberal. Oh Yes we need to shut down Television with all these Libtards on TV. Hillary Clinton and her Rapist Husband Bill, she is a Joke, Maria Shriver another Joke, a family of Rapists, and yet these Fake Liberal Woman have the nerve to say they are for woman while defending their Rapist Husbands and Rapist Family members, this is worse than Hipocracy.

          • Reading is fundamental, and comprehension is the real key. It would appear you need a Remedial Reading #101 class.

          • No doubt you are an aging hippy, John Lennon fan, been to Woodstock. Too much drugs have destroyed your brain Raysusan49, no doubt you need some electro shock therapy, and Dr. Ben Carson needs to drill a hole in your head.

          • What ever your unhinged mind says, little missy. It would seem your little hair brain can’t follow the fundamentals of Reading #101 either. I do believe ‘some’ of you ppl would classify all the above that was said as, “Triggered.” LOL LOL As a point in fact, I am not ANY of the classifications that Thomas tried to pin on me, and that you obviously were baited (triggered lol lol) into. It would seem, you are of the same stripe of small mindedness. (srry ’bout you’re luck) The blatant Truth here is, I DO NOT disagree with Thomas C. Agee’s point of view one little bit, on the entire issue of the spin ….. on ANY and ALL TV reporting. I DO however, disagree with anyone with any, and all opinions from either the LW, or the RW, that’s set in concrete and needs to play the ‘smear’ card rather than make a valid point. Too bad Thomas was just too wrong headed, and frankly too stupid, (triggered) to just make his point sanely. Better luck next time, little missy. BTW, would this, then make you both, “cucks?” lol lol

          • lol ,,,97% of the media tell the truth,,lol,,and then there are the liars at fox,,,rush, drudge, Levin, Savage and on and on,, lol,,While Trump whines the whine of liars by proclaiming that anyone who reports his pathological daily lying is simply fake new, ,.like the lying spoiled child he is,, lol, lol, ,lol,,,

          • even Fox News is liberal on the weekend. and now that they have a liberal CEO every conservative must go. can’t wait to watch the real news on Mon.

          • Well if you can’t handle all of that news, go back to Fox, Tommy. And take your Kool Aid.. LOL

          • Thats why you should vote for Donald J. Trump for President “Make America Great Again”, Drain the Swamp James McFarland.

          • lol,,,Koppel and Rather are no more liberal than Cronkite and Chancellor but they all reported the truth and that’s what bothers people who whine about liberal bias and fake news.
            Anyone who’s been around since the 50s and is rational, knows that, liar. lol
            But you like Trumps pathological lying, so here you are,,,lol,,

          • Hillary isn’t even a good liar. She and many like her cover for each other. They all have “dirt” on each other.

          • both are the same….same shit, different day…..nwo is “right on track”…they don’t miss a beat…assassinate whoever gets in their way…pedophilia is a $1.8 trillion profit that includes selling children as sex slaves and mkulta their minds to use as weapons for their pleasure plus torturing and murdering them as a satanic sacrifice…abortions and all…..we are in a TOILET BOWL….you can blame the all..but they are 10 steps ahead of us ever finding out and exposing them…..its ALL of the above

          • President Trump has TRUE INTEGRITY and I lived the 50’s and seen the truth that you did not recognize!

          • Good grief! The bias and brainwashing is strong with you. So Trump never cheated all those contractors out of millions of dollars? He never scammed the Tax Rolls of NY City or State? He was never found guilty by the gambling commission for his dirty money handling? He, along with his father, found guilty of housing discrimination? He never laundered money for the Russian Mob and others? The list is endless gurl. You must set a very low bar for judging “TRUE INTEGRITY”

          • “Koppel and Rather are no more liberal than Cronkite and Chancellor but they all reported the truth ”

            I used to think that, as well. “The evening news was all truth.” I found out differently. What a shock that was.

          • BITCH, BITCH, BITCH, ….. Exactly as “they” planned. Do you really think these 1%ers really care about LW or RW issues? Really? Well, other than as talking points to divide up us clueless masses. You know, the “useless eaters” class? Keep us at each others throats over stupid issues. Like right NOW. smfh!

        • The 80’s was a different story when Reagan was President. The news is so fake and divisive more than ever.

          • Isn’t it amazing when you do try to watch some program that others are raving about how good a certain program is and you try to watch it….and it’s just so very disappointing/shallow/etc.?? And those commercials…lol lol Books, I like books!!

          • You are so right, raysusan49. The last time I did sit down to watch something on tv, it was one commercial after another. When I’m in a doctor’s office with a tv, that’s all it is, commercials. YES, besides online research and reading, just give me books!

        • It always cracks me up when it is ok for one sided conversations to happen, as long it is what you want to hear, not what someone else would like to hear. Simply put there were more people wanting to talk against where the country was heading with the progressive democratic view points since Kennedy. Reagan pushed to have the fairness doctrine removed simply because it tampered with Free speech. It forced News stations of all kinds to have air time for all views. If anything the left progressives should be happy that it happened it gave way to the CNN, MSNBC, PBS, and some other sources today that are obviously one sided on their views with no one to hold them in check.

          • You obviously haven’t a clue what the Fairness Doctrine was or the other 27 ethic rules. Obviously not one clue. But go right on rambling and digging that … know nothing hole … of yours deeper. It’s even silly of you to *think* I’m a “Democrat,” “left,” or “progressive” for that matter.

            “It always cracks me up when it is ok for one sided conversations to happen, as long it is what you want to hear, not what someone else would like to hear.” Said, Mac T… Now when you finally take the time to familiarize yourself with the subject matter at hand and have a clearer concept of what The Fairness Doctrine was and the 27 other ethics rules were then be sure to come back and join in the conversation. It really will “crack you up” to see how clueless you were. I promise.

        • Wrong. It was the advent of FOX News that revealed the Left wing slant of the networks so they had no alternative but to become the shrill, Left wing propagandists they are today.

