‘US Know Where They Need To Put Their Sanctions’ says Venezuela’s Maduro

'US Know Where They Need To Put Their Sanctions' says Venezuela's Maduro

Speaking at a rally to commemorate the constitution anniversary on Monday, President Maduro denounced U.S. sanctions telling supporters that the recent police killings in New York and Ferguson were a sign of an “imperialist police state.” He also called for an investigation into ‘imperialist nations which have bombed Libya, Iraq and Syria’.

Common Dreams report: Sparking Maduro’s comments at the rally to mark the 15th anniversary of Venezuela’s constitution was legislation passed by Congress last week to impose new sanctions against the Latin American nation. The measure would freeze the assets of and ban visas for “persons responsible for violations of human rights of antigovernment protesters in Venezuela, to strengthen civil society in Venezuela, and for other purposes.”

Speaking in front of a banner that read “Respect Venezuela,” the leftist leader said that “insolent Yankees[…] already know where they need to put the sanctions.”

Maduro’s comments echo those he made over the weekend, when he called the sanctions “stupid” and said they would “strengthen our fighters’ resistance.”




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