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Native Woman Claims Chemical Weapons Used At Standing Rock

Native Americans at Standing Rock, North Dakota are being sprayed with chemical weapons from a crop duster plane with two hoses under the wings, according to protestor Candida Rodriguez Kingbird.

Last night, the new development, there was an aircraft flying over our encampment from approximately 1:40am to 2:20am, every two minutes on the dot they were circling the circumference of our camp and doing what we believe to be spraying chemical agents down on top of us.

“This is an act of chemical warfare, this is an act of terrorism by the United States government against the indigenous peoples of Standing Rock and of this encampment.”

The police have perimeters set up to the sides of the camp and the plane is not targeting them, according to Candida. “So we know they are strategically targeting us.

Candida, part of the Red Lake Anishnaabe Chippewa Tribe, describes the events as “an act of genocide.”

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