          • Oh good grief! Another clueless commenter trying to make this about a LW/RW political issue when it’s clearly NOT. The repeal of The Fairness Doctrine was during the HISTORICAL timeline of the Reagan Administration, namely in 1987 by Dennis R. Patrick a lawyer and Reagan White House aid. IF indeed it was a political statement on my part … which it was NOT, then lets talk about Clinton Administration passing legislation to allow for the mega corporate monopolies we see today with our Media. Geezz, you partisan hacks are getting to be all alike in so many ways and that’s really an unfortunate problem. You are so consumed with your RW/LW divide you miss any and all points presented and it renders you incapable of following the ‘dots’, so to speak. Hells Bells, or even being able to “Follow The Money”….. Being that you’re so stuck on the stupidly of a RW or LW dynamic/point of view. SMFH!!

          • Tell ‘ya what Buck-o, you find me a link where they repealed that law, bc I’m calling B.S. on that entire silly nonsense you just spewed. I won’t wait around for your answer tho.


          • So you think a “Zionist” Jew, Rupert Murdock, doesn’t own Fox Entertainment (News) Channel? That’s rather silly of you to leave that “Zionist” network off your hit list Michael, bc they’re ALL equally biased and ALL of them will lie with abandon …. including Fox. BTW, two things worth mentioning, #1) you really come off as a complete lunatic typing in all caps, #2) and a rather ignorant lunatic at that for not knowing that the same 6 “Zionist” (5) Jews, who own the TV broadcast networks (except for one, and he’s also Zionist, just not a Jew) ALSO own ALL other print media and broadcast media. This includes, radio, music recording, record production, Hollywood, and film recording, book publishing, news paper printing, etc. Good grief Michael, the “Zionist” Jews bought out Reuters way back in the late 1800’s, and then finished off by buying out the Who’s Who’s in the dissemination of ALL the news by buying up the Associated Press. (AP). IF you don’t happen to know, and I highly suspect that you don’t, these are the two main hubs where all the information (“news”) is dispensed from, except for the local news, of course.

            Now about Rupert Murdoch, maybe you shouldn’t be so internet lazy where this powerful billionaire, Jewish media conglomerate, owner of Fox Entertainment is concerned. Here’s a hint, before Murdoch came to the US (Hmmm???) and became a citizen of the USA, he worked with the CIA and MI6 thru his media empire in Australia to bring down the elected government in his home country of Australia. Some called it, “The British-American coup that ended Australian Independence.” You can even use those damning words to search on Google to see how Rupert Murdoch used his powerful media in Australia to decimate propaganda and lies to accomplish such a despicable thing. There was even a movie made about it called, “The Falcon and The Snowman.” Great movie btw.

            Now my question to you, Michael is, why ever would you, or anyone else for that matter, think Rupert Murdoch wouldn’t, lie, propagandize, twist facts, or at least spin an issue to meet his own agenda or the CIA’s? If he was willing to work with the CIA and MI6 to bring down a democratically elected, legitimate government of his own country …. why wouldn’t he be willing to do the same thing again here in the USA? More importantly, do you really think a globe trotting, mega billionaire, globalist, has your interest, or needs in mind when he presents his slanted view of things that you’ve been programed to go into agreement with.

            “Time for the goyim to take back our country”? I think it might be a bit too late for that don’t you think? When we had Netanyahu take over the Congress a couple of years ago in an unpresented move, and he received a record number of standing ovations? When we’re funding and fighting a proxy war for Greater Israel in the M.E., with never-ending sky-high budgets for needless military, causing austerity at home? lol lol Wanna talk about all the dual Israeli/American citizens in elected and high appointed offices within our government?? Take a look at Trump’s Cabinet, and Obama’s before that, and no kidding W’s before that was simply crawling with neocon Zionist Jews. Follow the money Michael, who do you think negotiated the movement of all our manufacturing to China. Hint: Henry Kissinger. What? Did you think it just all … happened? Kinda like … evolution? Goodness, I’m rambling on ….. #USarel

        • That news report occurred when HC was SOS so it was only 5-9 years ago and the MSM was already liberal then. I’m thinking that perhaps they saw this as unbiased because of the child sex trafficking topic.

        • I remember how sacred the Fairness Doctrine used to be for students of broadcast journalism before Reagan destroyed decency on the air waves in the 1980s.

          • Yes, and just think how rare the journalist is that gives an objective view, and how badly that reputable journalist is raked over the coals by lack-luster readers bc objectivity was shown rather than the conformation bias that the American TV watching audience has grown so use to. The dumbing down of Murica is complete and these ppl actually think they’re showing their intelligence when reciting their favorite TV News Channels biased talking points.

        • Turn on Fox TV, listen to Mark Levin, Rush. etc. you’ll see/hear more legitimate progressives argue their views against real conservatives. They sometimes fold their own, not very often, but you’ll educate yourself to your benefit unless you are in the Soros, Obama, Clinton tank. Your head in the sand perversion has created a false narrative around which you wallow in ignorance. Turn on your brain and let the blood flow in.

          • WHOOPS! Srry about your poor choices in life buddy, but some of us chose years ago, …like about 30+, to turn off that biased clap trap and brain numbing BooB Tube. It is possible that entertainment was ranked a higher priority than education in your home. Maybe it’s you that needs to follow your own advice and change the channel off your confirmation bias channels, or better yet, turn off the Tela-Lie Vision completely, and engage with some real ppl on a variety of subject matters for a change. Best of luck buddy.

        • Reagan meant for good, always! It was HW Bush who lurked in the background. Almost killed Reagan like he killed the three Kennedys! He was also always bragging about open borders! Both he añd Bill Clinton had evil wives!

        • “fairness doctrine” really? you actually believe this was a regulation of ethic standards……….. you have no idea what you are talking about…….

          • Sadly you’re only one of the complete idiots on this thread and there are many. Try google I’m sure they will answer any questions you might have about “The Fairness Doctrine” You really should have done that before making a complete fool out of yourself and showing off all the things that you … don’t know.

        • The press was notorious for covering up Kennedy’s sex scandals and other things to do with Cuba. It has existed since the progressives moved in the 30’s. See Walter Lippman.and how all journalists are supposed to follow this Marxist’s ways.

