Microsoft To Automatically Install Windows 10 On Older Computers

For some time now Microsoft has recommended the option for a free upgrade to Windows 10, to Windows 7 and 8.1 users.

Windows update will soon start automatically upgrading older machines to Windows 10 if the update is not turned off.

Slash Gear reports:

Not long ago, Microsoft started issuing notifications twice per day, telling users that they should upgrade their system. Apparently that’s not been effective enough, as the company has decided to go ahead and make Windows 10 a “recommended” upgrade, through Windows Update. This means that if you haven’t upgraded yet, you’re going to go ahead and start the process.

I’m still using Windows 7 on a couple of my machines, because I’m not ready to upgrade. Thankfully, I always turn off automatic updates of any kind, and simply pick out the updates that I want to install. If you haven’t done this, Windows will go ahead and start the installation process for Windows 10, whether you like it or not. You can go ahead and cancel it, but by then it will have already downloaded all of the necessary files, and it’s only going to bug you about it later.

If you haven’t turned off automatic updates, and you’re not ready to upgrade, there are a couple of options for making this issue go away. Check out our earlier piece on the topic for more information on how to make the nagging notifications go away.


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Edmondo Burr

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