Huge Stash Of Smuggled Coke Found In French Coca-Cola Factory

Coca Cola

Workers at a Coca-Cola factory in southern France have discovered 815 pounds of cocaine, worth £42 million, inside a shipment of orange juice from Costa Rica.

When workers opened the containers of orange juice concentrate they found sacks containing 815 pounds of coke hidden inside

Daily Mail reports:

The Coca-Cola factory in the town of Signes, near the Mediterranean coast, produces concentrates for various drinks.

A spokesman for Coca-Cola France says employees immediately notified police and judicial authorities have opened an investigation.

Sacks containing 370 kilograms (815 pounds) of cocaine were hidden in a shipping container holding orange juice from Costa Rica, the spokesman said.

The Marseille prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday it opened an investigation into trafficking and importing illegal drugs.

Coca Cola

Coca leaves were reportedly used in the original Coca-Cola drink in the 19th century, although the company says cocaine has never been an ‘added ingredient.’

Coca Cola
No Coke in Coke


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