          • Now that’s just an ….. amazing statement. Sooo, IF it really were all about “it existed since the progressives moved in the ’30’s” then please explain how the media has never … ever … reported on General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Rhine Death Camps at the end of WW ll, bc the last time I looked he was Republican. Just maybe Walter Lippman was bitten by his own views and opinions from his looking thru the glasses of his particular Party ideals. There really is a much Bigger Picture out here but it’s getting way too difficult to cut through the B.S. of you entrenched political hacks….No matter if you are RW or LW, you both are sounding more and more alike.

          • Amazing that you have to resort to name calling and grouping people so they fit into your view of the world. Yes, the progressives have been on both sides of the aisle, it was Teddy Roosevelt who really kicked started the progressive movement and from that point forward, the Republican party has been split in two. We’ve only had 2 true conservative presidents in the past 100 years: Reagan & Calvin Coolidge. Perhaps if you will take more than 2 steps backward and look at the BIG picture (which it seems you’re accusing me of not doing), yes, you will see that the progressives have infiltrated almost every institution of American life. Our media, our schools & universities, now our health care, the banking system etc ~ they’ve all been nationalized in some form or another ~ true to Alinsky’s idea of changing a society to socialism. Also forecasted in the Communist Manifesto published in Congress in the early ’60’s. Here is a lecture about the historian, Carroll Quigley, who chronicled the progressive activities of the secret Rhodes society, which stemmed from the Fabian socialists in the latter part of the 19th century, into the 20th century, of which we now see the final results in our society today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynVqPnMQ2sI

          • lol lol Sooo, you were upset bc I called you a “partisan hack?” I didn’t go much farther than that bc I’ve heard all of this rhetoric before ad nauseam. I did spot “Alinsky and Quigley’s” name. Some of us studied those things during our college years and then later ran into the same arguments you seem to be all about when The John Burch Society came knocking on our doors. And just in case you are of the …mind that I have ever belonged to any form of the Democratic Party …you would be wrong …again.

          • No, I wasn’t upset. Refreshing to hear that people have studied those things in college, most are not aware like that. I do have a bone to pick with the JBS, their activism against an Article V State Amendment meeting was fostered by Phyllis Schafley of Eagle Rising. Schafley was responding to a letter written by Chief Justice Warren Burger during Roe vs Wade hearings ~ and their argument is based solely in fear.. Happy to report that we now have 12 states (I helped a great deal in my state). Yes, the will of the people will ultimately be restored, there are so many more of us than there are of them.

          • I did fail to mention that maybe you should consider looking at the actual fountain head of this problem. Bolsheviks, and how they now have become very powerful Jews, rather than tip-toeing around and pretending their special kind of Zionism hasn’t seeped into BOTH Parties. Too many ppl miss the obvious these days.

        • The Huntley-Brinkley Report! We watched that every night when I was a kid. For some reason I thought Chet Huntley looked like a Graham cracker haha! (Off-topic, I know, ‘scuse me!)

      • Why are there so many people still trying to separate our country into two parties? We are all humans not parties, not colors, not anything but human first. Until people start talking without separation there will always be divide among us all.

        • Now THAT’s really a funny comment coming from you Mac T. When you just were calling me out for being a, “Democrat,” “progressive, “left,” and none of those labels happen to fit me. Maybe we should all start practicing what we preach, or maybe, just maybe …. grasp the notion that we have to be the change that we want to see.

    • That is because the Federal Fiscal Year runs Oct 1 – Sept. 30:

      And the Smith Mundt Modernization Act – which ALLOWS propaganda to be used on American Citizens – in America:

      was passed in December (to take effect Oct. 1, 2013)

      and this story was done in June just a few months before Hillary could quash it legally.

    • ,,,lol,,,yeah,,,,lol,,,trump,,,the admitted sexual assaulter,,,lol and President of the United States,,,lol,,the guy who said hedc be dating his daughter if she wasnt his daughter,,,lol,,the guy who just walks in dressing rooms full of naked women,,,lol lol the guy who said he would be dating one or more of the contestants in ten years as he watched a group of ten year old girls at a beauty pageant,,,,is gonna go after pedophiles,,,lol lol,,,,
      Liars ,,,lol,, ,

      • yeah, it’d have been better if shillary were elected so she and bill (the rapist) could go after pedophiles, right?

        • Oh goodness then, you must not have met your new POTUS. Let me introduce you Stevor, meet your new POTUS, Donald S. Clinton.

          • It should by now be obvious. Bc Trump is in reality not much different despite what either person or Party says. Obama fans have amnesia when you point out that Obama was following the Bush policies and was in fact expanding on them. Now Trump supporters are having that same amnesia about him following the same policies…and expanding on them. I could have changed Trump’s name to, Donald S. Obama but that wouldn’t have had the same BANG quality. You and the rest of Murica are being treated to The Great Bamboozle Reality Show and most aren’t even aware. They think is …real.

          • as I’ve said before, the two parties are just the left and right butt cheeks of the globalists but the dumbocraps are at least pretending that they’re against Trump, so I’m trying to think positive.
            Right away I disliked that his son-in-law, kushner, is a zionist and that trump has zionist banksters amongst his gang.

          • So glad we are on the same page then. And yes, I have the exact same feelings about Kushner but if you were to look at Trump’s entire team from the beginning of his campaign onward into his being elected and the Who’s Who within his Cabinet and appointed officials it’s a huge majority of Zionist Jews and Zionist non-Jews. Bc as Joe Biden once said “You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist.” But I’m not just ‘picking’ on Trump. I noticed this overwhelming ‘Zionist’ majority in government with Bush Jr. and that lead me into the discovery of how many dual Israeli American citizens we have within our Congress and thru out our entire government including the highest levels of the Pentagon and Intelligence. All of this in spite of the fact that Israel is listed as the #1 country that conducts the most spying of our State and Corporate Secretes of any other country. But I digress …. The Obama Administration was no different in the amount of Zionist within his appointments either and I’m sure if I were to look back into the past POTUS Administrations I would most likely find about same. Frankly, I find this mission creep of Zionist rather troublesome. But enough for now. I will enclose this link that does a fairly good count down of Trump’s Team. It does not however list the entire appointed positions but is still rather concise in what it does cover. The list of ppl starts about the midway point.

