Best Illinois Online Casinos

Check out our list of the very best online casino sites in Illinois below. You can also find our list of the best Idaho sportsbooks here.

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Illinois is quickly becoming a Midwestern gaming hub, with many Illinois online casinos being available. New measures shape the Prairie State, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy unique gaming opportunities. The state residents can enjoy gambling activities like the lottery and land-based casinos. In 2020, the Governor, J.B. Pritzker, signed the gambling bill that legalized sports betting.  

Since 2020, new legal online sportsbooks, with players gambling for real money, have joined the casino industry. Illinois residents have many options to choose from, with hundreds of online casinos taking the sector by storm. 

Available Forms of Online Gambling

Online Sports Betting

Sports betting laws in Illinois allow for the regulation of online sportsbooks. Following the amended 2020 sports betting bill, the state requires bettors to register remotely to join online casinos. Only six online betting platforms are allowed to operate in Illinois. The recent lift of the in-person registration requirement has triggered the launch of more online casinos. 

Online Lottery

Online lottery in the US is rare. However, Illinois prides itself on being one of the few exceptions. To purchase an online lottery ticket in Illinois, you must be 18 years or older. Tickets are available through the Illinois Lottery app or the website. The buying process is relatively seamless. 

To participate in the Illinois online lottery, you register through the lottery’s webpage. You then have access to single drawings or Powerball subscriptions, lotto games, and online Mega Millions. You can also enjoy Lucky Day Lotto, Pick 3, and Pick 4.

As an account holder at the Illinois online lottery, you can view previous winnings and access your numbers directly. You can receive deposits for any win up to $600 or set notification reminders for any wins available or draw times. 

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) in Illinois remain unregulated. The attempts to officially legalize the gambling option have borne no fruits. Luckily, no standing law expressly prohibits DFS service in Illinois. In 2015, the state Attorney General expressed his opinion that DFS should be illegal, but the Supreme Court countered that opinion saying DFS requires skills. 

The legality of DFS in Illinois has been a massive effort, with back and forth discussions through different betting bills. There is currently no clear direction of how DFS’ legality will turn out. Currently, the legalized sports betting operators offer DFS unhindered to Illinois residents. 

Online Casino Sites in Illinois

There is no direct regulation of online casinos in Illinois. Residents of the state will encounter offshore online bookmakers instead of using online sweepstakes. We will later look at what makes an online casino stand out in Illinois. 

Available Casino Games to Play in Illinois

Online Poker

Online poker is a popular casino game in Illinois. The game is one of the most preferred due to its similarity to traditional poker. Online poker is illegal in some US states. You have a chance to have fun and make real money on online poker. 

Online poker in Illinois allows you to play at more than one table. You can place different bets on different tables, meaning you can lose and recover losses on other tables. 

One of the most challenging tactics of traditional poker is recognizing an opponent’s poker face. Some players look at how you physically hold cards, how you bluff, and how you react and breathe. Online poker eliminates this trait. All players play from a neutral ground. 

Sports Betting

The state of Illinois legalized sports betting in 2020, restricting it to particular online sportsbooks. The betting law requires you to be at least 21-years-old to participate in sports betting, however, betting at sweepstakes sites in Illinois, you must be at least 18-years-old. 

Legality Of Online Casinos in Illinois

According to the former, original sports betting law, you could only bet at a legal sportsbook in Illinois after initial registration at the casino offices or visiting the partnering casinos. But there has been an update after Governor Jay Pritzker, on December 17, signed House Bill 3136 into law. The bill is set to start functioning beginning March 5, 2022. 

You will now have the freedom to register remotely, online, or through mobile betting apps for an online sportsbook registered and licensed in the state. The bill also reversed the ban of in-state collegiate sports betting. You can now wager on collegiate games.

Illinois state gambling activities date back to the 1920s. Historically, Illinois residents could place bets on horse racing held at the local horse tracks. In 1990, riverboat casinos were becoming more popular and the Riverboat Gambling Act allowed locals to run commercial casinos within the confines of a boat. 

In 2009, Illinois legislators allowed local bars and other similar venues to host lottery terminals. The iGaming industry in Illinois is still taking shape, with more laws coming to play to enhance online gambling. 

In Illinois, gambling law defines gambling as games of chance or skill, played for money or other items of value. The definition cuts across different views of online gambling, including betting on offshore casino sites. The Illinois state classifies illegal gambling as a class A misdemeanor. You must be 18-years-old to participate in Illinois lottery games and 21-years-old and above for horse race betting and casino games.

Sweepstake Casino Sites in Illinois

Due to strict laws barring online casinos, sweepstake casino sites are becoming more popular in Illinois. Sweepstake casinos use the sweepstake model to offer casino products. The beauty of Illinois sweepstake casinos is that they offer their services free. You can win cash prizes without spending any money. Customers using free credits receive cash prizes. Here’s how to get additional sweepstake credits:

  • Log in daily to the site
  • Send in a mail-in request
  • Buy coin packages
  • Become active in social media contests

Unlike typical online casinos that use real money currency, sweepstakes sites are quite straightforward. The site requires you to exchange sweep and gold coins for a cash prize. They are legal in almost all US states.

