US Using ISIS Threat To Stay In Iraq

Many people believe that the United States want to make sure that ISIS continues being a “viable threat” in the Middle East in order to maintain their military presence there.

On Sunday, Colonel Sean Ryan, a spokesman for the US-led coalition, who are purportedly fighting ISIS, said American troops will stay in Iraq “as long as needed

His announcement was made amid reports that the terrorist group is making a comeback in Iraq as well as neighboring Syria.

According to Middle East expert expert and human rights activist Zayd al-Isa, the US is using the ISIS threat to justify staying in Iraq.

He told Press TV :“Last time when they (the US) invaded and occupied Iraq, it was under the excuse and pretext of nation-building; that is building Iraq’s democracy. Now the objective has shifted because the Iraqi people have discovered that they are not into nation-building but actually breaking up Iraq and sowing the seeds of discord and disunity”

“So now it is under a different pretext, which is basically stabilization. So it remains very vague and open for interpretation, no specific timeline, no specific timetable, no specific targets, so they want to stay under the pretext this time of keeping ISIL as a viable, credible threat,” he added, using another title for Daesh.


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