EU Threatens To Strip Poland Of Its Sovereignty For Being ‘Anti-Soros’

EU threaten to overthrow Poland due to anti-Soros sentiment in country

European Union leaders have threatened to strip Poland of its sovereignty amid fears that an anti-Soros movement is spreading throughout Europe, spearheaded by the Polish people. 

The EU has threatened to invoke Article 7 – a move which would see Poland lose the right to vote and would see the country completely stripped of all of its assets . reports: The European Union announced Wednesday that it would be taking further steps against Poland for what it views as a “systematic threat to the rule of law.” The political bloc has criticised the Polish government’s proposed judicial reform in the past and is now eying a move that could suspend Warsaw’s vote within the union by invoking Article 7, Die Presse reports.

Poland’s ruling party has been pushing the reforms as a mean to tackle what they see as left-wing activist judges, and to introduce “Christian values” into the system.

EU Commission Vice-President Franz Timmermans has been a supporter of invoking Article 7 saying that Poland had “significantly undermined” the independence of the judiciary.

“I am no Nostradamus, I can not make large predictions, but I believe that the Polish people will not support the government when it comes to leaving the EU,” Timmermans argued.

Mr Timmermans also took to Twitter Wednesday afternoon claiming that the vote on Article 7 was close saying, “we are very close to triggering Article 7.”

EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova has also slammed the Polish government saying, “I can not imagine that German or Swedish taxpayers want to pay for the establishment of a kind of dictatorship in another EU country,” implying that the halting of EU money to Poland is also on the table.

The judicial reform bill was passed by the Law and Justice (PiS) government on Tuesday evening though not all have agreed with the bill. Polish President Andrzej Duda has called for key reforms to the bill saying, “this draft bill should stop the Council from being subject to a single party, a single political group. This is unacceptable… It would be seen as a political diktat.”

Strong opposition has also come from other Polish political parties. PiS politician Jaroslaw Kaczynski called those opposing the reforms “traitors.” He said that the reforms were the will of his brother, the former president of Poland, Lech Kaczynski and that the opposition was violating that will.

“Do not take the name of my deceased brother into your treacherous mouths, you who have destroyed and murdered him,” Kaczynski said. President Lech Kaczynski was killed while on board an aeroplane in 2010 which some say was an “act of aggression” by Russia.

In order for Article 7 to be passed the European Union requires the consent of a qualified majority which entails the vote of either 55 percent of the member states or countries representing at least 65 percent of the total EU population.

Article 7 has also been threatened against Hungary after the country made sweeping reforms that hindered the ability of the George Soros founded Central European University to operate.

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  • Harry Wheeler

    If the EU decides to impose their alleged Article 7, then Poland, Hungry etc should throw the European Banks out of their countries. The EU can not take away a country’s sovereignty unless they are overtly invaded. Does the EU intend to commit an act of war at against these countries?

    • Ibhar Mac Suibhne

      NOPE….article 7 only EU removes voting rights no mention what so ever
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    Fight Soros, he is a vile, evil man, Poland we are behind you in this one..

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    That’s a great idea, give Poland Article 7, then they can join us in fighting for our Indipendence from the German EU and we can start a new and proper “Common Market” which is what we voted for originally. Who knows how many other nations would follow their lead!!!!!?

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    With Poland on this, and the Visegrad 4. Hope the EU pulls the plug and suffers the unintended consequences of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic et al, saying fuck it, we’re out. Now that would make me smile.

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      Poland, Hungary, Czech, Ukraine and others should form a Central European Alliance of their own. The West will eventually collapse under the demoralized perversion sweeping its foundations. Christian Countries need be free of this ‘Sinking Ship’ !

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    This is all because Poland is a Catholic country and will not buy into the continuous evil that has taken over most of Europe. They won’t embrace abortion or sodomy and the powers that be can’t deal with that. They want the destruction of all that is moral and good. Soros is the sodomy partner of Satan.

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    “The EU has threatened to invoke Article 7 – a move which would see
    Poland lose the right to vote and would see the country completely
    stripped of all of its assets .”
    NOPE….article 7 only EU removes voting rights no mention what so ever to “Strip Poland Of Its Sovereignty” and “stripped of all of its assets”

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