Best South Dakota Online Casinos

There are a wide range of excellent online South Dakota casinos, the best of which are listed below. You can also find the best South Dakota sportsbooks here.

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Do you want to know if wagering is legal in South Dakota? If so, rest assured that you can gamble legally in the state of South Dakota, and its experience is like no other. We will be providing all the necessary information you need to know regarding the state’s betting laws. Also, we’ll reveal where you kind find a large selection of games, promotions, bonuses, and many ways of payments. Prepare yourself to be amazed by the range of online casinos that are available in South Dakota!

South Dakota Gambling History

This city is well known for its gold and mining history. You are probably wondering about its relation to gambling; stick with us! It was in 1874 that George Armstrong Custer discovered the gold in the mountains of black hills.

Three years later, Deadwood was discovered by settlers who resided in Lakota. Native Americans began settling in the black hills since they discovered that gold was found there even though it was illegal to settle there. There were cowboys, miners, and even Wild Bill. One day, as the famous Hickok was playing poker, he was suddenly shot dead. It was reported that he passed on holding black eights and aces. 

In 1905, South Dakota was declared a state, but gambling was still not allowed. It was in 1989 that legislatures permitted gambling in Deadwood but not in South Dakota. That decision took place because of economic development; the city of Deadwood received lots of tourists because of its beauty, mines, and the entertaining games it offered.

After many attempts to establish a casino in the state, the legislature authorized its first gaming site in 1993. They finally agreed to legalize sportsbooks betting sites in 2020.

Are Online Gambling Casinos Legal In South Dakota?

Unfortunately, online betting is not allowed in the state of South Dakota. This state is one of the states in the country that hasn’t legalized it yet, while in other states, residents enjoy online gambling benefits. We understand that most gamblers prefer this alternative of gambling, specifically because of the pandemic that took place a few years ago.

We believe that it’s just a matter of time until the SD legislature approves of it. Even though online gambling is not authorized in the state, other betting alternatives such as land-based casinos and mobile sportsbooks are permitted in the city only if you go and register directly at an offshore sportsbook or casino.

Gambling Revenue In South Dakota

From the history of SD, we see a strong bond between South Dakota and Deadwood. It is reported that every year, Deadwood gives an amount of $3 Million as revenue to South Dakota. In December 2020, a total gross profit of $253.3 Million was reported for gambling sites in the state. South Dakota has also been doing well with sports betting revenues; it was reported to have received an amount of $443,365 in September 2021. In a few years to come, SD will receive more revenues, as we have indicated above.

Online Gambling Sites In South Dakota

Online gambling is not permitted in SD; we will tell you more about three types of casinos available in South Dakota.

Sports Betting Sites

These types of casinos are permitted at offshore sites, where you can play freely and legally without worrying about whether you’re breaking the law or not. Online sportsbooks are open and functional in the city of SD. Join and start receiving bonuses and promotions!

Offshore Casinos

South Dakota still hasn’t authorized online gambling, and many residents love the idea of playing online, especially for those with a busy schedule. Offshore casinos came through for gamblers who prefer to gamble online other than in person. With the availability of offshore sites, players and gamblers can play and enjoy the games anywhere they like.

Games offered by offshore casinos are similar to the ones you already know, which are:

Please note that offshore casinos are both very safe and easy to use. After your registration to their site, they will offer you a signup bonus, and this bonus will help you get more casino bonuses and give you more chances to win lots of games. Offshore sites provide three specific bonuses:

The rewards in this type of real money casino are amazing. All these bonuses will be yours even when you have not deposited money. Offshore casinos are reputable in SD and get ready to receive and enjoy all these bonuses. Payments are simple and fast; they can take up to a few minutes or days. Offshore sites also use cryptocurrencies, so if you use cryptocurrencies most of the time, offshore casinos have your back. There are a number of Bitcoin casinos that you can access.

Land-Based Gambling Sites

South Dakota has a lot of land-based gambling, and it’s only becoming more popular. We can not avoid change; while other states and countries chose to add online casinos, the city of South Dakota chose to remain with land-based gambling sites. Land-based casinos give a certain ambiance that is not found elsewhere (the noise, lights, and people surrounding you). Being in a casino atmosphere is exciting; the themes of a land-based casino in SD are unusual.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports are new to betting sites and have become popular in a short period. We believe that to succeed in this game; you will need to have good gaming skills as it requires you to build up an imaginary team with real gamers. The success of the game and your imaginary team depends on how good real players will perform. Most of the time, those with great skills in the field always win the game. FanDuel and DraftsKings are the leading DFS providers.

