Netanyahu’s Former Advisor Appointed As Facebooks ‘Head Of Policy’

The Israeli government and Facebook cooperate to tackle the BDS movement

Netanyahu's Former Advisor Appointed As Facebooks 'Head Of Policy'

Facebook and the Israeli government are joining forces in order to crack down on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement online.

A former senior adviser to Israels Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been appointed as the social networking sites head of policy and communication.

Alaraby reports:

Jordana Cutler, also chief of staff at the Israeli embassy in Washington, has joined Facebook’s Israel office to oversee the planning and execution of measures taken to combat BDS campaigns.

Cutler’s new post was applauded by the minister of public security Gilad Erdan, who announced on Thursday a series of legislative measures taken by his government against promoting the boycott of Israel.

“If we want to convince the world that de-legitimation of Israel is something wrong and that there should be consequences, we must start here in Israel,” Erdan was quoted by Israeli media as saying during a conference in Herzliya.

“There will now be a real price to pay for someone working […] to isolate [Israel] from the rest of the world. I set up a legal team, together with the ministry of justice, that will promote governmental legislation on the matter,” Erdan said.

“There has been an advance in dialogue between the state of Israel and Facebook,” he said, “Facebook realises that it has a responsibility to monitor its platform and remove content. I hope it will be regulated for good.”

“We will use legitimate democratic tools to fight this battle. We will make companies shift from being on the attack against Israel to the defence of protecting themselves,” he added.

The BDS movement, which describes itself as a global movement of citizens, advocates for non-violent campaigns of boycotts, divestment and sanctions as a means to overcome the Israeli regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid

Upon its launch in 2005, the campaign was widely ignored and even laughed at, by Israel and its supporters around the world.

But the Jewish state has since been troubled by the wide growing popularity of the movement, whose latest campaign Tov Ramadan raises awareness on Israeli settlement products and encourages people breaking their fast during the month of Ramadan to boycott them.


  • commonlaw

    Can Facebook!!

    • James F. “Jim” Michie

      NO! FLUSH-IT!

  • Stasis

    BDDS should be the new movement.
    Boycott, Divest, Deport and Sanction. These bastards need to get the hell out of my country.

  • yep
    • Bryn Gomer

      Ignorant, anti semitic POS.

  • Shellie

    Is this a legit news site?

    • Braveheart

      define legit. most of the so-called legit mainstream broadcasting medias lack the most basic of journalistic integrity these days.

      • Lurene Gisee

        Braveheart, this is a fair comment, but what you are seeing is the result of too much media, too eternal and too available with modern technology. The news media always had rule books for its best reporters, but those rule books are toilet paper for the people who are often publishing “news” today. They do not understand libel or slander or defamation. —

      • Annette Perry

        That’s because they are in the business of Public Relations and not Journalism now.

    • Annette Perry

      Yes. It reports what mainstream is paid not to report.

  • agnes losonczi

    I wish they would step up legally against FB aiding and abetting terrorist incitement too…

  • G. W. Markle

    ~ The Chosen People ~

    There seems to be a great deal of global concern about the boycott of Israeli trade at this time, and this never ending subject of Anti-Semitism, so let’s make something perfectly clear: Zionism is not Judaism. Equating Zionism with Judaism is a misconception that’s been propagated so widely, and for so long, that even many Jews cannot discern the difference. It’s this fantasy of a “Chosen People”.

    Zionism is exactly the same as Nazism when you get right down to it. You can change the label and the characters in the game, but the mindset remains exactly the same: A race of “Imaginary Superior Beings” out to dominate the world through fascism.

    Zionism, and all of these fascist ideologies we’ve seen, is a construct of the psychopathic mind. It is a mental disorder, sick minds in concert with other sick minds, in an orchestra of the criminally insane. It’s an illness that’s infecting the entire world at this point in history, and it’s literally destroying Israel from within, and the rest of the world without.

    Zionism is a parasite, a deadly cancer, hiding behind Judaism and defaming it. It is the root of all this hatred and Anti-Semitism we see in the world today: Another race of “Imaginary Superior Beings”, attacking others, proclaiming their superiority over all of humanity, and screaming “Terrorist” – “Anti-Semitism”, and calling for the destruction of anyone who doesn’t bow down to their ideology.