          • yup, there are so few who have bothered to educate themselves about zionist control. They run congress and own the banks (rothschilds). They are responsible for pretty much all wars because the banksters get richer from wars. Here’s a video where a former congressman tells how when congressmen are elected, they’re told to pledge their allegiance to israel.
            99% of americans also don’t know that israel is run by FAKE SEMITES. They’re ashkenazi jews, as Semitic as a Chinese person who converts to judaism because the ashkenazi descend from Japheth (see Genesis 10:3) whereas REAL SEMITES descend from Isaac or Ishmael.

    • that’s what I was thinking. I recall you used to could trust the news. seems like it really got bad when Hillary and then Obama said it was bad.

    • Why don’t you research it!! “Jeffrey Epstein honeypot operation Bill Clinton”
      Bill went there on Lolita express Epstein plane at least 20 times. Hillary went 6 or more times. It is a Brownstone operation run with ISRAELI help. Puts high officials in compromising positions with underage girls and BOYS…. thus Blackmailing them forever… it’s there. DON’T PUT YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND… IT’S TRUE. ANTHONY WEINERS LAPTOP HAS THE PROOF. Hillary running pedophilia thru CFoundation…. NYPD leaking it out now/soon.

  5. This is most likely fake news. Why? Because Lester Holt and NBC would themselves cover up a pedophile scandal if it involved Hillary Clinton or any Liberals they protect from any/all accusations.

  6. The existence of PizzaGate and PedoGate was testified to, under oath, in open Court in Pierce County, Wisconsin on 21 August, 2014 by the sibling of Hillary’s handler Kristine Marcy. Trump and CJCS General Dunford are aware of Kristine Marcy and Hillary Clinton’s “pedophile stranglehold” on much of our government and Pres Trump and the military will be ‘taking care of business’ in the opinion of many military white hats.

    • Yeah, well…my sister’s ex-boyfriend’s father-in-law’s dogwalker’s hairdresser said this is all bullshit. I believe her before I’d believe THAT shit you just spewed. Moronic morons. You are ALL moronic morons. How do you even know how to work a computer??? The mind, it boggles.

      • Oh Shut up….YOU Brainwashed Unhinged UNEDUCATED Dishevelled Jealous Violent Triggered Looney LYING Lefty Racist Race Baiting WHINY Loser Nutjob LIBERAL DemonRat CRYBABY WELFARE LEECHING IDIOT LIBTARD TROLL!!!

      • Jace, shut your piehole. Able Danger is a group of investigators that outed this information and has documentation, and Field IS the leader of that group, so this is not heresay. Everything he said has been verified by others, and you are the anus whisperer in this group, because you are talking out of yours.

      • I can see Jace Morgan, you have riled up all the little Trumpite’s minions on this thread. lol lol I am reminded tho, there were many like them that followed Obama. IF they only knew how … alike .. they all are.

    • And both Democrats AND Republicans were so very thankful she did, bc there was plenty of “Bad” on BOTH sides of the isle. Including within the Military, the Pentagon, and NATO. Ppl need to open their eyes as to just how wide spread this problem is.


    …..and START calling it WHAT it is……”PEDOPHILIA and PROSTITUTION”…..For God’s Sakes….these people are KIDNAPPING, RAPING and KILLING Children !!!!!!

    • Truth, some of these nuts are even eating the kids. Podesta and his nutbar crowd are obsessed by the ritual of eating people like Dahmer did. Spirit Cooking is a fantasy version alluding to that.

    • Yeah, and to take it further, I’d say stop using the term pedophilia. It means “love of children!” You’re right, it’s rape, murder, torture. Not “philia!” Even trafficking, which implies slavery, is closer to the truth, IMO, but I also see your point.

      Also, trauma-based mind control seems to be what’s behind it all. To the man who asked why are the higher-ups in politics so involved, the answer is, they’re CHOSEN by the true Powers That Be, running things from behind the scenes, for several reasons.

      One obvious one is, they can be filmed raping children, and thus controlled with threats of blackmail. Another is, the CIA has what appears to be a MASSIVE army of mind-controlled unfortunates, who are programmed to do god-knows-what upon hypnotic command, when the time comes. Until then, they live in society, mostly unnoticed. This is what’s extremely unsettling.

      I think the people hypothesizing an American “regime change” war are totally correct; as you know, the “color revolutions” we use to “change regimes” usually involve convincing the American public that the current leader of that country, even if democratically elected and very popular and especially, who’s actually serving his people rather than some bankster-masters – MSM convinces us that leader “must go,” “Is firing on his own people,” “uses firing squads,” “shoots down passenger jets,” etc – all of which are utter lies – and then boom, it’s all over, NATO swoops in and devastates the country, then the senators etc fill their pockets by exploiting the resources of the country which is now in ruins.

      So now they’ve convinced the liberals, who were snoozing for oh, about 8 years, that Trump is going to make the sky fall, so that when/if they manage to get him out of office one way or another, nobody will complain that someone, possibly Obama, steps in to “save us” using whatever that law was that W. got signed into effect that would have given him dictatorial powers in case of an uprising or whatever.

      THIS is why child rape is so common in government. I just read that in the general population, the disorder exists among some small percentage, less than 5%; whereas among government people, it’s 30%. THEY’RE PURPOSELY CULTIVATED and given political opportunities precisely BECAUSE they’re pathological freaks.

      • Yup, you’re correct (Philia)……I fixed it.

        BLACKMAIL is the TOOL of corrupted, evil politics….has been from the beginning of time.

        The fact that these lower than dog s**t monsters use and destroy the lives of children and young adults, is beyond evil…..and PROVES your last point!…..They’re “pathological freaks”.

      • OOOH, I really liked what you were saying….until you went off the cliff about Trump. (And I was NEVER an Obama supporter) The very idea that replacing one POTUS for another POTUS, especially when they have clearly shown us throughout their lives their own corruption, and ample evidence of their own bad behavior…is lunacy. “Make America Great Again” sound just like “Hope And Change” but just with a P.R. (Public Relations) twist to appeal to RW thinkers.

        Public Relations = Propaganda

    • Correct. And look at how many of the people who have commented haven’t said a single word about what the wicked rotten witch has done and covered up! No, they’re more interested in arguing over the news organizations out there!

