Weasel Comey: I’m Running For President

James Comey announces bid to run for President in 2020

Fired FBI Director James Comey plans on picking up where Hillary left off – by running for president in 2020.

Despite being loathed by Democrats and Republicans alike, weasle Comey fired off a tweet on Saturday that had pundits saying, “he’s running in 2020.”

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Crooked cop Comey was skewered by the Inspector General’s report which was released on Thursday.

The FBI was a total disaster of corruption and leaks under Comey’s Directorship.

FBI agents under Comey’s watch were given improper gifts by reporters in exchange for leaks.

James Comey even used a GMail account to conduct official FBI business even though he lectured his agents they would be in “huge trouble” for doing the same thing.

In a grotesque display of unabated hubris, Comey continues to tweet out jokes and photos of himself.

Comey posted a picture of himself standing in a field in Iowa with a caption that read, “So good to see growth in Iowa and across the country.”

The Iowa reference had people saying, ‘Comey’s running in 2020.’

Presidential hopefuls visit Iowa because it’s the first state ballots are cast.

Of course some of Comey’s sycophants cheered him on.



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