Pentagon Stunned As Thousands Of Chinese Troops Enter ISIS War

Thousands of military troops from China enter the war on ISIS, stunning the Pentagon

The Kremlin have announced that China are to send 5,000 of its most elite military forces into the Levant War Zone to help Russia in the fight against ISIS, which has left the Obama administration and the Pentagon “horrified”. 

The “Siberian Tiger” Special Forces and “Night Tiger” Special Forces Units were given authorization to be deployed by China’s People’s Congress (NPC) on Sunday, after China passed its first anti-terrorism law allowing their army to take part in anti-terror missions abroad. reports:

Most critical to China in entering this war, this report continues, is the “grave” national security threat it faces from both the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) and Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT)—and as, perhaps, best described by the noted award winning American military-intelligence journalist Seymour M. Hersh who in his latest article warned of this threat by stating:

“China, an ally of [Syrian leader] Assad has committed more than $30 billion to postwar reconstruction in Syria. China, too, is worried about the Islamic State. China regards the Syrian crisis from three perspectives: international law and legitimacy; global strategic positioning; and the activities of jihadist Uighurs, from Xinjiang province in China’s far west.

Xinjiang borders eight nations – Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India – and, in China’s view, serves as a funnel for terrorism around the world and within China.

Many Uighur fighters now in Syria are known to be members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement—an often violent separatist organization that seeks to establish an Islamist Uighur state in Xinjiang.

The fact that they have been aided by Turkish intelligence to move from China into Syria through Turkey has caused a tremendous amount of tension between the Chinese and Turkish intelligence and China is concerned that the Turkish role of supporting the Uighur fighters in Syria may be extended in the future to support Turkey’s agenda in Xinjiang.”

Though the US corporate-propaganda media continues to blackball from the American people Hersh’s “bombshell” article, this report notes, 2015 has become the year Russia exposed the barbaric nature of Western powers—from their criminal conspiracy for regime change in Syria, to aggression against Yemen, Iran, Russia, China and any country that does not toe the line—and has, also, exposed for the entire world to see that the Obama regimes fight against the Islamic State has all been pretended.

And with the Obama regime reported to be scrambling to come up with new lies to tell the American people about this war, this report says, only one person in that government, US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, just weeks ago warned the American public that not only is the Obama regime lying to them, they may end up inadvertently starting World War III.

Echoing Congresswoman Gabbard’s fears, this report further notes, is billionaire investor George Soros, who warned the Obama regime this past summer that China might use the Levant War to mask its mounting economic problems and stated “should the external conflict escalate into a military confrontation with an ally of the United States such as Turkey or Japan, it is not an exaggeration to say that we would be on the threshold of a third world war.”

As to why the Obama regime is still protecting the terrorist-supporting nation of Turkey and daily sending in more NATO forces to defend risking world war, this report notes, is beyond insanity—especially when viewed of the light of Turkish leader Erdogan refusing President Obama’s order to remove Turkish troops who illegally invaded Iraq, and, just yesterday, Turkish intelligence servicesassassinating another journalist, Naji Jerf, editor-in-chief of the Hentah monthly, for exposing Erdogan’s support of Islamic State terrorists.

So as President Putin’s special envoy, Alexander Lavrentyev, continues today visiting and informing various Middle East nations of Russia’s new alliance with China against Turkey and the Islamic State, this report concludes, it is, also, preparing for the worst—and which is why the Western Military District, equipped with Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile systems, was put on alert just hours ago.

  • Gen Eral Richh

    … this shall be one war where America is going in to fight alone … and be badly clawed …

    • Jam

      Unfortunately the UNITED and NATO, UK government especially, will follow US orders blindly. The people of the US and UK are lied to daily, they do not support war, they do not even support the current government (UK).
      As always we Red led by idiots doing the bidding of other idiots.
      Let’s hope Russia along with China destroy all of the IS/ISIL/DAESH.
      My own worry is that Russia will, rightfully, turn on Turkey and thus bringing NATO and UK / US into a fight that no one wants except politions.
      The UN & NATO need to throw out Turkey for their support of IS, this should also apply to Saudi Arabia as they finance and supply weapons to IS.
      God help us. (Whichever God you do or do not believe in!)

