Teachers Told Not To Refer To Female Pupils As ‘Girls’ Or ‘Ladies’

Headteachers in the UK have been told not to refer to female pupils as “girls” or “ladies” because it means they are “constantly reminded of their gender”.

The Government’s former mental health tsar Natasha Devon said teachers should be using gender-neutral language when addressing their students. She added that the same rules should apply when addressing male pupils.

The Telegraph reports: Speaking at the Girls’ School Association’s annual conference in Manchester, she said that she would “never walk into a room in an-all girls’ school and say girls or ladies” because it was “patronising”.

She added: “I don’t think it is useful to be constantly reminded of your gender all the time and all the stereotypes that go with it.”

Ms Devon said that rather than addressing children as “boys” or “girls”, teachers should use gender-neutral terms such as “pupils”, “students” or “people”.

“I think actually in some ways boys are more constrained by the expectation of their gender,” she said. “And whilst that is being challenged and changed I don’t think it’s helpful to keep saying ‘girls, girls, girls, boys, boys, boys’, because there is so much implication that potentially goes with that.”

Ms Devon said that using the term “girls” can evoke a sense that they have to do everything perfectly which can “create a lot of anxiety” in children and teenagers.

Meanwhile, the term “boys” carries connotations of “being macho, not talking about your feelings, being told to man up”.

She told headteachers: “If your narrative is saying girls don’t get angry, or boys don’t cry, or girls aren’t allowed to do this, or boys aren’t allowed to do this,  then that is potentially going to have an impact on your well-being.

“So I hope that in taking away the negative stereotypes associated with gender, we can ultimately improve their mental health.”

Ms Devon said that another reason not to use gendered terms like girls or boys is because there may be transgender people in the room.

“There are some schools I go into that are single-sex schools, but there are transgender students in the year,” she said. “You can’t presume that because somebody presents as a gender that that’s what they are.”


    Eliminate Teachers’ Unions.

  • Andy C

    Well this evenings fantasies are going to involve a pineapple, an enough elephant calves to go round, an industrial tub of vasoline, the woman behind this, her ‘charity’/ngo that she belongs to, the head teachers that listened and didn’t speak up, and possibly a rugby team.

    Not sure I have the upper body strength to apply an elephant calf up someones jacksie solo. No matter how much vaseline I have available. Might need help.

    Was thinking about desecrating the pineapple, but after all that people are going to need snacks.

  • Black Swan

    Transgender Mental Child Abuse, a symptom of Pedophilia seems to be the accepted dysfunctional mode of behavior promoted and encouraged by the Psychopathic Transsexual Elite of the English Speaking World.

  • Dai

    We have the de-normalisisng of boys and girls. It’s something when you take something as normal as calling a girl a girl and saying this is wrong. What they are doing is taking something that is abnormal and applies to a tiny minority and making it apply to the majority. We are flipping the norms for the abnorm. What they are actually doing is alienating the majority that have no problem being identified as boy’s and girls men and women and making them adjust there behaviour to fit the transgender stereotype.

    • Andy C

      Believe it or not this could be construed as stage 3 of genocide – dehumanising. As it also pertains to encouraging conditions which will diminish population as well, so counts under article 2 of UN convention of genocide. Encouraging children to dehumanise, consider gender (and by extension fertility) as nullable on a whim, and then then when those children take up on it and become sterile – depopulation.

  • Lori

    I am fifty five and if someone told me when I was eighteen that I would be subjected to these hideous agendas in my lifetime I would not have believed them.

  • Igor R

    The kids should also call the teacher mrs penguin.

  • itibi ra

    Transgenderism, the entire LGBTQXYZ movement including laws to “protect” (ie: force) these abominations on the vast majority of humans, are just a part of the continuing divide-and-conquer agenda of the elites (read: tribe members). Causing confusion and destroying self identity, by striking at a person’s most basic biological identity (ie: their sex), is a great way to dis-unite people on an individual level. This way, these psychopaths can control everyone on the planet (at least in the West) much more easily. By doing these things, they set us against each other, as well as sow the seeds of self-doubt, thus breaking one of the most fundamental aspects of who we are. The other aspects they work hard at destroying is our cultures, as what has been happening in the EU with Soros’ (another tribe member) funding of unbridled “immigration” into Europe in the hope of destroying these cultures and their cohesiveness. Divide and Conquer. This is their preferred method of global domination, since they number less than 0.0004% worldwide.

    No matter how a person dresses or how many operations they have, they will always be the gender they were born into. DNA and chromosomes tell the Truth, a truth they cannot ever change, however deluded as they might be or however loud they are yelling at us that they “identify” as this or that.

  • http://shiftfrequency.com Gillian Grannum

    How sick! Sad.