    Zionists are the true Anti-Semites, out to destroy Judaism, Islam and Christianity, replacing these religions, and global political structure with the Zionist New World Order. They are the true Anti-Christians and Anti-Semites combined. The labels change throughout history, but the mindset behind these ideologies, the sickness, persists. Zionism propagates fear, hatred and division, nothing but darkness.

    There are no “Chosen People”. The worth of a soul will only be measured by how much it has loved, nothing more nothing less. The choice is yours alone. Labels, however they choose to define themselves, will not save you.

    • Lurene Gisee

      I think you are something described as a Libel Queen, Sir.

    • Mj

      I have been saying this all along. Thank you for validating my very thoughts. The synagogue of satan are NOT JEWS, they are the seeds of satsn, a hybrid race God tried to wipe out with floods. Their beginning ours revealed in Genesis 6, wheel sons of god ( fallen angels and demons) martyred with whores of Babylon.
      The Zionist, name changed as you said, are the generations of these beasts in human skin.

      Their END is also revealed in Revelation 3:9

      9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

      • Wayne Mickel

        The Synagogue of Satan are those who subvert the word of God it has nothing to do with Angels and women having sex and their offspring Angels do not have the Ability to have sex so they possess a man to have pleasure they are spiritual beings.

    • Itzchak

      this is hugely ignorant. The People of Israel and the Land of Israel are intextricably woven together. Your diatribe is completely wrong.

      • Bryn Gomer

        Unbelievable the lengths that some people will go to to justify racism/antisemitism. Critics of Israel use Zionism as a kind of poisonous potion to exacerbate every accusation against the state. Many critics believe that the solution to Israel’s future lies in the de-Zionization of its identity.

        Zionism is the national liberation movement of the Jewish people. It holds that Jews, like any other people, have the right to national self-determination. Denying that right to Jews, and only to Jews, can’t be called anything other than anti-Semitism. It may be different for the tiny minority of utopians out there who argue consistently against nationalism in any form and in any country, seeking to bring about a world without nation states. But that’s not what anti-Zionism seeks. Anti-Zionism isn’t directed at any other national movement but that of the Jews. (Otherwise they’d have to call it something else.) Most anti-Zionists wholeheartedly embrace other national movements, or at least fail to condemn the existence of any nation state other than Israel. Most notably, anti-Zionists often champion Palestinian national aspirations, but the stark double standard seems to escape them.

        The anti-Zionist mutation of anti-Semitism is particularly pernicious, because it denies not only the right of the Jews to a state, but their very identity as a people. Very few anti-Zionists hold that Judaism as a religion should be eradicated. That distinction is, at the same time, their fig leaf and their weapon. By “tolerating” Judaism as a religion, they can try to shake off the designation of anti-Semitism, a curious attempt since they are trying to lecture the Jewish people about the nature (the negation, actually) of our own identity. The claim is that Judaism is a legitimate religion, but that the Jews are not a legitimate nation—just a collection of people of other nationalities who practice the religion of Judaism, who, therefore, are not entitled to a nation-state. This desire to dictate the parameters of Jewish identity to the Jewish people may be worse than traditional Christian anti-Semitism, or even than some forms of racial anti-Semitism, neither of which deny the Jews our place among the nations, hate us though they may.

        Zionism is a dream made reality. It enshrines the right of the Jewish people “to be like every other people, living freely in its sovereign country.” It restored freedom and dignity to a people oppressed for two millennia. Zionism is profoundly liberal and democratic. It was rooted in Jewish humanistic principles and in progressive ideas of 19th century national democrats like the Italian Giuseppe Massini, who understood that true democracy and freedom can only take place in the context of a sovereign national state. Zionism does not seek to dominate other peoples. No foundational Zionist thinker advocated depriving Arabs of civil rights
        The imperfections, excesses, and even crimes that came along with the implementation of the Zionist idea (just as has happened in each and every other national movement in human history) cannot erase the much larger truth that the Zionist movement’s creation of the modern State of Israel was, and is, a triumph for human rights.