      • Trey Hanson USA

        Its a set up. They are fighting LIH as well. ISIS is a NATO creation. Israel has screwed us bad as well. You nuts that said Israel did 911 were not far off. They are 100 percent with China. Chins wants to kill all Christians because they have been programmed Christians are behind all world problems by the Israelis and Zionist bankers who double crossed America. Real Truth people!

        • Tim St John

          Wrong. You’re waaaaaay off. CIA and Mossad Created ISIS and they don’t want Russia or China involved. This is puzzle piece for the US, caught with their pants down again.

          • Daniel Platten

            If the US falls then the rest of the world will follow. You have not thought this through. Agenda 21 is not being promoted by the US but the super RICH and it is they you have your fight with not the US and its peoples. So stupid people are today, incapable of true thought.

        • king kong

          sorry thats crap!! china minds their own business ,,that is until psychopaths threaten them..!!

    • spro23

      don’t worry, we have our army of women and trannys to lead us in war lol.

    • David Bell

      Exactly…. They may be able to push around small nations who do not retaliate (Iraq) with a 56 country coalition behind them…. But at the mere mention of taking on 2 superpowers with nukes, huge navies and massive air forces, watch every NATO member jump out one by one like fleas jumping of a dog. The USA even bottles it when the UK voted not to bomb Syria to remove Assad, and when the Russians sent warships to the region to chase of the Yanks….. They fled and had no desire for a showdown with Putin on their own… No different now as it were then.

  • taisen43255

    These wars are supposed to happen as Jesus said:

    Matthew 24: 5 – 7

    False Christs
    5″For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many. 6″You
    will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not
    frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the
    end. 7″For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes.…

    And as you can see hear as well Jesus himself unveiled the seals so that this can happen:

    The Seven Seals : 6:1-11

    6 Now I watched when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures say with a voice like thunder, h“Come!” 2 And I looked, and behold, ia white horse! And its rider had a bow, and ka crown was given to him, and he came out conquering, and to conquer.

    3 When he opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, “Come!” 4 And out came another horse, bright red. Its rider was permitted to take peace from the earth, so that people should slay one another, and he was given a great sword.

    5 When he opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” And I looked, and behold, pa black horse! And its rider had a pair of scales in his hand. 6 And I heard what seemed to be a voice in the midst of the four living creatures, saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius, and do not harm the oil and wine!”

    7 When he opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!” 8 And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed him. And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth.

    9 When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the witness they had borne. 10 They cried out with a loud voice, “O Sovereign Lord, holy and true, how long before you will judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?” 11 Then they were each given ea white robe and told to rest a little longer, until the number of their fellow servants3 and their brothers4 should be complete, who were to be killed as they themselves had been.

    Man’s wisdom is foolishness, when you receive wisdom from the lord, then you can understand what’s really going on. God is control of every single thing and this is his wrath and Jesus’ as well. So please, I know it’s hard because of the human in you, but do not be frightened for these wars must take place. Keep God by your side at all times, repent for your sins, and follow God’s commandments, and stay faithful to Jesus as much as you can. Nevertheless, stay safe everyone, and God bless!

    • Trey Hanson USA

      FCK you!

    • Muriel Katz

      Hi. When your wrote “Keep God by your side at all times, repent for your sins, and follow God’s commandments, and stay faithful to Jesus as much as you can”, this is not correct nor in the right biblical order.

      There is no such thing as staying faithful to Jesus “as much as you can.” A half-hearted, luke-warm attempt to follow Jesus is not acceptable to God.

      Also, you cannot repent of your sins and then follow God’s Commandments. Good works will not get you into Heaven. There is only ONE way…ONE road…that leads to Eternal Life:

      John 3:3~~”Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I Say to you, unless one is Born Again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God”.

      John 3:6~~”That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.”

      John 3:16~~For God So Loved the World that He Gave His Only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER believeth in Him shall NOT perish but have Everlasting Life.” 17~~”For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.” 18~~”He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the Name of the Only Begotten Son of God.”

