• nuclear armed subs
    China is about to send submarines armed with nuclear missiles into the Pacific Ocean for the first time, arguing that new US weapons systems have undermined Beijing’s existing deterrent force leaving them with no choice. Beijing points out that the US plans to [...]
  • Israeli Warplanes Bomb Gaza Strip
    Israeli warplanes launched two airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip on Thursday morning following reports that a rocket had landed in southern Israel late on Wednesday night. The airstrikes hit an area west of Rafah and the Nuseirat refugee camp located in the [...]
  • catholic nun
    A Catholic nun was arrested on Monday evening for obstructing an ongoing immunisation campaign against measles and rubella in Nakuru County in Kenya. The ministry of health had announced that the campaign launched by the Kenyan government was targeting 19 million [...]
  • Indian women
    India’s welfare minister has claimed that Indian women “are being sold like products in a retail shop” to  Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. Women are sold for £4000 in Saudi Arabia and around £2000 in Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. [...]
  • Corey Feldman Would Love To Name Hollywood Paedophiles
    Actor Corey Feldman has claimed that paedophilia is a prevalent problem in Hollywood and that he’d ‘love to name names’ “But unfortunately California conveniently enough has a statute of limitations that prevents that from happening. Because if I were to go and [...]
  • Tories Sidelining UK parliament On Controversial EU Trade Deal
    British prime minister David Cameron is trying to fast-track an EU-Canada trade deal without parliamentary consent.  A set of leaked notes that were allegedly made during the EU Foreign Affairs/Trade-Council in Brussels on 13 May, appears to show that the UK is [...]
  • Greece, Italy & Malta Close Airspace To Libyan Aircraft
    Greece has closed off its airspace for flights to and from Libya until September amid rumors of a looming NATO operation in the country. The first country to close its airspace for aircraft departing from Libya was Italy, followed by Malta. They along with Greece have [...]
  • Syria
    On Monday a series of coordinated and organized bombings across the Syrian coast left more than 100 people dead. There has been little or  no mention of the Syrian attacks other than ISIS being the group responsible and there was no mass expression of condolences or [...]
  • Parents across the U.S. reject Common Core en masse by opting out
    Parents across the U.S. are rejecting Common Core, as more and more students and parents are opting-out of their ridiculous program en masse. Over half a million school-aged children opted out of Common Core standardized testing last year, and that number is rapidly [...]
  • U.S. government to start collecting tax from citizens who collect rain water
    Residents in Ohio who want to collect rain water in their backyards will have to pay a mandatory tax imposed by the local government.  Any resident installing a rain barrel in their yard will have to pay a $31 fee for the privilege. reports: Last week, [...]
  • Parents in Canada who refuse to vaccinate their kids will be forced to attend a vaccine class
    Parents in Canada who refuse to allow their kids to be vaccinated will be forced to attend a mandatory ‘vaccine class’ on ‘immunization facts’, according to new legislation being proposed by Ontario lawmakers.  Ontario Health Minister Eric [...]
  • Big Brother style 'pre-crime' computer tells cops who to arrest and shoot
    Police in Chicago have resorted to using a new Big Brother-style “pre-crime” computer that tells them who they should arrest, based on an algorithm that does all the work for them.  The Chicago Police Department are using a new algorithm to determine [...]
  • State Department finds Hillary Clinton guilty over private email server misuse
    Hillary Clinton has spectacularly failed a State Department audit, which found her guilty of mismanaging email and computer information whilst she was Secretary of State.  The audit states a general “longstanding, systemic weaknesses” relating to [...]