  8. And I was accused of being a Conspiracy Theorist for saying this back in 2011 when my children were ripped from my life illegally and placed with abusers with a history of violence. I followed the Federal funding that caused this and it led to the Clinton Administrations Federal Fatherhood Initiative Funding which was expanded under the Obama Administration and has been used to take children from good mothers and give to “abusive” fathers.

    • I have done some research on this as well, and the feds fingerprints are all over this by the illegal taxpayer funding.

      • How can this happen?? Parents lose their rights so easily? Some parents do abuse their kids. But, once they get in the system, it doesn’t matter, it seems that it’s a hundred percent that the kids get abused. This has to stop. But there are good foster parents, aren’t there?

  9. This story came out long before the presidential election and was on several of those “right wing fake news sites”. However the mainstream media decided to bury the story until now. No doubt they will try to blame it on Trump.

  10. I Give NBC Credit And Respect For Bringing This Out , But I Would Sure Make A Lot Of Copies And Send To The Right People , And Pray For This Reporter BC Everyone Knows When You Come Against The Clinton’s You End Up Dead , Plus Please Don’t Send To The FBI Any info BC Comey is in Hillarys Pocket

  11. prostitution isn’t that big an issue to me,, we had proof of that century ago,,, but the pedophile issue is just plain wrong on so many levels,, and to knowingly cover it up is worse than reprehensible

  12. Last year, a report came out that the pilots log on eipstein’s plane that went to his island where children were the entertainment, showed BOTH bill and hilary making numerous trips to the island, both together and separate. Then all of a sudden, the report was stopped. The higher ups did NOT want this story to continue so it was squashed. No big surprise there. Its seems clinton has very, very deep pockets.

      • Any person using a moniker of “BooBooBaby” that is agreeing with any idiot using the over rated and over used word “snowflake” has to be discounted in any real adult conversation. Is this where I would call you a…cuck? lol lol

  13. Hillary you are a lieing. Bitch you judt lied and I can’t believethey let you get away with it so you really black mailed them some how they still have a lot on you you will be in jail because you keep trying to destroy people or or our country but eventually some one will get you for all the lies and what you did to those men in benghazi your are hatred buy many and the more you open your mouth and start with your bull shit and lieing as always you are a a hibitual liar and if you think you are hoing to try any more shit you better think twice

  14. Does anyone have other links to follow up on this, from 2013 or recently? I’ve read a bunch of “Pizzagate” and other “Investigate pedophile” links over the past 6 months, and I’m surprise I didn’t come across any mention of the story being investigated in the video.

  15. Certainly a DOJ run by Loretta Lynch and obama would never have investigated it. You’d think that someone in Congress might have at least commented, but they were all too busy raising campaign donations, I guess.

    • Yes indeed! Pretty much the same things happened throughout the Reagan years and with Poppy Bush years. Hmmm?? Maybe…just maybe, this has never been a partisan issue as some would like to think. The Bush family have been fast friends with the Clinton’s from waaay back at least to the times of Iran Contra, and Mena Arkansas. And the Clinton’s are long time fast friends with Trump and his family including their children.

      • You would be surprised how far far back it goes, just keep looking. Not saying anymore don’t like being called names. Its out there.

        • I completely agree with you Eleanor. But sadly most ppl’s memory holes don’t extend very far back into history. It’s also there’s more solid video and picture documentation during the eras that I mentioned. And I personally don’t worry about being called names by the ignorant partisan hacks. They’re just too stupid to realize this 2 Party system is run by the same Puppet Masters that are giving us only the “illusion of choice.” And each side will fight to the death defending how their “Party” is the best one. Silly, silly ppl.

          • It is really depressing to me that i missed this dance. I don’t like your attitude, arrogance, or 95% of what you have to say. Mainly because there is a certain amount of truth to it. I take the position that America as originally designed ended in 1913 when the bankers outsmarted the lawyers. Since that time the same masters have bought and sold politicians. They engineered the stock market crash through the advent of the margin loan. They pulled money out of circulation during the great depression. While this made the suffering of the public far worse it allowed them to buy up everything in sight for almost nothing.

            There are so many different factors that play into how we got here I don’t pretend to know all of them and their contribution. But when I was a young man I came to see that as the left and right did battle each side won some of them. With every victory we the people lost. They all wanted to take something away from us. I believe they claimed we needed protection. The left and right wings are just that, parts of the same bird. It’s not an eagle it’s a vulture. Since the death of JFK in 1963 this nation has moved in the same direction regardless of party in power. I saw comments above about his secret society speech. I think his Executive Order 11110 was the reason the loudest, clearest political statement of last century was made. We also saw the birth of the UN and the CIA in the middle of the last century. The UN is the means of one world government. They like socialism because it requires an elite ruling class to control the other 99%. The CIA which began as the OSS during WWII is another gem. It was originally designed to operate outside the law. A government agency specifically formed to commit illegal acts. What could go wrong there? They put operatives in newsrooms and started influencing public opinion. The belief that the Vietnam War was lost on the streets of America intensified that effort.

            Which brings us to the endgame which is now. No place is it clearer that we have a one party system than the actions of Republicans since 2014. They were elected in opposition to Obama’s liberal policies. But they turned around and gave him everything he wanted. They oppose Trump far more. The media bias can be argued in many directions. But I can demonstrate one issue where the media intentionally gets it wrong. Where one party gets it right and the other doesn’t. That would be bearing arms. The left wing position is propaganda born during the cold war in the USSR, That’s from the Harvard Journal of law and Public policy. Every objective study of gun control laws reaches the same conclusion. They fail to bring about the desired results. But what we see in this nation isn’t the result of media bias. It is the fact that America has been an oligarchy for over three decades. In the absence of a Supreme Court Opinion or Constitutional Amendment the control pf the elites has been absolute.

            This is a very simple evaluation of extremely complex issues. So let me have it. Rip into me as you have all above. The only reason I’m willing to walk into your firing line is because I’m sure I’ll learn something and get a different perspective. Good day.