        The challenge for the Jewish community is to reclaim the banner of Zionism, both from anti-Semites and from our own extremists. Zionism doesn’t belong to either of them, it belongs to all of us Jews who believe in our inalienable human right to self-determination. We must own the name of Zionist, and we must defend it. We must insist that singling the Jewish nation out from all nations to DE-legitimize our rights is to be anti-Jewish. Standing up for Zionism, we stand up for ourselves and, by extension of principle, for all humanity. Let’s defy the image experts and bring back in reputation what Zionism has always been in truth: one of the most inspiring and justice-oriented movements in human history.

        • G. W. Markle

          A theocratic state is not a free state, and never will be. To believe oneself to be superior to “others’ demonstrates an inferior mindset. Zionism’s goal is one of total domination and the subjugation of anyone or thing outside of that construct. Hence; Zionism is the self proclaimed enemy of humanity. A true Jew is at home and one with Creation, no matter where he lives.
          I’ll reiterate: “There are no “Chosen People”. The worth of a soul will only be measured by how much it has loved, nothing more nothing less. The choice is yours alone. Labels, however they choose to define themselves, will not save you.” A true Jew will understand these word.

          • Itzchak

            You really know absolutely nothing real about Israel. You are trapped in a very bleak mental creation. What a complete waste of human life.

          • G. W. Markle

            You sound like one of those Imaginary Superior Beings I’m referring to. ~ The fruit of faith is “humility” not arrogance.
            “Those who have put themselves first will be last”.

          • Itzchak

            Does your comment have anything whatsoever to say about the content of what I said?

          • G. W. Markle

            You’re content does little more than expresses your arrogance and your distorted sense of entitlement. You’ve put yourself on display, and you have placed yourself high up there. Your conceit will be your downfall.

        • Mark Meyers

          Sounds like someone doesn’t know orthodox Jewry.

          Neturei Karta – Orthodox Jews United Against Zionism

          Jews protest against Israel and Zionism

          Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews Protest in NYC Over Netanyahu’s Speech

          • Itzchak

            these crazies represent a few thousand people…it’s a very small group that most Jews realize are insane and caught ina weird time warp and perspective. the only people stupid enough to take them seriously are anti-semites.

          • Mark Meyers

            You wrote “The People of Israel and the Land of Israel are
            intextricably woven together.” And according to Orthodox Jewry, this is simply not the case. The orthodox (Torah-based) position holds that the Jews wander the earth without a homeland.

            The establishment of political Zionism in Palestine began back in the 1890s, and was overseen by a small minority of European Jews, but the majority opposed their movement. The Zionist congress ratified its doctrine in Switzerland in 1897.

            Since some of the leaders, such as the Rothschild central banking family of Europe, were in this small minority, they had great sway in England (Bank of England = Rothschild bank), and they got British military support to accompany their financing of the establishment of Jewish settlements in Palestine, which they had already been working on (since the 1890s), by way of the Balfour Declaration in 1917 (UK prime minister).

            And other than these few, the orthodox Jew didn’t really support the creation of a Jewish state. Well, that’s something for starters.

            Those Jews in New York speaking out number at least 10,000, and that’s just New York. There are rabbis there, and in Munich, and Los Angeles, to name a few, who speak out against “Zionist atrocities” as conducted by the leadership in Israel.


            Maybe you should go and talk to them.

          • Itzchak

            I’ve been studying Judaism and Torah for forty years. I know how ignorant and mistaken this little fringe group that makes alot of noise is. And so do 99% of the Jewish world and religious leaders. They are completely discredited and no one takes them seriously.

          • Itzchak

            This is when the modern return to Israel began. in 1269 when Rabbi Nachmanides came to Israel and began the return.
            “Nahmanides left Aragon and sojourned for three years somewhere in Castille or in southern France. In 1267, seeking refuge in Muslim lands from Christian persecution,[9] he made aliyah to Jerusalem. There he established a synagogue in the Old City that exists until present day, known as the Ramban Synagogue. His re-establishment of Jewish communal life in Jerusalem (which had been interrupted by Crusader repression) is notable in that it marked the beginning of almost 700 consecutive Jewish years in Jerusalem until the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Nahmanides then settled at Acre, where he was very active in spreading Jewish learning, which was at that time very much neglected in the Holy Land. He gathered a circle of pupils around him, and people came in crowds…..