      When you are truly sorry for your sins and accept Jesus as having taken YOUR place on that cross, and you believe that God raised Him from the Dead, you are saved…which is being Born Again; a spiritual rebirth. Because Jesus took the punishment for your sins, you are now blameless and able to stand in God’s Holy Presence.

      Then, walking with Jesus, reading God’s Word and obeying God’s Commandments become natural. HOWEVER, you will always sin because we all have a sinful nature. But we are not to walk in Sin but, instead, to confess our sins when we become aware of them and to ask Jesus to help us become the Christian HE Wants us to become.

      God Bless <3

      • taisen43255

        Hey. The reason why I said to stay faithful to Jesus ‘as much as you can’ is because even Jesus himself said that during these times of tribulation people will turn away from him, and hate one another and betray one another:

        Witnessing to All Nations
        9″Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations because of My name. 10″At that time many will fall away and will betray one another and hate one another. 11″Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many.…

        At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other,

        This isn’t just about me, you, and some people in these comments, this is for people in the WHOLE WORLD I am talking to, so they can stay faithful to Jesus. People are going through ups, downs, trials and tribulations, being killed, murdered, and hated for his names’ sake, and some people are going to want to turn away from Jesus during these times, he SAID IT HIMSELF! Not only that, but Jesus himself is making this happen (wars, people being killed in his name, etc.) as he unveiled at least 5 of the 7 seals look what I said in my statement above and the revelations, this is his and God’s wrath we are in.

        And I do agree ‘as much as you can’ is a half-hearted luke-warm attempt to follow Jesus is not acceptable to God. And even when you become born again regardless of what you do you’re gonna sin (I realized this when this happened to me as well, since I thought sin would be out of my life, but I have more self-control over it, thank you Jesus) and have to repent for it and ask God to forgive you.

        And I am walking with Jesus, obeying God’s word, and his commandments, and when I started to actually read the Old Testament instead of the New Testament, reading what happened to the Israelites, their descendants, and even some prophets of God when they did not obey God’s words and commandments or walk in his ways, and how they were severely and brutally punished has put the FEAR OF GOD IN ME and has been keeping me in check to keep his commandments and obey his words like I should be. I now not only know about Jesus’ love, but I also know about the fear of God, and God’s wrath, anger, jealousy, and what happens to those who do not I repeat do not obey his words or commandments, and oh boy it is not pretty, read the Old Testament you’ll see what I mean. Even now, I see the wrath of God and his judgments in this world today, and it’s not pretty either.

        And Jesus said absolutely nothing about becoming a Christian, just to keep his commandments if you love him. He also said that he is the truth, and the way, and the life, and noone gets through the father, except through him. Jesus said absolutely nothing about Christian or religion, only to keep his commandments if you love him.<3

        Nevertheless, stay safe, and God bless as well!! 🙂

        • Anthony Difulvio

          The fear of god?? God is pure forgiveness and love, would do you well to stop listening to the false prophets, look in your own heart, for when you die and god puts out the flames of hell, and god sets heaven on fire, then he will know where you truly stand

          • taisen43255

            Yes I said the fear of God. So you’re saying that God himself, and the people he told to send this message are false prophets? Do you even know who God is and what he represents fully? Take an actual, real, look at scripture of the fear of God:

            Ecclesiastes 12:12-14
            The Fear of God is Utmost
            beyond this, my son, be warned: the writing of many books is endless,
            and excessive devotion to books is wearying to the body. 13The conclusion, when all has been heard, is: fear God and keep His commandments, because this applies to every person. 14For God will bring every act to judgment, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil.

            Matthew 10:27-29
            Fearing God Alone
            …27″What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops. 28″Do
            not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but
            rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. 29″Are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father.

            Revelation 14:6-7
            The Three Angels and Babylon’s Fall
            I saw another angel flying in midheaven, having an eternal gospel to
            preach to those who live on the earth, and to every nation and tribe and
            tongue and people; 7and
            he said with a loud voice, “Fear God, and give Him glory, because the
            hour of His judgment has come; worship Him who made the heaven and the
            earth and sea and springs of waters.”