          • WOW! So, my style of writing bothers you. Interesting, but not very. #1) About gun laws in general and well, … to flaunt my arrogance just a bit more; I have been honored many time to be a winner of competitive shooting events from the time I was around 5 y/o and won my first Turkey Shoot with a .22 Long Rifle against grown men with shot guns and at the same distance. I mostly shoot Trap and Skeet, sometimes for high stakes, but I never backed away from any form of fire arms competition. Most of my competitive weapons are custom made and like all my other guns, antiques, as well as hunting, and side arms, none are registered, nor will they ever be. Enough said? IMO, the only area where I felt that being plain stupid fell right thru the floor was with the Stand Your Ground Law. (for obvious reasons) And that’s about my biggest gripe on the gun issue. Srry, but I just see this gun issue like every other Hot Button Issue, just as you stated, more of “them” taking away from “us.” Oh yeah, and serving as a secondary issue to divide the ppl up even more, making them cling tighter to their respective Red or Blue Camp. #2) Hmmm, just trying here to think of the most offensive or insulting way possible to say I agree with you. Nope, I got nothin’. ….. All in all, 1913 as a year in the history of the USA sealed our fate as a free Republic. Hell, truth really be told, today we are no longer a Democracy either. #3) I’m glad you brought that up about the oligarchy rule. I would say it goes back much further than 3 decades. Just looking at “the gilded age” just after the turn of the century, and the Rockefeller’s, Vanderbilt’s, Carnegie, etc and the philanthropic [sic] foundations they established. (not any different from today’s “Foundations”) Other than the obvious political and social clout/power their wealth brought them there was a backlash of anger at the obscene disparity of income levels which btw, is even more pronounced today than it was back then. These “Foundations” were established as a PR maneuver to improve the public’s opinion but even more importantly they served these oligarch’s needs was their primary objective. They transformed our entire medical as well as our school systems and not necessarily for the better. Both the medical and school reforms these foundations brought about were primarily for more wealth and an ever expanding reach of power. My point in this is, that it’s exactly the media bias for the rich and powerful, as well as the media propaganda; first for not making the public fully aware of this (and other) hidden insidious creeping of moneyed power, giving yourself your own tax advantages, and just too many other issues to cover without my head exploding …….. Now we have the idea promoted on TV from womb to tomb, and looks like a big new car, new cloths, oversized houses, and that wealth equals success. The whole idea that it’s somehow OK to be a workaholic but taboo to be an alcoholic. Hells bells, we now have “Prosperity Preachers” it seems like 24/7. Hallelujah! After all, it’s a cabal of these exact oligarchs, that in this case, with the exception of one, are Zionist Jews, that own all the media, print journalism, and recorded media. It’s in none of their interests for us to be well informed, or educated, on any subject matter, let alone on BOTH sides of an issue. It is however, in their best interest to keep us squabbling over perceived and negligible differences. (bias) More division, and sometimes actual hate.

            Totally off the subject …well sorta. Just bc I’m worn out, I’ll have you go to Google for this one. Look up the story about when Rupert Murdock, yes the Fox New Media conglomerate owner, helped the CIA use his media to influence and to subvert and help run a soft coup on the Australian’s democratically elected leader and overthrow him. It had a lot to do with the secret listening/collection station at Pine Gap and there was a movie made about it called, “The Falcon And The Snowman.” Rather silly of anyone to think we ever needed Putin’s help to screw with our elections, OR by that same token, for us to stop anyone from screwing with our elections …. IF there’s a political will that is.

            I hope this was offensive enough for your liking as I sure would hate to disappoint bc I really did enjoy your comment and found it most enlightening. Belated 4th of July Greetings and Very Best Wishes from my family to yours.

          • BTW, I sorta/kinda fibbed a bit in that last diatribe. We actually lost our Republic with the Act of 1871. You may want to check that out. The CONstitution is an over all mess … since the RECONSTRUCTION, the thing is a joke.

          • Gee I’m sorry to say I’ve just now seen you post of 9 months ago. I truly do not see any reason to “rip into you” as you have suggested as you have a firm grip and understanding of the fallacies now rearing their ugly heads within this (almost) failed 2 Party system. I must say I was delighted by the content of your post. I must admit that I do lose all patience with the ppl who despite all evidence cling to the idea that one or the other Parties depending on their bias is somehow less corrupt or more honest than the other. I see them as you do. Both being corrupted by the moneyed interest, ie the oligarchs, or as they were so astutely called in earlier times around the turn of the century and beyond, The Merchants of Death (the elite wealthy families involved in the arms trade) or The Robber Barons. (the rich elite families involved in Banking, Wall Street) As far as the media bias is concerned I just see it as the major propaganda arm of these elites to serve whatever need they may have. Either to keep us in a Left/Right divisive stance, jingoistic slants to call us to a war for their profits, or just to demonstrate for anyone interested what a true “herd” the ppl are and how easily manipulated this population can be. All with tragic results for the ppl. involved. You only need to recall Trump’s own recorded words when he thanked the “low educated voters for voting for him.” Trump is by nature and attitude an oligarch altho not in, or accepted within their inner circle. Obama on the other hand was a want-a-be oligarch. Again both POTUS will, and have served, their Masters, the rich elite oligarch.

            You also seemed to speak of the Organic Act Of 1871 (altho you place it in the depression era) where we lost our Constitutional Republic form of government to the Banksters and were given a “Democracy” in it’s place which is nowhere the same thing but has fooled many ppl into believing it is so. This Act also repealed the individual charters and established the separate and apart, Washington “D.C.” At this part in time we forever lost our Constitution as it was and it then became a CONstitution….but that’s a whole other bag of worms…. and many ppl just are unable to handle the truth of it all. You are correct tho in knowing that we became “owned” by the Banking elite. (City Of London et al) No wonder why this Act isn’t mentioned or was glossed over during our school days. Around 1913 was when the Banksters bought us fully to our knees and our *Representatives* were made to pay homage to them in the form of political bribes etc.

            I personally don’t see any point of your comments I would have any issue with. In fact I’m amazed that you are only the second person that had something of importance to say and spoke your mind instead of the normal partisan clap trap of defending one or the other complicit and corrupt political parties and hurling personal insults without any meaningful content. Most of those ppl you might have noticed came from the Red Team’s cheering section I’m sorry to report. Which all in all detract and derail the thread of conversation. So of course I get annoyed.