          • Mark Meyers

            So you’re a religious Zionist. That’s not a political Zionist. Well, I think that the political Zionists are the ones who have exercised real control, along with all of the Prime Ministers of Israel, in ultimately wiping out Palestinians, who owned 99% of Palestine in 1900, usually through the means of a more capable bunch of European immigrants facing off with simple Palestinian folk. Watching what the Zionists have done to Palestine in the 20th Century is like watching what the Europeans did to the Native Americans in the 19th Century.

        • Wayne Mickel

          All you have to do is read the Talmud and it shows things that God never said to the Jews like you are a superior race, the fact is all Jews did was screw up all though the bible to the point of sacrificing children to Moloch and worshiping rocks Baal worship you did nothing that God commanded, but he always showed mercy and he will leave a remnant alive once again those who know their messiah but the rest will be killed by the Anti-Christ and the surrounding nations.

    • Wayne Mickel

      I agree but if you will not destroy Zionism you leave it to the world to and burn you Talmud it will not only bring the wrath of God upon you but the wrath of the world there is only one Law in Judaism Moses laws and it does not take a black magic Rabbi to know what it says

  • Annette Perry

    Guess it’s time Facebook got some competition.

  • Hannah Corrigan

    Jewish people have been oposing Zionism for over 130 years….#BDS has nothing to do with anti-semitism whatsoever. #ICCforIsrael

    • Bryn Gomer


    • Itzchak

      This is a few thousand people you are referring to. They are considered the fringe of the fringe crazies who are trapped in a very wrong conceptualization.

  • Fuck Demonic possession


  • Justin

    Funny how they say they will use legitimate democratic tools to remove content. But it isn’t democratic if they remove things simply because THEY do not want it to exist. Can they hear themselves?

  • marty7441

    BDS was created to get Israeli to stop breaking international law.

  • RobinOfTheWest
  • John Frederick

    I’ve seen comments quoting the book of revelation, but I haven’t seen any quotes from the Torah, or to the ‘christians’ old testament. The book of Jeremiah say’s that the Lord will offer his children to the King of Babylon, which he did. When he asked for his children to return to the land he gave them which is known as Israel, they returned and the land of Israel which became the Israel we know today. Babylon in our history was Germany and several years after the holocaust the land of Israel was born, (Eretz Yisrael 1948). If you acknowledge the 10 plagues of Egypt during passover, you have to ask, what punishment has the Lord given unto Germany for the holocaust? Fast forward to the Syrian refugee crisis where Syrians and other Islamic people get refugee status in Germany and have raped and destroyed the lives of many Germans ruining their community as the Third Reich had done to the Israelites community in Germany. If you ask any ‘christian’ if the Lord has said ‘he is a double edge sword’, and they would respond, ‘yes’. If you ask them if there is any correlation between the destruction of German society by the Islamic refugees, and the destruction of Islamic society by the actions of Muslims in Germany, and they will deny it. They are the true hypocrites that are mentioned in the New Testament. They truly are the real children of Satan, who worship a man, and not the creator. They compare a man ‘Jesus’ and put him on high instead of the Lord, the creator. I can’t wait until the day when the Lord punishes them for placing any man on the same level as the creator of the heaven and the earth. Disgusting disGRACEful, vile little individuals, and then have the nerve to criticize Israel and people of the Judaic faith while worshipping some random Jew. They don’t even see the hypocrisy. Truly a mental illness that needs to be dealt with.

  • Silver Fang

    I am opposed to any and all censorship. If someone says something you disagree with, debate them! Don’t shut them down!

  • Bryn Gomer

    Im NOT trusting this unholy alliance!

  • ZioFascist


  • Wayne Mickel

    This gut needs to hunted down and taken out as a message to Netanyahu to quit being a criminal hell he need to be taken out.

  • James Smith

    Two war criminal peas in a communist pod. They both claim we’re all stupid… and any court on this planet that could’ve filed a writ for criminal charges are in fact the war criminals themselves.

    So don’t expect any relief from war criminals? The truth about our communist controlled world…