Donald Trump Linked To Racist Mobster At Trump Plaza Casino

Donald Trump Linked To Racist Mobster At Trump Plaza Casino

Donald Trump’s relationship with a notorious mobster has raised questions about the businessman-politician and his dodgy past.

The Republican presidential front-runner lavished gifts to a hateful mobster who used to frequent his gambling joint in Atlantic City and intimidate women and minority employees.

Trump’s casino was fined $650,000 for catering to the racist mobster and now Trump denies directly knowing the man.

Donald Trump

Sputnik reports:

The daughter of Robert LiButti, a mobster affiliated with John Gotti, has come forward with new details of the Republican presidential front-runner’s ties to her father.

Investigative reporter Michael Isikoff detailed how in 1991 an investigation was launched into the casino after complaints were made by nine employees about having to remove women and minorities from the tables where LiButti was playing.

“He did not want women, blacks or other minorities dealing or supervising his games,” a filing by the state Division of Gaming Enforcement, obtained by Isikoff, stated. Libutti also allegedly referred to an employee as a “dumb c*nt” and “dumb b*tch,” another as a “Jew broad,” and an African-American dealer as a “black bastard,” Isikoff wrote.

“Shoot the f*cking dice. Shoot the f*cking dice like you’re f*cking some n*gger,” LiButti shouted at another point, according to testimony in the case.

Employee complaints about the casino’s willingness to cater to the hateful mobster resulted in a fine of $200,000.

Trump has denied that he personally knew the high-roller, but LiButti’s daughter, Edith Creamer, told Isikoff otherwise.

“He’s a liar,” said Creamer. “Of course he knew him. I flew in the [Trump] helicopter with [Trump’s then wife] Ivana and the kids. My dad flew it up and down [to Atlantic City]. My 35th birthday party was at the Plaza and Donald was there. After the party, we went on his boat, his big yacht. I like Trump, but it pisses me off that he denies knowing my father. That hurts me.”Donald Trump

The casino was also fined $450,000 for reportedly buying LiButti at least nine luxury vehicles worth $1.6 million, five European vacations worth $104,338, $279,978 worth of event tickets, $121,712 worth of jewelry, and $40,020 in champagne, Yahoo News reported.

Donald Trump
Mafia boss John Gotti

The allegations that Trump was closer to LiButti than he lets on are further detailed in a book called “Trumped!: The Inside Story of the Real Donald Trump — His Cunning Rise and Spectacular Fall,” by John R. O’Donnell, where he recounts a story of the mobster selling Trump a horse.


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  • Bill_Kearney

    I like a lot of what Trump says, but what I like better is the attention his running for president is going to bring to what was part of everyday business from day one when he and others opened casinos in Atlantic City. What you’re about to read is still in many ways happening in casinos throughout our country. I have witnessed this and much more when I was a high rolling casino gambling degenerate. The sad part about this story is that our lawmakers knew this was going on back then and will continue yet they sanction this co-called entertainment venue known today as ‘GAMING.’

    “People will spend a tremendous amount of money at casinos, money that they would normally spend on buying a refrigerator or a new car. Local businesses will suffer because they’ll lose customer dollars to the casino.” Donald Trump

    Meanwhile there are 12 casinos up and FLEECING in our state and like other casinos in other states they are operating like amusement parks with no safety belts or cages on their rides. In other words there is NO consumer protection. You can help stop our casinos from BREEDING Pennsylvanians into compulsive casino gambling degenerates who will eventually become criminals by calling your State legislators and telling them you support (CASINO MONTHLY STATEMENTS)

    The statements will only be sent to the Reward Card holders who have winnings and losses that are equal to or greater than $500 per month. These statements would enable gamblers and their family members to spot a loved one’s gambling problem before it gets out of hand. Who knows how many Pennsylvanians and their families would be in a better domestic and financial situation when being made aware, month after month, of their wins and mostly LOSSES in black and white.

    To learn more about this ‘VICE’ know today as ‘GAMING’ go on line and Google-up Bill Kearney on casino gambling.

    • Fedup2theTeeth!

      We’ve had Mafia Presidents long before the Mafia set their greasy goombah feet on our sordid shores, dears…. I’d rather have The Donald in office than a blatant ISIS founding sleazebag drunk.
      When will America grow up and accept the fact that all politicians are criminals? All rich people are criminals? We’ve been living under Communism since the turn of the last century. We’re the ONLY country in the world who ever dropped an atomic bomb on non-combatants!
      We don’t have a future in this country anytime soon!

  • BT

    Write a biased article much?..

  • Robert schnell

    Who cares? Surely not me, and I guess they don’t care about anyone but there Selfs because they will be putting everyone that works for them out of a job. They should stop and think where they make their money from people like us who would go to the movies and watch their movies I won’t watch any of them anymore. They really need to grow up! Get over it and except the president and respect him .