            1 John 5:3

            For this is the love of God: that we keep his commandments. And his commandments do not weigh us down,

            Proverbs 28:9

            The one who turns away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer is an abomination.

            Of course God is pure forgiveness and love, but he also wants us to fear him and obey his commands. It would do YOU well to actually LOOK at the scriptures and what the word of God says before YOU’RE put into judgement for believing the lie and not the truth, and then the good lord will know where YOU truly stand:

            2 Thessalonians 2:10-12

            The Man of Sin
            with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they
            did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. 11For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, 12in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.

            Nevertheless, stay safe, and God bless!

          • Anthony Difulvio

            God knows whats in my heart and for that i will be judged, regardless of what i do in this insignificant plane of existence. I do my best to do whats right because thats whats in my heart, not because I am afraid of god. I would do the same if there were no god… would you?

      • Tim St John



    the world is sick to death of the USA

    • Tim St John

      AND Israel. Tired of their lies. Every word out of their mouth, especially of late, is a lie. Biggest criminals on the planet, bar none.

    • mcgyvergirl

      yes…especially us in the US

    • Daniel Platten

      You mean the Government not the USA! Another dumb ass.

  • Z54

    It’s time to force peace on the US Military Congressional Industrial Complex and drive it out of business along with those who support it in the US House and Senate! Next is to do a complete audit of the Pentagon and the Federal Reserve. Then tar and feather a bunch of suits and ride them out of town on a rail!!!

    • Trey Hanson USA

      40 years to late Sherlock. The world hates you with passion and you are going to get nuked. Someone should have stopped Kosovo,Bosnid.Chile,Iraq,and all other fcked up stuff the US military blindly followed in doing.Lesson to US military…..Not questioning psycho orders is very unwise.

      • ron

        You can suck my balls, the only thing I did in Bosnia was clear mine fields so kids didn’t get blown up, you wanna threaten me?

    • Anthony Difulvio

      hey US, can you eat your money?????? err can you eat your $22 billion debt????

      • Daniel Platten

        People in the us are not rich stupid ass. The majority are poor! Only the Government members are rich and maybe 2% of 320 million. The rest are poor as hell and suffering under this shit government.

  • Trey Hanson USA

    Israel has been collaborating with Chins this whole time. Porshenko in Ukraine is brewing a war with Russia. Goldman Sachs bankers must be so proud of setting up WW3.

    • Philly Bob

      All the Pols & rich have a safe place to hide… we’ll be toast but they’ll be comfy in their hideouts.

  • Axel Vasa

    That’s O.K. They say you vaporize faster than your nerves can sense anything is a-miss,,,,

    • Trey Hanson USA

      Yep! The world wants to nuke the USA! Bye Bye Murica as we know it.

  • Bill Allyn

    Russia isn’t fighting against ISIS, they’re fighting against the Syrian rebels that the US backs.

    • george bush

      ISIS is also backed by u.s./nato/israel—they created it and supply it

  • Anthony Difulvio

    USA sucking the muslim cock because they need allies in WW3……Russia and China gonna hand your asses to you

    • dr no

      your pre occupation with “muslim this and that” in the u.s. is exactly your problem … muslims are not the problem…zionists are …which is why u.s. is in deep trouble

      • Anthony Difulvio

        yup and the zionists want the western countries flooded with islamic refugees, so the France attacks can occur everywhere. Energy…..and the price paid for it is what the middle eastern situation is all about. USA arming Isis and promising the world to the billionaire sheiks, problem is, the world isnt the American governments to give away, Their web of lies isnt holding up to the intelligent people on the planet, a new election in the US wont change a damned thing

  • TheRealRightway

    Caitlyn Jenner and all this transexual, ‘Change’, NWO nonsense that all comes from America isn’t going to save you now. I hope the American people see sense and rid themselves of Obama and all the other malign influences destroying your country.

