Another Palestinian Journalist Killed By IDF

A second Palestinian journalist has died after being shot by an Israeli sniper despite wearing a clearly marked ‘press’ jacket

Ahmed Abou Hussein, who died of his injuries on Wednesday, was shot in the stomach by an Israeli sniper on April 13 even though he was stationed at a permissible distance from the border fence.

Hussein is the second Gazan journalist to be killed by IDF live fire over the past month, and one of 40 Palestinians killed during the ‘Great Return March’ protests.

RT reports: The photojournalist, 25, was reportedly hit in the stomach during the third week of the protest. Israel’s 1-24 News, citing the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate, reported that he was one of a number of journalists wounded that week. Hussein’s death was confirmed by the Gaza Health Ministry on social media.

Hussein is the second member of the media to be shot by an Israeli sniper since the protests began. Journalist Yasser Murtaja was killed on April 7 despite pictures showing “PRESS” emblazoned across the front of his protective jacket.

Responding to questions from RT about Murtaja’s death and reports that IDF soldiers targeted members of the media, a defense spokesperson said: “The IDF does not intentionally target journalists. The circumstances in which journalists were allegedly hit by IDF fire are not familiar to the IDF, and are being looked into.”


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