Budget cuts puts 17,000 UK education jobs at risk

Budget cuts puts 17,000 UK education jobs at risk

There is concern in the UK that budget cuts could mean job losses and closure of places. At least 17,000 education and training places could go as a result of acute cutbacks, the Department for Employment and Learning has revealed.

Press TV reports: The Department for Employment and Learning said on Thursday that 1,500 jobs are immediately at risk as the result of anticipated cuts. They include 650 jobs in higher education, 500 in further education and 400 civil servants.

This could occur in response to the government’s call on the Department to cut £82m or 10.8% from its annual spending.

Employment and Learning Minster Stephen Farry said the level of cuts proposed was “unprecedented”.

“This will have far reaching and deep implications across all of the department’s provision,” Farry said.

“The potential measures will impact on the universities, colleges and other sectoral training providers and will almost certainly result in a reduction in places offered to train and educate our young people.”


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