• Washington DC
    The all clear has been given after a bomb threat related to a suspicious package forced police to evacuate Union Station in the U.S. capital, Washington DC. There had been conflicting reports suggesting that this may be an active shooter situation, but they turned out [...]
  • media
    Authorities in Turkey closed over 130 media outlets and dismissed some 1,600 military personnel on Wednesday, according to reports. In their crackdown on the media the Turkish government shutdown three news agencies, 23 radio stations, 16 TV channels, 45 newspapers, [...]
  • US Bans Russia From Joining Coalition Against ISIS In Syria
    A Special Envoy for the US-led coalition against ISIS claims that Washington does not trust Moscow and will not allow Russia to join the military alliance fighting the terrorists in Syria. So even though the US has made very little progress in their fight against ISIS [...]
  • Donald Trump
    A black U.S. military veteran supporting Republican nominee Donald Trump was shot in a Cleveland bar after voicing his opinion. A man at the bar overheard the Vietnam veteran voicing his support for Trump in a heated conversation with a friend. After listening in on [...]
  • orangutan
    There is an orangutan who can ape human speech and his name is Rocky. Scientists at Durham University believe they have discovered new clues into how human speech evolved. An orangutan called Rocky is capable of controlling his voice and emulating human speech. [...]
  • Northeastern Nigeria Close To Famine Says MSF
    Doctors Without Borders have said that the violence-wracked northeastern region of Nigeria is “close” to famine. The charity group also known as MSF said on Wednesday that hundreds of thousands are trapped without help, and it must be declared a “top [...]
  • Reporter Abby Martin Arrested At DNC
    Reporter Abby Martin was violently detained on Monday while covering the Democratic National Convention (DNC). Martin was arrested for “disorderly conduct” in Philadelphia, not far from the Democratic convention. BREAKING: Journalist @AbbyMartin just arrested & [...]
  • Syria
    At least 50 people were killed and dozens wounded after two explosions hit a predominantly Kurdish town in northern Syria on Wednesday ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack in Qamishli where the death toll is feared to rise Al Jazeera reports: Syrian state TV [...]
  • Dozens Of Palestinians Including Children Homeless As IDF Destroy Homes
    Israel has been stepping up its demolition of Palestinian homes with 11 more houses on the outskirts of Jerusalem destroyed by the IDF on Tuesday. According to Bt’Selem, a leading Israeli human rights group, at least 44 people were left homeless, including 11 [...]
  • Turkey
    Arrest warrants have been issued for another 47 journalists suspected of having links to the recent failed coup in Turkey. Issued on Tuesday the warrants are against “executives and some staff, including columnists of Zaman newspaper,” Reuters reported. On Monday [...]
  • Professor Stephen Hawking believes alien life is real, but warns that they would have no problem wiping out the human race like a human might wipe out a colony of ants.
    Professor Stephen Hawking believes advanced alien life is real, but warns humanity to avoid contact with them, stating that an advanced alien civilization would have no problem wiping out the human race like a human might wipe out a colony of ants. “We only have to [...]
  • Julian Assange has said that Russia is being falsely blamed for the DNC email hack in order to distract the public from the contents of the leak
    Julian Assange has accused Hillary Clinton of deliberately distracting the American public over the DNC email hack so that they don’t read the contents of the emails.  In an interview with NBC News, the Wikileaks founder said that “there is no proof [...]
  • Palestine are to sue Britain over the creation of Israel
    The President of Palestine has announced plans to sue the British government for creating Israel and subjecting the Palestinian people to illegal occupation and brutality.  Mahmoud Abbas says he will sue Great Britain over the 1917 Balfour Declaration in declaring [...]