Casino Bonuses

Today, there are a wide range of casino sites that offer their players the opportunity to earn lucrative casinos bonuses. These can offer players the opportunity to have plenty of fun whilst also having the lure of real money prizes in return.

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One of the first things players look for when signing up at an online casino is the casino bonuses that are available. Promotions are an incentive for players to use at a specific casino, rather than joining another. As such, there are some highly competitive promotions out there as casinos compete and try to attract players to their side.

However, players need to know what makes a casino bonus lucrative. It can look alluring on the surface, but they might lose out on the casino bonus unless players read the fine print. They need to understand all the restrictions and requirements which may come attached with the bonuses. This article will discuss the different types of casino bonuses and the general conditions and restrictions.

Requirements and Restrictions

Before claiming bonuses, it’s crucial to understand what’s expected of gamers when claiming a casino bonus. There are several restrictions and requirements gamers should keep in mind regarding casino bonuses. These restrictions and requirements can be found in the promotion’s terms and conditions.

Minimum Deposit

The first thing players should look for is the minimum deposit required. Most casino bonuses require players to make a deposit in order to claim the promotion and if the amount deposited is below that requirement, they can’t claim the casino bonus. Some casinos also have a maximum deposit amount, although it won’t be stated overtly in most cases. 

If a casino bonus states that, for example, it’s a 100% bonus up to $500, it means that the maximum bonus a player can receive is $500. 

With it being a 100% bonus if players deposit $10, they will receive $10. If they deposit $500, they receive $500 but depositing more than $500 will not make a difference. Either the player will not be able to claim the casino bonus, or they will only be able to claim $500 regardless of what amount above it they deposited.

Bonus Codes

Gamers should ensure whether a promo is automatically granted to a player or has a bonus code gamers need to physically type in. Bonus codes can be found in the applicable promotion’s description and refer to the word or code gamers need to redeem to claim the promo. 

If the player doesn’t redeem the bonus code, they can’t claim the casino bonus, so it’s essential to check if it has one.

Wagering Requirements

The second point a player should consider is the wagering requirements. Wagering requirements refer to the amount bonus cash needs to be wagered before it can be withdrawn. Also known as playthrough requirements, this generally falls between 1x and 50x, with anything above 40x considered high. 

As such, if a casino bonus has 30x wagering requirements, and players receive a $10 bonus, they need to wager the bonus cash 30x to a total of $300 before they can withdraw their winnings.

Players should also see whether the wagering requirements apply to only the bonus or the bonus + deposit. If it applies to the bonus and deposit, it means instead of $10 being wagered 30x, they’ll need to wager $20 up to a total of $600 and it’s the equivalent to the bonus being subjected to 60x wagering requirements.

Winnings Cap

Certain promo types have capped winnings to ensure the online casino’s profit loss isn’t too high. This is especially the case for no deposit bonuses, as the casino does not receive anything in return for the promo. 

Depending on the promo type, the winnings can be capped at different amounts, so players should read the fine print in the terms and conditions. This means if a player makes more winnings than the winnings cap, anything above the maximum winnings limit will be claimed by the casino. 

This isn’t the worst-case scenario with no deposit bonuses, as players still receive the limited winnings for free. The problem occurs if players deposit their own money and then claim a deposit bonus with a winnings cap.

However, generally, casino bonuses can only be used on certain games. Jackpots or other games where players can win a significant amount in one go are often excluded from the promotion.


The last thing a player needs to look out for is the expiration date for the promotion. Some promotions are only available for 24 hours, while most promotions have a playthrough period of 1 week. This playthrough period is the time frame players have to fulfill the wagering requirements and claim their winnings.

If the wagering requirements aren’t met within that time frame, the casino bonus becomes null and void and players lose out and any winnings related to it.

Some promotions have a longer playthrough period, from 2 weeks to one month, but these promos are usually special promotions. This includes promotions such as tournaments, Game of the Month promotions, etc.

Bonus Types

There are many different promotions for players to take advantage of, but each promotion comes with its terms and conditions. If players understand the different types, it’s easier to know what to look out for and see when a casino offers good bonuses.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is likely the first promotion new players will claim at a casino. Also known as the signup bonus, players can claim it once they have registered at an online casino. The actual promo differs from casino to casino, but there are three types of casino bonuses it usually presents as. 

Most of the time, the welcome bonus will be a deposit bonus. Also known as the first deposit bonus, players can claim it with their first deposit if they fulfill the minimum deposit requirements. It consists of a match bonus, generally between 100% and 500%, where players get equal or more bonus cash when making a deposit. 

Players are then able to play with both their deposit and bonus cash. For example, if a player deposits $10 and receives a 100% bonus, they’ll receive another $10 bonus cash. They can then play with $20 total at the casino.

