President Trump Tells Merkel: There Will Be No EU Superstate

President Trump has warned German Chancellor Angela Merkel that he will not allow her to create an EU superstate - vowing to do everything in his power to prevent a "United States of Europe" from rising to power.

President Trump has warned German Chancellor Angela Merkel that he will not allow her to create an EU superstate – vowing to do everything in his power to prevent a “United States of Europe” from rising to power. 

Trump’s pick for EU ambassador, Dr Ted Malloch, was chosen to deliver the warning to France and Germany, telling them that the creation of a Brussels superstate runs counter to American interests. reports: The Republican academic blasted the rest of Europe as “ungrateful” for the massive US support in rebuilding the continent after the war and said it was riven with “anti-Americanism”.

But in contrast he heaped praise on Britain, which is leaving the club, saying it shared the strongest ties with America and would be front of the queue for a trade deal.

Dr Malloch said the EU had “failed” and had to abandon its dreams of ever-closer union or collapse during a combative speech to the Open Europe think-tank in Brussels this afternoon.

New French president Emmanuel Macron is pushing for further integration of the eurozone including a centralised EU finance ministry and budget – a proposal which for the first time Germany is not openly opposing.

But Dr Malloch, who has no official capacity but is close to the Trump administration, warned the US would fiercely defend its interests against any increased “protectionism” from Europe.

He blasted: “The failure, frankly, of the present European integration project I think is becoming more and more self apparent.

“It’s something that Roosevelt or Churchill would have questioned and the EU has become some would argue more undemocratic, more bloated certainly by bureaucracy and more rampantly anti-American.

“The Trump administration is steadily making it clear that the US is not interested in the old form of European integration.

“In fact I think it’s trying to in some ways encourage a reversal of its accelerating path towards a protectionist United States of Europe.”

He raged: “This movement should be seen for what it is. It’s very harmful to US business interests, to US investment policy, to US security and it is categorised by over regulation, low growth, high unemployment, structural rigidity as its outcome.

“These are not policies that the US prefers the more I travel around Europe they’re not things that the Europeans want either.”

And in a warning shot to Mrs Merkel and Mr Macron he said the idea of a “euro government centralised in Brussels” was now detrimental to American’s economic and foreign policy interests.

He said: “The US should therefore definitively encourage more trade with Europe and make firm its opposition to any kind of federal Europe by saying a definite no to what some signal as a future Euro government, single government all powerful centralised in Brussels.”

Dr Malloch insisted Mr Trump wanted Europe “to succeed” and insisted the US did not want to see the bloc collapse, but also said Brexit had shown the project was “weak” and other countries could leave.

In contrast he had extremely warm words for Britain following its decision to leave the club, which the academic said could lead to a new trans-Atlantic balance of power centred on the US and the UK.

He said: “No one wants Europe to fail. No one wants it to collapse. I certainly don’t want it to disintegrate and I don’t think it will.

“But we do know that the US and the UK, at least from a historical or political economy perspective, are different from Europe, have different notions of accountability.

“Some of the European continent have different notions of accountability and democracy, so should the US continue to promote a European model that is under question, which is alien to our own traditions?”

In a thumping attack on eurocrats, he blasted: “The cure to Europe’s calamities, I believe, is genuine democracy.

“Government by the people, not by unelected bureaucrats parading as experts. Members of the EU Commission are not elected – they are unaccountable to any parliament.

“Such a globalist elite and its attendant superstructure is detached from the people and therefore entirely anti-European.”

In his controversial speech Dr Malloch also accused mainland Europe of being “so ungrateful” for the US’ contribution to its redevelopment after the war and said that “anti-Americanism still abounds in Europe today”.

He claimed that the EU Commission deliberately targets American companies with its trade policies to lock them out of the market and attacked the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for distorting world trade.

Asking why so many European leader dislike America, he said: “The answer is I think in part European resentment of American power. Anti-Americanism is not an abstract idea in Europe.

“I’ve seen it up close and personal, I’ve also seen it in its universities. It’s not confined to the leftist usual suspects, it influences much of European culture and policy making I hope it does not affect the future of the EU because that would be detrimental.”

Dr Malloch concluded by insisting good relations between the US and Europe were still “essential” but said Mr Trump would look to deal on a bi-lateral basis with individual countries in future.

The academic said a return to a community of nation states was the only way to save the bloc from extinction, but such a strategy is sure to be resisted first and foremost by Mrs Merkel.

