Middle East

Israeli Warplanes Attack Site Near Damascus Airport

September 22, 2017 1

Israeli warplanes have reportedly bombed an area near Damascus international airport in Syria. According to various reports, at least two missiles were fired in the third attack in as many weeks by Israeli military on […]

Clapper admits Trump was wiretapped

Furious Clapper Admits To CNN That Trump Was Wiretapped

September 22, 2017 0

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was forced to admit that Obama illegally wiretapped Donald Trump, during a CNN interview Wednesday. Speaking with CNN host Don Lemon, Clapper admitted that it was conceivable that […]

Israel propose to ethnically cleanse Palestinian population
Middle East

Israeli Government To Ethnically Cleanse Palestinians

September 22, 2017 2

The Israeli government has drafted plans to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from the country and annex the entire West Bank. The plan, proposed by Likud, has been designed to force Palestinian residents to immigrate against their […]

Former Clinton aide Imran Awan kept three Muslim sex slaves

Former Clinton Aide Kept Three Muslim Women As Sex Slaves

September 22, 2017 0

Former Clinton aide Imran Awan has been accused of sexually and physically abusing three women who he reportedly held as sex slaves.  According to police reports obtained under Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act, the indicted former […]





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