Senior Saudi Cleric Says ISIS “Part Of Israeli Army”

A senior Saudi Arabia cleric says that ISIS are part of the Israeli army

Saudi Arabai’s most senior cleric, Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Sheikh, has said that he believes ISIS to be part of the Israeli army in a recent interview where he urges more Islamic cooperation in defeating the terrorist regime. 

The Mufti said that ISIS is an un-Islamic movement, and praised efforts by the Islamic military in fighting the regime. reports:

The 72-year old cleric was asked about comments made by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self proclaimed caliph of the Islamic State, that the new alliance is not serious because it is not “killing Jews and liberating Palestine.” Al-Baghadi called the new Saudi-led alliance a pawn of the United States and Israel, promising that the “tanks of the mujahideen are moving closer to Israel day after day.”

Both the Mufti’s remarks and al-Baghdadi’s illustrate that Israel remains the hot button issue in the Kingdom.
Al Sheikh dismissed al-Baghdadi’s threat to Israel, calling it “simply a lie.” He added: “Actually Da’esh [another term for the Islamic State] is part of the Israeli soldiers,” therefore asserting a supposed relationship between the Israeli army and the Islamic State.

The Sheikh is a direct descendant of the 18th-century founder of Wahhabi Islam Muhammad Ibn Abd al Wahhab. The Al Sheikh family is the theological equivalent of the Saud family. Abdulaziz was appointed Grand Mufti in 1999 by King Fahd. He wields enormous authority. Earlier this year, for example, he absolved Crown Prince and Interior Minister Prince Muhammed bin Nayef of any responsibility for the Hajj stampede that killed hundreds by saying it was an act of God.

Both the Mufti’s remarks and al-Baghdadi’s illustrate that Israel remains the hot button issue in the Kingdom. If you want to smear your enemy, label him a stooge of Israel.


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