Putin Orders Release Of World’s Most Powerful Email

A stunning report circulating in the Kremlin today says that brave President Putin ordered the release of a single Hillary Clinton email from the stash of over ten thousand emails being held in the possession of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).

A stunning report circulating in the Kremlin today says that brave President Putin ordered the release of a single Hillary Clinton email from the stash of over ten thousand emails being held in the possession of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).

According to reports, the classified and top secret email was obtained by the SVR from the private but ‘amateurishly secured’ private email server belonging to former Secretary of State, and now American presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Smoking Gun Evidence of Criminal Activity Released

Last week I broke the news that the Kremlin held over ten thousand Clinton emails and that Putin was considering what to do with them.

The mainstream media largely held its silence, with the exception of a few political blogs and the Fox News channel, where one of its main shows, The Kelly File, discussed the news and debated what Putin would do.

We didn’t have to wait long to find out.

The report doesn’t state who President Putin ordered this single email released to, but it is not hard to join the dots.

One hour after the report was issued, Wikileaks, the world’s leading publisher of leaked and classified information, sent out a Twitter message containing the headline ‘Is this email the FBI’s star exhibit against Hillary Clinton (“H”)?‘ (see email below)


The serious implications to Hillary Clinton in regards to this email, the stunning report notes, is that it provides conclusive proof that she personally ordered top secret and classified information to be stripped from emails sent to her private, poorly secured email server in violation of US law – and also directly contradicts what it says on her presidential campaign website: “Clinton only used her account for unclassified email. No information in Clinton’s emails was marked classified at the time she sent or received them.

FBI Must Act, Too Big To Ignore

The report report doesn’t cite the American laws Hillary Clinton broke by her actions, but many US news sites do, with all of them agreeing that the most serious US laws violated by her were Executive Order 13526-Classified National Security Information and 18 U.S.C Sec. 793(f)-Gathering, Transmitting or Losing Defense Information of the federal code that make it unlawful to send or store classified information on personal email.

President Putin has outsmarted them again.  With the release of this damaging email proving once and for all that Hillary Clinton broke the laws of the country she intends to preside over, it is now up to Obama and the current regime to step up and apply the law to the Democratic presumptive nominee.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • commonlaw

    She is a criminal dangerous to the entire world.. Thankyou President Putin.

  • Dan Jones

    Oh my what is going on in those emails….

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.

  • Michael Bohne

    Good, I am happy Putin Released it, I hope he releases More. The deceptive practices of her explanation make my stomach turn. She is a pathological liar and deceived Americans trying to compare her email usage to Powells whicb was in the Napster Era. Cyber security.

  • carlacoffman

    No one understands this bullshit. What secret? It says unclassified, why people would call that email a threat is beyond me.

    • David Pasley

      Allegedly because the Kremlin had it. If her server was hacked, she would get 10 years at least.

    • carolyn_stjohn

      Seriously??? You cannot be that stupid right???

    • Pamela Hunter

      As in No one understands this bullshit… meaning you don’t understand the full implications of what Hillary did wrong with her emails? For one, it is already clear Hillary has lied about the whole thing. Kit and Kaboodle. LOL. This email proves she lied. And to fill you in on the rest of the story… her server was full of secret information. And just so you know that a document does not have to actually even say secret… if the document contains certain information… they all know those docs are secret… also any document the Secretary of State would be sending would be secret etc etc. You are never allowed to just have that information in your private possession… Never… not allowed. And the govt is quite specific about everything. She knew… not only did she know.. she is an atty… But my question to you. How do you think any one would qualify to be Commander-In-Chief…. with someone that a report already came out to say Yes she is Guilty of multiple felonies… this someone put our Nation in Harms Way… this someone allowed Top Secret Documents to be on a private insecure (not cleared by our security) server….. and this server was Hacked they know of at least 5 times. So if that is what you are saying No one Understand this bullshit… it is because in your mainstream media is Pro Hillary… and not willing to really talk about her being a felon. Ten years for this crime is just a start… that would be for one email type of thing… but what she did… multiple emails… hiding and lying that she did anything wrong… having others help cover up for her. etc etc… This goes over the top… not like she could just get years… from any calculation I have seen they have thrown the person in and thrown away the key. Now that would be for a Normal American… you and me… but for Queen Hillary?

      • smerdlap

        The documents DO NOT have to be marked “Secret” in order to be treated as “Secret”. REGARDLESS OF LABELLING, it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the SENDER to ENSURE that Secret information is properly handled, REGARDLESS of the markings. They are all TRAINED on this, even the SOS. An argument for treason can be made out of these violations. In the corporate world, she would have been summarily fired, and likely proscecuted for leaking of company secrets.

