Huge Container Ship Disappears In Bermuda Triangle

A massive container ship has gone missing in the Bermuda triangle

A 790-foot container ship headed to San Juan, Puerto Rico,  named El Faro has disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. 

The disappearance may have something to do with Hurricane Joaquin, experts say, as the Category 4 storms passed through the Atlantic Ocean at the time of the disappearance.

Yahoo News reports:

The ship left Jacksonville, Florida on Thursday and was headed to San Juan, Puerto Rico before reportedly losing power and taking on water while sailing through 20 to 30-foot waves.

Before losing contact with the ship, officials say the crew of 38 reported they were successfully pupping out water and managed a listing of 15 degrees, but has lost propulsion.

“Obviously it’s very concerning that we have not found the ship and not had communications with the ship,” Coast Guard spokesman Lt. Commander Gabe Somma told the New York Post on Saturday.

“There’s an operating limit to what we can go out in, and we were pushing the envelope [on Friday night]. We were just fighting to get to the scene.”

The Coast Card was called in to search around 850 miles of ocean but have only found a life ring so far.


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