Are you a sports enthusiast? Then DFS might be a good option for you. Gamers that play this type of game are the perfect definition of teamwork, for they do not compete with one another. They get better and better as they play because they study experts’ tricks and playing methods. Therefore, we want to let you know that Daily Fantasy Sports is legal in South Dakota. 

How We Found the Best South Dakota Online Casinos

There are signs that can make you recognize a good online gambling site. Here are some features we thought you needed to know when choosing an online wagering casino:


It is understandable for you first to seek security because your money is at stake here. But one factor you need to know is that as long as you’re dealing with an online casino with a good reputation, your money and personal details will be well kept.

Therefore, we have prepared some casinos in South Dakota that are trustworthy. Nowadays, it would help if you watch out because there are some gambling sites that do not allow you to withdraw your wins, or even third parties can easily access your personal information. Please search for the website’s SSL, license, and certificates as it is easily displayed on the company’s website.

Good Reputation 

How can you spot a reputable casino? The only answer we can give you is to read reviews. Not all regulated gambling sites have a good reputation. We advise new customers first to do some research on their chosen casino; check the ratings and customer reviews.

If you find one that has customers’ complaints, that should already be a red flag for you not to bother joining it, but if one has great reviews and ratings, that should be a green light for you to join. Reputable betting sites offer clients enough bonuses and promotions.

Gambling Responsibly

We acknowledge that gambling is entertaining, but this should not push gamblers to play to the point that they empty themselves. The games are supposed to give them opportunities to win cash. Betting sites are also helping many people financially, especially since the pandemic started. If we recall well, some people were retrenched at work, but the gambling industry came through for them.

Casinos with a good status provide factors to assist players in not withdrawing a certain amount of money and even limiting deposits. Some gambling sites stop gamblers from playing, especially if their bets exceed the site’s daily limit. We will keep encouraging gamblers who control all these financial aspects.

We are really thankful for technology, and it has made everything easy for both gamblers and casinos. Now you can enjoy your favorite games wherever you are. All you need is your electronic device with you.

Games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, and many more are included in your chosen online betting site. The games vary from casinos. Not all casinos have the same games, but most games are similar to other casinos like the various groups (slots, video poker, poker rooms, etc.). Make sure your chosen online gambling provides your favorite games.


We mentioned above that any reputable casino has daily limits; the same applies to bets. If you thought you could bet any amount of money, we think it’s time to adjust that thought. Managing your funds is very important for a serious wagerer.

Please read and understand the online casino terms and conditions regarding the daily bets minimum and maximum, then follow their requirements. If you are interested in placing huge bets, note that most online betting companies we gathered allow it; bets depend on your preferences, whether your bet is high or low. 

Customer Assistance 

The best casinos understand that the client is their main priority. They should try by all means to satisfy their customers, especially when they are facing an issue. You have to make sure that the company’s customer assistance operates 24/7. In case of any trouble, you know who to run to, and you’re guaranteed that you will get help. Especially when it comes to withdrawals, many players need help when it’s time to cash out. The problem might be the type of payment you want to use. Sometimes, the online betting site does not approve of it, so it’s important to look at all those aspects and ask for help when you need it. Lastly, ensure their address, details, and phone numbers are displayed on their homepage.

Conclusive Verdict

We foresee that the legislation for iGaming businesses in South Dakota will be less strict in years to come. From its history, we understand that it wasn’t easy to license this business industry in the state. Since legislatures permitted gambling in SD, lots of residents spend their free time enjoying the site’s entertaining games while making money. The monthly growth of customers is unbelievable as residents and visitors know that most of the best and most popular gambling sites are found in South Dakota.

We all can witness the pace at which laws change in the United States. Occasionally, if there are any changes made, we will be updating you with everything happening in South Dakota regarding gambling. Try to stay connected to our page, and we wish you all the best!


Will Gambling Sites In SD Ever Be Regulated?

Gambling sites are regulated in South Dakota, and the city has 34 land-based gambling sites. But online casinos are not permitted in the states; you can only play at online offshore casinos.

Can I Win Real Money With SD Gambling Sites? If So, How Much?

Of course, you can! Gamblers win huge amounts of cash every single day in SD. Your wins depend on the amount you bet and to guarantee your victory. You need to at least understand the game you’re playing.

At What Age Can I Play At Gambling Sites In South Dakota?

All gamers and gamblers are allowed to play at the age of 18 (lottery). You have to be 21 or more to play poker and sites.