  • Alex Westphal

    The proxy war deepens…

  • jtitan24

    Obama and his George Soros Muslim Terrorists should be arrested and Court Martial-ed for High Treason and let the Russian’s and Chinese destroy Turkey and the Islamic state and stop this madness form continuing. Now. Congress and our Militarily should act and remove them form office and also Place the Clinton’s on that List. NOW.

  • Anti Everything

    Well holyshit. What actually constitutes a “world war”? Is it 3 countries, 4, 6, more? Because I count 14 (and then stopped) countries so far. We are in a world war now. It is not a ‘declared’ war yet.

    • Anthony Difulvio

      lol!! we’ve been in a world war a lot longer than that, Now hush up and go to work, get in debt, pay your bills and watch tv

  • James Edwards

    IF TRUE, this is ‘MAJOR NEWS’! Few people realize that CHINA has a large population of Muslim-Chinese who have historically posed problems for the Chinese government. In the days of the BOXER REBELLION in China, in 1899, thousands of Christians and missionaries in China were murdered by the Muslim-Chinese. China, surrounded by several Islamic nations, has a vested interest in DEFEATING ISIS, and destroying any attempt at a WORLD-WIDE ‘Caliphate’! Partnering with Russia, poses HUGE problems to America, to NATO, and to Turkey. It would be BEST for America if it cooperated with both Russia, and China, and put an IMMEDIATE END to ISIS, and then went after the OTHER PARTS of this CRUEL, VICIOUS, OCTOPUS in other parts of the WORLD, eradicating it once and for ALL!

  • F. Huff

    More and more in the positions we take it is looking like we are no longer the good guys. I’m not saying that there aren’t a great many americans who hold traditional moral values, only that the political/MSM machine so litter the waters with lies and filth. IMHO the Chinese and Russians are acting in self interest to stem a political disease known as Fundamentalist (radical) Islam. Too bad our own leadership isn’t interested in doing the same.

  • Christopher Shepard

    I don’t know what’s more funny, the idea that you believe this story is true, or Sean Adl-Tabatabai.

  • survivalone

    So Carson did know, and some tried to make fun of him because of what he said.

  • Tim St John

    I used to know a few CSF -ST. These troops are as high speed as they come.
    They make Israeli soldiers look like mama’s boys. They never complained once about anything. While RLTW here, these soldiers are in a class by themselves in many ways.

  • John Prewett

    China contributing to the Russian led force that will invade Israel. Invaders annihilated, btw. [for starters, see Ezekiel 38-39]

  • Kyle

    I hope russia invades israel and US one day. Dismantle the governments, and let US the people elect real people, not fat cat banksters and politicians who only wish to fill their pockets at our expense and through millions of gallons of blood and oil in the middle east. If there were any legitimate arab terrorist groups out there noone could blame them when the west has been destroying their nations for the past few decades. I’m a muslim and I know who ISIS is. Cia and Mossad. Daesh doesn’t even follow islam, they have killed more muslims than anyone else! They have burned mosques, and they do the bidding of the west. But the americans and brits just eat up the media shitstorm that keeps fueling the idea we need to be afraid of jihadists and not the rich zionists who are bleeding the entire world dry.

  • thisfknguy

    Well, In a situation that has escalated this far. The leaders of the USA should be prepared to bend for the greater good. Just as US generals taught Nazi generals. One nation cannot resist the will of the world.
    And no, I’m not a traitor, on the contrary. I’m a very highly decorated combat vet. One of the universal truths that I risked my life for countless times is what’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong. No matter who is pushing these ideas.

  • Scott Lindsay

    Now that China has entered the Syrian fold to help out Russia and the Syrian people of getting there country back from USA trained,paid and supplied terrorists with modern weapons to murder innocent people and to destroy a country based of the fact it can help Iran and Russia to supply all of Europe and Asia of oil and gas based on a sound currency not the US dollar. What makes them think they can now just start bombing a country for no good reason when the allies of there countries Iran,Russia,China and then later Iraq just going to stand there and watch. I DON’T THINK SO.

  • Allen

    This is what happens to all man kind that rejects the love of unconditional love called God.