    • Nancy Newcomb Fuller

      The point is, Carlacoffman, Hillary’s email was hacked…..she KNOWS there is secret info on, sent and stored in, her email account…which she also knows is illegal. Putin PROVES the account was hacked, yet does not offer the ‘secret info’ for the world to see as evidence, I am very sure for OUR SECURITY PURPOSES…just the proof that her account was accessible and was indeed hacked. MEANING…any hacker, from anywhere could have, and indeed may have also hacked everything held in her account….and she denied having ANY secret documents on her email account…SHE KNEW there was secret document and lied about it and saying there was none. She BROKE THE LAW and got caught…then to make it worse, refused to turn over the info, again denying any ‘misdeed’…again…She has also, apparently done as much as possible to delete information on those hard drives. SHE IS A CRIMINAL….GUILTY OF MANY, MANY, MANY CRIMES…against our Country, and against many, many, many people….including but not limited to, SEVERAL VERY UNUSUAL and UNEXPLAINED DEATHS. Now shall we talk about her being a thief? When Bill was Impeached (more than enough reason for me to know I sure don’t want either of them back in OUR White House) Have you forgotten the $200,000. worth of art and furnishing she STOLE FROM OUR WHITE HOUSE? Then when ‘called on’ about it, they returned only $27,000. worth of OUR FURNISHINGS…..where is the other $172,000. worth of White House, and United States Treasures? This woman as lied and cheated through absolutely EVERY thing she has ever done. Is it not very long past due for this CRIMINAL TO PAY FOR HER CRIMES? SHE MUST ALSO BE DISQUALIFIED AS A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, NOW. There is NO reason to delay her arrest and indictment! Except with only one possible reason…and that is to get confirming information that her accomplice in many of her illegal actions is…as we all KNOW, Obama!

    • Mack

      You obviously can not read worth a damn… It says “We are having a hard time sending you a secured fax”, she then says “Take off identifying marks and send unsecured” So that being said whatever was being faxed was needing to be secured, thus the reason they were trying to send it over a secured line. Her server was not secure. She ordered them to take off identifying marks is a HUGE red flag, if she does it with one she will do it again and again. The other HUGE red flag is putin had it. Meaning her server was not secure and if putin has it then many others do too. This means any communication she has sent is dangerous, IE* Bengahzi… Learn to read first bud, then maybe you understand how important this really is. Say we are moving troops, we do not want them to know when or where, if clinton is handling the when and where, well we a f00ked got it?

  • carlacoffman

    This comes under the heading The Show Must Go On, as far as I’m concerned, not Wikki Leakie.

  • Karen

    I am hoping it will be Putin who brings this evil nightmare down!! how fitting would that be?? She needs to crawl away before she is thrown in jail….karma is about to catch up with her, in the form of President Putin!!!! LOL

    • dmttbt

      I agree almost. I don’t want her to crawl away, I want her prosecuted.

  • mmazzi



    • brad4455

      That is what Trump was saying two months ago, negotiate drug prices because for the past 30 odd years there has been no negotiating. All of a sudden Trump says it and now the Turk wants to spin it.

      • dmttbt

        I am on medicare and I pay a larger portion on the drugs that Medicare does. It is all set up to favor the drug companies. the pharmaceutical companies can donate to senate campaigns and it is legal. Do you think that has an effect on how that person would vote on a drug bill? Yes.

        • brad4455

          Yes I do. But what if we start to negotiate prices from differnt companies. In the past we did not negotiate we just took what they offered partly because of what you just said. Payoffs to senate/ congress. I paint houses for a living and when I give a bid and then someone comes in cheaper (Illegals) and when I say cheaper I mean as much as $1500.00 cheaper, guess who gets the job, you got it the cheaper price. So if we start competing with differrent companies maybe the Gov. gets the drugs cheaper and pass those savings on to you. Go Trump!

    • dmttbt

      I notice the caption says “CLINTON ADMIN WITH NEWT SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE-NOT GOOD CHEATERS. Why does it say Newt??? and when was this done that Bill Clinton was doing negotiating. This is beginning to look like bull s hit.

  • mmazzi


  • grit

    As long as the ag is a dem appointed, nothing will happen.

  • dmttbt

    It stated on the piece that Putin is brave enough to release the e-mail. I don’t know why he would ever need to be brave enough. he can do the right thing and expose Hillary for what she is and save us the trouble of having her possibly as president. We know we can’t get anyone impeached.

  • SherryMarion

    How ironic that a leader of a foreign country that’s not much of an ally has the means to possibly bring down Hillary

  • dennam

    At least the Russians have a leader who loves his country. It’s sad and pathetic that it takes a foreign President to do both the job of Congress and our media.

  • Joseph Molion

    Unfortunately, this is a non story. This has been known for months, and somehow the criminal manages to shake it off. She’s being protected at the highest levels, because they need her to continue to carry forward the agenda currently in place, and her opponents won’t do that.

  • SFC Kenneth A. Partyka, SR ( R

    Thank you President Putin. The world should know the real truth about Killary, not what Democrats want us to believe.

  • Bridget

    I would completely understand Putin’s need to prove her deception and not want her in office. As one of the worlds superpowers he has no desire to put his country as well as ours into vulnerable positions that Hillary will cause if she is considered, just as he must feel Obama was a pesty joke and a tool. He may even understand undermining the security of both our nations by releasing all.

  • John

    She and Ovomit who is protecting her both need to spend life in jail

  • Gail Ferraiolo

    Obama will protect her and nothing will ever be done!! The only thing we asamericans can do is vote them intirally out!! Get the HELL out of our White House you filthy bunch of scum
    Vote #TRUMP2016 POTUS