            THE seminal point you make and the most important point of all was within your statement….”….I came to see that as each side did battle …. each side won some….but with each battle…. ***we the ppl lost***” Obviously I’m paraphrasing it badly, but that “we the ppl lost” IS the entire crux of this matter. The actual bloodstain, the heart and soul of it all. That alone was worth the entire read….and I thank you for that.

            The only other point I made which is down the thread a bit farther is…and I will C& P it for times sake is the part about Williams letter to the Chamber Of Commerce…

            … Just for giggles…and further knowledge, Google, the letter that William Powell wrote to the Chamber of Commerce in 1971. It was a call to arms (so to speak) for the Corporations to assert themselves, and gain more power within government. It would be the call for Think Tanks to promote their agenda and would wind up having far reaching importance in many areas, such as, education, (to dumb-down the population) and lobby power, etc. You are seeing some of the direct results of this ‘Corporate takeover’ today. Many think it was the catalyst for the “Fairness Doctrine’s” repeal, and later Clinton’s actions in removing anti-trust type measures for media that you spoke of……End of the Cut & Paste.

            Thankn you for your input sidearm45 I enjoyed it as well as learned a few things from you….But please if you have the time, explain what you were rather vague about in your next to the last paragraph. The part about the “Left Wing getting it wrong” and the “propaganda during the cold war”, and what are the “same conclusion do these studies show” Also what Constitutional Amendment or Supreme Court case/decision do you feel could solve the problems we face with the oligarchy take over. I really am intrigued and want to know.

            Oh and btw please congratulate me on a life time of championships in trap and skeet shooting as well as never loosing a competitive Turkey Shoot from the time I was 6 years old. I’m now well on to 70 years and beyond. So that’s a lot of turkeys. lol lol I’m also guilty of being a full on weapons enthusiast and collector and that love I have proudly passed on to my children and now my Grandchildren.

  16. Any news outlets, websites, bloggers, etc. that deny the existence of elite peodophilia and child trafficking are complicit in the cover up. nuf sed

  17. NBC is reporting this? WE thought that they loved Hillary, wanted her in office. So now to get better rating they will put out the real Hillary news, and its just the tip of the iceberg folks!

  18. Is Trump confining the ‘investigation’ to just the State Department, or will he expand it to include his buddy Epstein’s pedo ring, and his Russian friend’s pedo ring as well? Oh…and how about the child who he raped? Will THAT make it into the investigation, too? We certainly hope so. Let’s root ALL pedophiles out of society.

  19. Get ’em.
    Get them ALL…no matter how big or how small.
    End ALL pedophile rings and such immoral behavior.
    In the end, just protect the Children.
    HOO-YAH & God Bless the Restoration of the Republic.

  20. These clowns didn’t really think that there would be no investigation of Pizzagate? Time to get the wheels of justice in motion, and bring Hillary to heel!

  21. These clowns didn’t really think that there would be no investigation of Pizzagate? Time to get the wheels of justice in motion, and bring Hillary, and all her cohorts, to heel!

  22. You bunch of anus sucking liars. YOU are the problem. YOU are the reason innocent people get shot. Your News Wire is listed as a fake news site. FAKE. You morons.

    • YOU are such a Liar and a TROLL!!
      YOU must have NO Life…..YOU Loser! Hahahaha! Hahaha! You are so Stupid! Bwhaaaaaaaa! Bwhaaaaaaaa! Bwhaaaaaaaa! Bwhaaaaaaaa! Bwhaaaaaaaa!

  23. Hillary, Obama and the rest of the communist socialist liberals all need to be killed. Pick up your guns and make God proud! Praise Jesus!

  24. She is a wicked, stinking, rotten, evil, sick , disgusting, despicable, contemptible, horrible woman who should be locked up behind bars for the rest of her pathetic life!

  25. Where is Trump and the DOJ, why aren’t the Clintons and their cronies in jail already????? This would be laughable if it wasn’t so cynical..

  26. Makes me sick that she would cover this up and there were children involved!! How would she feel if Chelsea was raped or made a sex slave!! She one sick evil wicked human

  27. Oh right Trump is going to ask some of the very people that have been covering this up to investigate???? They already know all they need to know. There is no need for an investigation. All they need to do is start arresting people. Trump will cover this up just like all the rest. If the truth were known the vast majority of the rich and famous would be jumping from rooftops.

  28. the reason that the left cant stand TRUMP … is that he is trying to stop all the child fucking perverts …. and perverted scabs on the wounds of America…. and all around the world

  29. Defense distributed malware that downloaded illegal content on two computers all over the world just to see what people would do. As a matter of fact if I’m not mistaken the feds took one of these computer servers that had apparently 8000 users on it and took it into one of their data centers and powered it up and had over 250,000 people subscribe to it for illegal content. At that time the US government became the largest and most profitable distributor of that content anywhere in the world.

  30. This story has been out in the real news media for some time. The fact that NBC is just getting around to it shows how political the main stream media is and how hard they worked to protect Hillary. News delayed for political reasons is the same as fake news.

  31. Investigation is one thing and how far it really goes. There is always some kind of investigation going on in Washington and nothing ever comes of it look at the FBI directors investigation of Hillary Clinton email he said she did not intend to violate law. How does he know that never had her under oath and the law clearly states do not have to prove intent. There all corrupt in Washington

  32. Hear and watch Cathy Ryan speak on U tube of her being sold as a young child by her father to Gerald Ford and subsequently mind controlled including mutilation to be used and ‘owned’ by her handlers all in gov’t for sex and as a robotic message carrier in the gov’t. Horrific story including Hillary Clinton raping her. Ryan’s details re mind control and how advanced it is everyone should know. She and her daughter were rescued by an insider. Her programming was reversible but her daughter’s more advance form is not. Her daughter is programed to stop breathing if she remembers what was done to her or what she knows. So she must spend the rest of her life in medical care. Cathy Ryan has also written at least one book about all this. Maybe more.

  33. As much as I dislike the Clinton’s even I am offended by this type of news. I see no solid evidence other than hearsay and innuendo. This type of reporting is just another form of sensationalism and should be banned and the so-called reporters prosicuted. No wonder the public no longer trusts our news media.