This welcome bonus can also span across the first two to five deposits in some cases. Some casinos also give players free spins with their first deposit bonus, ranging from between 10 free spins to 50 or more free spins. Another promotion some casinos offer is a no deposit bonus. Generally, this no deposit bonus consists of bonus cash for a player to start with, or it can consist of free spins.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus refers to a promo where the player doesn’t have to make any deposits to claim it. These promotions are primarily offered as signup bonuses, especially if the no deposit is bonus cash. 

Other times when no deposit bonuses are offered, they’re generally part of promotions of a new game and come in the form of free spins. This encourages players to try out new games or popular games by giving them free spins on that game.

No deposit bonuses are generally heavily restricted, with high wagering requirements and only specific games the promo can be used on. It also caps the maximum winnings players can win using the bonus, often at around $100. 

Free Spins

Free spins are a much-loved promo, despite the fact that they’re also generally heavily restricted. Free spins are used to play games, where players receive additional spins on either a single slot, as is often the case, or several different slots. 

The free spins value is most commonly set at the minimum bet value of the slot(s) it’s intended for. The free spins winnings have wagering requirements attached and generally, the free spins need to be used within 24 hours, with the winnings wagered within one week. 

As long as a player uses them within the playthrough period, free spins don’t need to be used all at once. Unlike free spins triggered in slots, promotional free spins given by the casino can be used at the player’s discretion.

Game Promotions

A popular promotion that comes in three different forms is the game promotions. It can either be a Game of the Week, Game of the Month, New Game promotions, or all three. These promotions are meant to get more players playing the specific game or slot, either because it’s the current popular game or there’s a new slot being introduced. However, these promotions usually give players free spins to use on the applicable game.

Drop and Win

The Drop and Win promotion refers to when players don’t need to make a deposit to claim it but rather make wagers on certain games. It’s almost structured like tournaments, where players use specific slots and advance on the leaderboard. What makes it different is that random cash prizes are dropped on lucky players who are eligible to receive them. 

Players can receive these random prizes by making a minimum bet on the related games in a specific time frame before the prize drops. These drop and win promotions are often wager-free, meaning players can immediately withdraw them.


Cashback is one of the best types of incentives for loyal players. It can come in two forms and both try to minimize players’ losses. The first form is that players receive a certain percentage of their wagers back. This type of cashback is generally an ongoing running promotion, meaning as players make wagers, they immediately receive the cashback percentage in their casino account. 

The other type is when players receive a certain cashback percentage on their bets that resulted in a loss. This cashback is generally calculated throughout the week and credited at the end of the week.

VIP Promos

VIP or loyalty casino bonuses refer to the different types of privileges players can receive if they opt into the VIP or loyalty program. These programs have specific requirements for players to remain part of the program. 

Players need to deposit a certain amount each month to stay on a particular VIP tier, with the deposit requirement becoming higher as the VIP tier becomes higher. However, the higher the VIP tier, the better the special privileges. This can range from free spins to lower wagering requirements to higher cashback percentages.


Can I Use Any Deposit Payment Method To Claim a Bonus? 

Generally, you can use any payment method when claiming a bonus but there are some exceptions. If it’s a crypto-only incentive, players need to deposit it with cryptocurrency. Although it’s scarce, some promotions also state that payments made with a particular payment method will not be applicable.

What Is the Minimum Deposit?

It generally varies but most often, it starts at  $10. A staged bonus that spans over the first three deposits or more often has a minimum deposit that becomes higher with every deposit. For example, it can start at $10 for the first deposit, $15 for the second deposit and $20 for the third deposit.

Can I Use Multiple Bonuses at a Casino?

The vast majority of casinos will only allow players to claim one casino bonus at a time. This is to ensure casino bonuses aren’t stacked and abused by the players. However, there are staged casino bonuses, where players receive multiple incentives over several deposits. 

Claim Your Casino Bonus

Bonuses are one of the single most important marketing strategies for online casinos. It’s generally the first thing players look at and needs to catch their eye immediately to persuade them to sign up. 

With casinos trying to lure more players to their site, they are more than likely to offer multiple incentives and lucrative rewards. Players need to ensure they know all the details and fine print on the casino bonuses before signing up. 

Free spins, no deposit and welcome bonuses should all be offered at the casino for players. All of them have their selling point and depending on what players are looking for; some might be better than others. For example, if a player intends to become a loyal player, they might choose a casino with a better cashback and VIP program, even if their welcome incentive isn’t as good. 

Considering the types of casino bonuses and requirements or restrictions, players can now decide on the best casino bonus for them. Take charge of your gambling and make the most of the bonuses available to you!