Donald Trump Strongly Denies Gay Putin Rumors

Donald Trump says he strongly denies the rumours about being gay for President Putin

Donald Trump has named Vladimir Putin as his favourite world leader and revealed he sometimes thinks about the Russian strongman while taking a bath.

But the man leading the race to become the Republican presidential nominee insists there is nothing homoerotic about his feelings for Putin and that they could comfortably share a hotel bed if there was some kind of booking mix up.

I’d also be comfortable sharing a bed with him if we both wanted to save tax payers’ money,” Trump said.

Like Russia, America is a country for rugged straight guys who admire each other’s manliness. We have so much in common with President Putin. We love our beautiful country, we love our military force, and we love our virile working class men.”

It’s not weird that I think about Putin while I am in the bath because that is where I do a lot of my thinking. I decided to oppose gay marriage after a particularly long, steamy bath,” Trump said.

Putin also had warm words for Trump this week, describing the American real estate tycoon as a “very colourful, talented person.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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