  34. MSNBC/NBC, owned by Comcast, who donated massive sums to Clinton’s presidential run and became her 24/7 propaganda station while simultaneously torpedoing Bernie Sanders, (because they didn’t own him, because he refused their money.)
    CNN, owned by TIME WARNER, also donated massive sums to Clinton’s presidential run and became her 24/7 propaganda station while simultaneously torpedoing Sanders, because he also refused their money, as he didn’t want to be their corporate whore.
    All Clinton’s donation records are available at OpenSecrets.com for anyone to see for themselves who owns her and who she works for… and if you ever thought it was YOU… you’re kidding yourself.

  35. Trump is the wolf, and Clinton the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Two sides of the same coin. Just goes to show you that “any blue” WOULDN’T DO.

    How disgusting. This doesn’t surprise me in the least, only the fact it’s out is surprising. Nothing BUT corruption in both parties.

  36. I remember two news stories from the 1990’s one was child porn found on computers at the Pentagon, it was on the news, then squashed really fast. Then there was a news story of two young boys found running around in the white house in the middle of the night, apparently they were use for male sex? This was the Bush white house at the time. That story was on the news then covered up as usual. This was decades ago, but you still may be able to find some of the reports?

  37. IF NBC employees have this information and fails to provide it to the proper authorities, they are just as complicit in these crimes as the perpetrators themselves and should be jailed.

  38. I highly suspect Hillary didn’t just cover up crimes, but that she is a huge part of initiating a pedophile ring. Wait and see….

  39. This pedophile ring is supposed to be connected to the one run by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. He’s the guy who’s involved with the “pizzagate” child abuse ring. Supposedly, a number of very influential Washington bigwigs, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner, and Hillary’s Presidential campaign manager, John Podestra are involved in the sexual abuse. Epstein is a billionaire and owns an island in the U. S. Virgin Islands where much of the sexual stuff supposedly goes on. It is said that the abuse is part of various Satanic rituals, and that in addition to very young children being raped and sodomized, they are sometimes killed as a part of these rituals. I do know, from my work as a psychologist, that some Satanic cults DO “sacrifice” infants and very young children to Satan. There are specific Satanic holidays where this is called for. The full truth of this matter is hidden and will be very difficult to discover, but I have no difficulty believing the Hillary covered up a State Department investigation into this situation to protect herself if for no other reason. The women is not only corrupt, but down right evil!!

  40. Its been reported by newswire that 1 in 3 politicians, both democrat and republican are involved with Lolita Island in the Bahamas. Scumbag Schumer was specifically named as a participant. President Trump is on the case.

  41. No one should be surprised by anything this bitch does. She was probably more involved than this report says. She is the most detestable person on the face of the planet. If she was on fire in the middle of the street and my spit was the only thing that would save her…. Well, let’s just say she’d die before I would expend any effort to help her.

  42. Surprisingly NBC is making this report. What will be more of a surprise will be if they report everything they find out up to and including arrests and convictions.


  44. When we shoot all that was involved in pizzagate, They need to shoot all at NBC TOO, AND CNN AND ALL THE REST OF THE LYING MEDIA !!!!!!

  45. Looks like the writer deliberately changed the news by saying at the end that since taking office the FBI became much more focused. Our President said that they became much more focused in last four weeks! You know darn well, before the Donald took the wheel, no one had the balls to go after pedophiles because the CIA, FBI, and congress, are all complicite!!


  47. Put the perverts in jail Mr. President!! Actually shocked that NBC reported this and really did a great job.(you can bet Fatso Soros and Obama were not happy ). I hope this NEW INVESTIGATION WHICH WON’T BE WHITEWASHED OR HALTED,WILL PUT HILLARY ,BILL.OBAMA AND SOROS BEHIND BARS IN THE GENERAL POPULATION!!! We all know how inmates despise Pedophiles and that they mete out the kind of Justice neede on these animals !!

  48. Well, well….their time is up! Let’s do this and assist with the shift of TRUTHS to come out with our raising of consciousness! And I think when the names start rolling out the good people of the world are going to be very shocked into awakening! I wonder if they place their own into this cesspool? ….I always thought things weren’t “right” with many things now as they come out I see I was on the right track! Take down the lies and shine on TRUTH!!!



  51. I don’t believe that a man who calls Jeffry Epstein “a good friend” and “a lot of fun” is going to do much about the problem.

  52. Oh, the evil web the powers that be have weaved. They always thought that sheeples would never understand it, never wake up to see and that God would not see nor chastise them for their deeds. Unbeknownst to them there is a God who’s standards will not be mocked especially when it comes to exploiting/ victimizing the young and women. Read it and weep all who mock Father God, for when these heinous crimes fill up to a point only He knows, judgement cannot be withheld any longer for He is the Champion of those oppressed, the woman alone and the Fatherless.

  53. This came out in 2013 look at the bottom news scroll on NBC. Now people want to post it, it’s 2017 and nothing has been done since then.

  54. Thank god for our President Trump he knows this freak stuff has been going on to long with the liberals And the back stabbing republicans!!! It’s a sick thing these people are doing very sick they all need to hell for what they are doing!!!! Soros and obama have a lot to do with it!!!

  55. I was somewhat hesitant to buy into the Pizza Gate scandal, until reading this. Now, imo, it has a ring of truth.

  56. As Sec of State HRC could place flunkies in embassies around the world to provide passports and/or visas to child traffickers. As an American LGBT-Abortion activist and overt Clintonista Kathleen Zappone is now Minister for Children in Ireland, with approx. 1,000 children in Government care MISSING, and another 10,000 sleeping on the streets of Ireland, and as the Head of the Garda Child Protection Unit is not concerned about a child trafficked from Ireland to the USA, and the FBI agent in London lied to a concerned party, it would be appropriate for a task force or investigative unit to focus on Dublin!

  57. Good to see clintons social media hate campaign hasnt put a dent in trumps honour. He may be outspoken and opinionated he might banter and say some dumb shit but thats better than being ruled by snakes in the shadows.

  58. Once again nobody really cares about Hillary and Bill’s protection, and participation, in child sex trafficking. Everyone just wants to talk about fruitless, factless, nonsense. Sooner or later the hillary lovers are going to have to face the fact that these people are just downright evil.

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