In Illinois, online gambling sites are still facing a tough legalization concern, however, the offshore online casino market is gaining popularity as Illinois residents prefer real money casinos to casino sweepstakes. Online casinos allow players to make real money with low wagers. Some sites have fast payouts with low or zero fees. 

Why Play Real Money Online Casinos In Illinois?

There are several licensed and legal land-based casinos in Illinois with expansive venues. More players are flocking to real money online casino registration sites in Illinois despite this fact. We will help you understand why Illinois online casinos are in high demand despite the legalization hiccup.


Nowadays, people want to keep their whereabouts and what they are doing privately. If you visit a land-based casino, anyone who sees you around will know what you are doing and may judge you based on their opinion on gambling. Online casinos allow you to wager your best games at the comfort of your home. 

Some sites have live matches that allow you to enjoy and bet on your best contests without leaving your sofa. Illinois residents have access to cryptocurrencies payment options like Bitcoin. They can make online payments without leaving a single trace of gambling activities. 


Land-based casinos only favor those residing within the premises. On the other hand, Illinois online casinos allow you to play thousands of online games with different variations without spending a cent on gas. All you require is a smartphone or a computer device and internet connectivity. 

Some Software Help You Win

Games of skill like poker may need you to gather impressive understanding and strategy to win. Online casinos in Illinois have additional software that may boost your chances of making a win. Poker software, for instance, helps you monitor your opponents’ tactics making it easier to know their next move. The poker tracker records all your wagering history and opponents’ history. It helps you choose the best opponent based on strength and enables you to improve your skill levels. 

Bonus Offers at Online Casinos in Illinois

Illinois online casinos have impressive bonus offers classified into three categories; welcome bonuses, ongoing promotions, and loyalty point prizes. 

If you are a new player, claim a first deposit bonus but take note of the wagering requirement before cashing out. Higher rollers in IL land-based casinos have huge bonus rewards and VIP programs, however, Illinois online casinos offer similar rewards whether you are a low punter or high punter. 

Checks To Help You Bet Safely at Online Illinois Casinos

Online casinos dedicate a great deal of resources to cyber security. If not careful, they risk the loss of essential data. Follow these checks before signing up at online casinos in Illinois. 

Site Security

Safe online casinos in Illinois follow a dedicated web address with HTTPS://. An HTTPS prefix indicates a standard internet security protocol known as SSL. Data encryption safeguards your information from snoopers and hackers. Check the security of payment options used. Cryptocurrency casinos have the best payment protection since they keep your financial data and history anonymous.

Bonus Terms

Make sure to sign up to online casinos in Illinois with fair bonus terms and conditions. Read the wagering requirements and check bonus reviews. Low wagering bonuses will give you a better chance of cashing in your winnings. If several players have an issue receiving their bonus wins, it’s not a player-friendly casino. Avoid sites with potential red flags. 

Mobile App Download

Some casinos have mandatory mobile app download requirements. Downloading an app is not necessary. The casino mobile app option is meant to enhance player convenience, should they want to use their mobile phones to watch live matches or wager on favorite casino games. Download option is a potential risk to fall victim to ransomware and spyware. Flash games should play without issues on your web browser. 


Though the online casinos market in Illinois is still unregulated, bookmakers must have a regulatory authority from their country of origin. Check for marks of a reputable online casino licensing body. Most legit online casinos in Illinois have a valid license. 

Effective Customer Support

The best online casinos in Illinois have a robust customer support framework. Check for direct customer support lines or a live chat option. It takes a few minutes to know whether the numbers on the site are legit and whether the live chat functionality is functional. 

Test the communication legitimacy by calling or contacting them through live chat and gauge how long they take to reply. Reliable online casinos in Illinois immediately respond on live chat with 24/7 functionality. 

Final Thoughts 

The future of online casinos in Illinois looks incredible with the recent regulatory changes. There is more to look forward to with the current online betting laws. There is increased pressure on lawmakers to increase gambling options on the land-based casinos. We believe the rise in online casinos in Illinois will push lawmakers to legalize the online casino industry. 


Is It Safe to Play at Illinois’ Online Casinos?

It’s entirely safe to play at a licensed online casino. You must check the potential red flags since online gambling in Illinois is not regulated. It’s up to you to choose a casino site that protects your interests. 

Can I Play Offshore Online Casinos from the Other US States? 

If you plan to travel away from Illinois, you can still wager at the best online casino in the state. Most offshore sites accept players across the United States. Some states may have certain restrictions, though, but most don’t. Take time to research and work with the best sites. 

What Do I Need to Look for To Determine a Safe Online Casino?

Illinois is home to a vast number of online casinos. Since there are no government regulations, you must research and choose the best option. Check online reviews, the effectiveness of customer support, safe payment systems, and the availability of your preferred online casino games. 

At What Age Should I Bet at Illinois Online Casinos?

Casino sites require their members to be 18-years-old to wager online. Some land-based gambling activities have a minimum age requirement of 21 years. All new signups must go through an age verification process which takes a few minutes.