Referring to the idea of an “ethic for the nation state”, he advised: “This is where Europe should look for answers, not through a project of further integration but back to those nation states.

“The US interaction with Europe is changing and I think it will continue to be reevaluated and to evolve. It is very much a different world and one that Trump will help to forge.”

  • merkelthegerkin

    Merkel will be ousted come the next election… she will go down in history alongside her puppet pal Osama Obama as a total disaster for her country,.,,, both of them causing the most damage to their prospective countries than any other leaders of those countries in history… merkel is an historical embarrassment to herself and the fuhrerland..

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      Nope. You’re wrong. Trump is going down. 18 months remaining 😉

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        I’m sorry to have to tell you this, and I know it’s not going to be received well, but you’re going to have to suffer another 7 years under Trump, just like the rest of us had to suffer 8 years under that un-American a##hole you voted into office. Karma, B1tch.

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        If he doesn’t go before that. I have many American friends, but none of them like #45.

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      By the way… Fuhrer? That’s so 40s….

      Grow up.

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      In germany all political forces are the same. Merkel murdered germany with migration-weapons, but the opposition will do it much more faster.

  • Frank C

    Very good, Mr. Trump. Let’s start a war on two fronts at the same time, or make it three – go after Russia too.
    We know how well that worked out for Hitler.
    But of course, that would fit in perfectly with Agenda 21, first commandment.

  • hiphop

    The governments in Europe are the most corrupt and Merkel and Macron belong in jail as accomplices of the terror attacks in their countries. They brought in the terrorist and all the other garbage with the influx of all those refugees. I hope the people of Germany wake up and put Merkel out with their trash when the next election takes place.

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      Dude….. How can Macron be the one to blame if he’s only president for 2 weeks?

      Grow up….

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        Macron is a globalist Merkel is a globalist, supported and financed by soros, the world as one nation, governed by ‘one government, open borders… A vote for merkel will mean poverty, islamic law

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        Macron is another George Soros puppet with intent to push France into the hands of the Globalist Elite.

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        Yet you wanted Trump impeached before he took office…hypocrite much?

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        Before he became president he was part of the previous government. Finance. Nuf said. He went into the election stating he wanted another EU… turnes out he wants more of the same. Eventually another EU yes: the one any sensible citizen should not want.

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        HipHop is just a russian troll and not much more.

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    How to check for fake news:

    Check the image source. With that said… Use your brains people!

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    I feel so sorry for the 63million americans (65 million voted for Hillary. Democracy???) who voted for this pea brained sorry excuse for a human being. After 8 prosperous years with Obama you had a good health care plan, a decline in un-emploiment and most important RESPECT. Now you have a fucking pussy-grabbing bully for president. Are you proud? After the election it was kinda funny having this inexperienced clown in charge. Now its scary. Having this loose cannon running around representing 300million americans, holding a nuclear suitcase and no political experience whatsoever is not a good feeling. So, lets hope the rest of the world can ignore this mistake for 4 years and hope someone better moves into the White House the next time. It wont take much…

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      I am very proud of President Trump and you are a complete asshole that does not know shit from shinola, so STFU and go play with yourself dumb ass liberal piece of human feces. Don’t bother with any comments back at me, I do not engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed idiot. Goodbye and good luck, you damn sure will need it.

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        You need a reality check Gimpy.

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      Well said!

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      Do you really think the USA would be better off with Hillary? Or the EU for that matter? The only thing both institutions are interested in is how much money can be squeezed out of the population on behalf of the globalist companies…

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    Donald Trump hat Recht

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    Thats Nigel speaking through Donald Trump. You can hear him. It really isn’t difficult to understand the logic in those words. Its democracy through the people and somewhere along the way Europe has lost sight of that. To become managed through a group of unelected “supposed experts” and who cannot be removed??? Where did all that come from? I dont remember voting for that or for anything like that so which group of numbnuts decided this is how the world will live………………I dont remember anyone in the UK being asked and had they been they certainly would have rejected any such notion…. You dont think its come through Germany AGAIN do you?

  • Chris Ekerold

    Maybe the Americans should take a long hard look at their own system which anti-social in the extreme. It favours mainly those with money and with power and discriminates against its own citizens by denying them healthcare and social benefits if they are poor. It is not a very equitable system. Europe is far superior in its governance practices.

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    They can become whatever they want, just don’t ask us to bail them out or send troops next time their in trouble….wait, this is Germany we’re speaking about…

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    Heil, Merkel

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    gee,when did drumpf become king of the world?