• Iranian Speed Boats 'Harassed’ US Warship Near Strait Of Hormuz
    The USS Nitze and a guided missile destroyer were intercepted by four Iranian military boats near the Strait of Hormuz on Tuesday, according to US defense officials. US officials said four Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps vessels performed a “high-speed [...]
  • France Prepares Children For Terror Attacks On Schools
    France is set to deploy around 3,000 reserve troops to provide security to schools along with ramping up anti-terror drills. Education and security ministers announced that anti-terror drills to prepare students for potential terrorist attacks will include mock attacks [...]
  • deaf
    A handicapped, deaf and speech-impaired man was shot and killed by North Carolina state troopers for not ‘following orders’ during a police stop. Daniel Kevin Harris, 29, was stopped for a speeding violation and ended up dead while trying to communicate [...]
  • An academic at prestigious Oxford University has weighed in with his expert opinion and declared both Trump and Clinton are "full blown psychopaths."
    Election 2016 has so far provided rich pickings for armchair psychologists—and some professionals too. An academic at prestigious Oxford University has weighed in with his expert opinion and declared both Trump and Clinton are “full blown psychopaths.” [...]
  • Anonymous campaign 'OpIcarus: Shut Down The Banks' has caused twenty Rothschild owned central banks, including the Bank of England, to be taken offline.
    The Anonymous campaign against the corrupt global banking cartel, OpIcarus: Shut Down The Banks, has gone into overdrive as twenty Rothschild owned central banks, including the Bank of England and the Bank of France, were taken offline. The hacking collective [...]
  • Despite the best efforts of the establishment and the mainstream media they own to dismiss the idea as a conspiracy, huge numbers of Americans are waking up to the idea that the system is rigged against them by the elite.
    2016 will be looked back on as the year Americans began to question whether our elections – and even our democratic institutions – have been corrupted to the point of being enormous rigging mechanisms designed to ensure control of the Oligarchy. Despite the [...]
  • Nicole Nichols, like other struggling parents, is having a hard time coming up with the more than $2,000 a month needed to keep her 8-year-old daughter, Bella, healthy.
    When Mississippi mother Nicole Nichols wrote to her state Representative asking for advice because she couldn’t afford to spend thousands of dollars a month to get supplies for her diabetic daughter’s insulin pump, she wasn’t expecting to receive a brutal [...]
  • US army say Hillary Clinton is an "insider threat"
    An Army spokesman has confirmed that Hillary Clinton is officially listed as an “insider threat” in training materials taught to soldiers about the dangers she and others pose to the United States.  A slide depicting Hillary Clinton pictured along with [...]
  • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says the police response to the embassy break-in was deliberately slow
    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has criticised London police of being deliberately slow in reacting to a potential assassination attempt a few days ago at the Ecuadorian Embassy. A few days ago an, as yet, unidentified man attempted to break into the Ecuadorian [...]
  • Governments around the world prepare for global war
    Germany have announced plans to reintroduce conscription following their warning to citizens last week that they should stockpile food and water. The announcement comes amid an effort by governments around the world to prepare their citizens for World War 3. [...]
  • US State Department order all citizens to evacuate Gaza immediately
    Secretary of State John Kerry has issued an urgent travel alert to U.S. citizens in Gaza, urging them to evacuate the area immediately following an escalation in tensions between Palestine and Israel. The travel alert warns all citizens against travel to the Gaza [...]
  • american university
    The American University of Afghanistan in Kabul is under attack, with hundreds of students and foreign staff trapped inside. Suspected militants attacked the campus with explosives and guns on Wednesday evening. Zero Hedge reports: The interior ministry official said [...]
  • Records show that the CIA censored info during the Guantanamo trials
    Court documents confirm that the CIA actively censored information about their black-site program, during the Guantanamo trial of five men accused of plotting the 9/11 attacks. During the January 2013 military trial, a mysterious entity cut the audio feed to the [...]