McShots With Every Meal, McDonalds Offer Free Vaccinations

The city of Amarillo in Texas are offering free vaccinations for children at a McDonald’s restaurant between 9am and 2pm. 

The Department of Public Health and the Caring For Children Foundation of Texas say the vaccinations being offered include the meningococcal vaccine; the varicella vaccine; the Tdap vaccine booster; MMR vaccine; and hepatitis A.

Parents and guardians have been told to bring immunization records, and children under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • Miss.Anne Thropee

    Wow…First to comment *waits for the exhilaration of it* Hmmmmmm, It doesn’t work for me.

    Right…looking at the accompanying photo, I must wonder why they chose a picture of two obese kids stuffing their fat mouths with the nutritious food that keeps all the healthy folk among us afloat, I wonder…Why use a picture of one problem (to blame on the parents…yup, keep looking for that ‘fat’ gene to blame it on parents.) But to use it in, and I cannot help but laugh out of disbelief, or cry at the utter madness of using a McDonalds to entice the one & same parents to get some free vaccinations for their genetic filth blobs.

    Is THIS seriously the state of affairs? Is it a financial thing? What…why would you take your kids to McD’s to get their immunizations? (No, not just flu shots…their Immunizations! I know you can get them free at clinics, in a sterile room…Here was I, silly me…thinking it was the Parents that were the anti-vaxxers , not the infants.) Yup…chalk it up to another wtf moment where the film ‘Idiocracy’ is all too frightening.

    Now go git them shots at McDonalds…but, uh…don’t expect a free lollipop.

  • c_chandler

    mcdonalds…supporting big pharma rather than health and freedom of choice.