Queen’s 2020 Christmas Speech: “The Great Reset Is An Evil We Ignore At Our Peril”

The Queen dropped a bombshell earlier today while filming her 2020 Christmas Message for the BBC, warning of “a plot by certain forces” to unleash their vision of “a hell on Earth” for humanity.

The Queen dropped a bombshell yesterday while filming her 2020 Christmas Message for the BBC, warning of “a plot by certain forces” to unleash their vision of “a hell on Earth” for humanity. 

In an impromptu, unscripted moment, the Queen said, “One cannot over emphasise just how diabolical these evil doers are. They do not hold the light of God within them,” according to BBC production staff. 

The Queen warned her subjects that world leaders are secretly pursuing the ‘Great Reset’ in order to create a “dark new dawn” for humanity. 

Senior BBC production staff and palace advisors scrambled to cancel the filming, but not before the Queen detailed her deepest fears that the troubles of 2020 marked the beginning of humanity’s battle against evil.

“For those who are with loved ones, enjoy this Christmas as it may be your last. Many are going to die in the months ahead, and those who remain may wish they no longer existed.”

“‘The Great Reset’ is not a political issue, but rather it is the new face of an ancient enemy humanity has battled since the beginning of time,” The Queen said with a hint of emotion in her eyes, before BBC staff, under orders from senior Palace advisors, cancelled the filming and sent the crew on an early lunch.

Later in the day the scripted Christmas message was re-filmed, without any mention of ‘The Great Reset.’

How Popular Is The Queen’s Christmas Speech? 

Last year, 7.85 million viewers tuned in for the live Christmas broadcast in the UK alone. 

In the United Kingdom and on the Internet, broadcast of the Queen’s Christmas message is embargoed until 3:00 PM GMT on Christmas Day. In other parts of the Commonwealth, the message is first broadcast in New Zealand at 6:50 PM local time by Television New Zealand, in Australia by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation at 7:20 PM local time, and in Canada by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation at 10 AM Eastern Standard Time, which is the same as 3:00 PM GMT.

The scripted theme of this year’s speech, chosen by the Queen herself, will, according to her official website, reflect her own interests but will always be “motivated by compassion and concern for her people.”

What Is The ‘Great Reset’?

The ‘Great Reset’ is a plan by the elites to dismantle the current capitalist and Democratic systems around the world and usher in a globalized government (also known as the ‘New World Order’) where humans are treated as cattle with poor living standards, zero civil liberties and with all of their jobs performed by AI.